Feature Roundup: We have been busy!

PACK BLOGBy Megan Casey on April 10, 2013
We’ve been busy. Really busy.* That means there are a lot of new features on Pack, and more on the way soon.

Instead of ‘building in the big’ and taking a long time to do monster releases, we’ve been building in the small and rolling things out quickly, little by little, every single day. We get too excited about what we’re building to sit on it for long! So every day Pack gets the tiniest bit better for you.

So! We figured we’d post a short recap of our favorite features that we’ve released recently.

Also: Thanks. Right now Pack is a private beta for just a few thousand really cool humans and their dogs. We are completely blown away by the warmth of this community. We’re grateful for your support and enthusiasm for Pack. We hope you’ll continue to share your feedback. Talk to us at [email protected]

* Well, Luna’s been busy napping in the sun, but she does make it look good, doesn’t she?

Four of our favorite new features
#1: “I like your dog.”
There’s something so genuine and simple about it — you’re out on a walk, you see a dog you admire and you go out of your way to say to someone (even a total stranger): Hey, I like your dog.

The same happens on Pack. You can like any dog by giving her a heart. And now you can see a list of all the humans who have liked a dog. (Who likes yours?). Go to your dog’s profile page and click on the number underneath the heart to see a list of everyone who has loved your dog. Then go see their dogs too! For example, a sweet handful of people love this crazy little chihuahua Gizmo.

#2: Behind every dog is a good human
Humans have their own space on Pack, too. It’s small but cozy. Make sure you go to your Settings page and update your human bio. Add a link to a site that represents you or your dog online, like your Twitter profile, blog, Facebook, business, whatever you want. And change your avatar to a photo of your good side.

#3: Who else in your family loves your dog?
Does someone else call your dog “their dog” as well? Now you can add a ‘co-owner’ to share your dog’s profile. (Of course, we all know we don’t own our dogs. They own us!).

For example, Tera the Siberian Husky mix is lucky enough to be loved by two humans in her family. They can both edit her profile and, going forward, can both post updates to this dog’s page.

To add a human: login to Pack, go to your dog’s profile, look for the ‘Add a human to this dog’ link and enter the email address of another person in your family who loves this dog. They will get an email with a chance to claim your dog as theirs too.

#4: Goodies hand-delivered to your inbox each week.
A little-known perk of belonging to Pack is that we’re busy creating high quality, weekly newsletters for every breed. Each one is packed full of unique finds specific to your breed, handpicked once a week for you by someone who loves their own dog and knows the breed well. If there’s an active newsletter for your dog’s breed, you’ll get it every week. If there’s not a newsletter for your breed (yet), we’ll send it to you when there is one! Nothing you need to do. Of course, you can control all your newsletter subscriptions in your Settings.

That’s it for today. More on the way next week. See you at the dog park!