On Valentine’s Day, we at Pack did our first ever launch of the site. Only it wasn’t really a Launch™ so to speak. We just opened the site quietly at midnight.

Zero PR, zero ads, zero Twitter or Facebook campaigns, no hype, not even a blog post about what we were doing. We told some of our friends, family and followers who had shown early interest, and then tweeted stuff from our personal accounts. We just wanted to let people play with one of our earliest features—designing beautiful profile pages for their dogs. We left the site open for 24 hours to see who would show up.

And it was a really great day. There was barely even time for the word to get out, but get out it did — and fast. People showed up. Lot of them. They hit our tools hard and we added more servers and the site and experience stood up to it all. It was a weird live open beta and it worked and now we’ve got a crew of thousands of awesome early members.

The best part: The dog profiles they created are so gorgeous, so watchable, so stirring. Here are our 50 favorite profiles from that day.

Then, because we’re a little strange, we closed signups again. Everyone who joined Pack in that single day is now part of our private beta group and, we think, some of the coolest dog owners on earth. They’ll be the first to see new features of the Pack product as it evolves rapidly from here. What you see now barely scratches the surface of what we’ve got coming in the next 3 months.

Right now the only way to join Pack is to get an invite from someone who is already in. Stepwise growth driven by people who love the site and bring in fellow dog lovers, one at a time. That’s who we want in our Pack.

Megan Casey,
Pack Founder