Introducing: Breed Packs!

PACK BLOGBy Megan Casey on April 19, 2013
Pack. The name itself means that you’re not alone. You belong to a crew, a group, a family, a pack. If you’ve scored a spot in our private beta, you’re already running with a pack of fellow humans who love their dogs.

Today we’re introducing Breed Packs.
The Ridgeback Pack. The French Bulldog Pack. The Pug Pack, The Great Dane Pack, The Australian Cattle Dog Pack. And so on. There’s a pack for (almost) every kind of dog you can imagine! There’s also the Marvelous Mystery Mutt Pack, of course, for everyone’s favorite enigmas who come wrapped in fur and love.

Starting simply
The features of a breed pack are starting out pure and simple (true to our roots).

Add your dog to her breed’s pack.
Invite your friends to do the same.
Check out other breeds you’ve always been interested in.
Explore gorgeous, real-world, ever-growing lookbooks of dogs (and the humans who love them) within each breed.
You can think of this as the ‘meet & greet’ stage. Meet other dogs like yours. Greet them by giving them hearts. Over time, breed packs will get a lot more interactive, meaningful, and participatory.

Won’t be lonely long!
Pack is still in private beta available by invitation only, and we’ve seen that people like to invite other people who also have dogs like theirs. That’s so cool. But it means we have an uneven distribution of breeds in these early, early days of Pack. Some breeds have hundreds and hundreds of dogs, like our Goldendoodle Pack. While other packs like The Alaskan Malamutes only have a handful of dogs on the site so far and want some friends to keep them company.

Then, certainly, there are plenty of rare breeds with no dogs at all (yet): Entlebucher Mountain Dog, anyone? We decided to be transparent about which breeds are looking a little lean, in the hopes that you will help get the word out. Who will be the FIRST Sloughi dog on Pack?

Suggest a breed
Are we missing a pack for your breed? Suggest it! Just look for the ‘Suggest a breed’ line in the breed dropdown you see at the top of the site. If we get enough nominations for a new breed, we’ll add it. So get the other people with dogs like yours to suggest it too.