Pack Leaders
We’re recruiting Pack Leaders!
Apply to be a curator for packlove.com, the hot new startup for people who love their dogs.

We’re assembling a crew of cheerful, creative and dogloving shoppers and writers to become Pack Leaders for their favorite breed. A Pack Leader is a whimsical writer, has a good sense of style, probably loves Etsy and Pinterest too much, knows a lot of people with dogs–and most important: loves her dog and its breed or mix. As a Pack Leader, 9/10ths of your job is to go ‘treasure hunting’ once a week for your favorite breed gifts and cute finds and turn in the list of your discoveries. We’ll turn it into a gorgeous weekly newsletter and give you the byline. Then you go share it with people who have a dog like yours!

For example: Are you really in to pugs, get excited when you see an iPhone case with a pug on it, and you frequently pin, tweet or instagram (or vine!) about pugs? Have you been to a pug Meetup, and talk to other pug owners at the dog park? Okay, sounds like you’ve got the makings of a Pack Leader…

What you get in return (other than karma points, celebrity, hugs, and goodies from Pack) is the byline and exposure to more people who love the same kind of dog you do! It’s not hard to imagine that if you are a photographer, an artist, a gear designer, a dog trainer, if you run a rescue shelter, are an Etsy seller, or just want to share your love for your dog, that you will get a lot of joy and benefit from being a Pack Leader.

Each Pack Leader is handpicked by our team. To join our crew of Pack Leaders, please fill out our application form »

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Pack Leaders
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