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What Do I Need for a Tibetan Mastiff Dog (Find the Right Clothes and Equipment)?

Choosing clothes and equipment for your Tibetan Mastiff can be a confusing task. There are things you need to remember before buying something for him. Pick the items that suit the climate and your dog's lifestyle.
What Do I Need for a Tibetan Mastiff Dog?

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Dogs don’t need clothes/equipment by nature’s design. But domestication has opened an industry for such things. Find out if your dog would be comfortable with the items you’re planning to get.

You may have the resources to keep a Tibetan Mastiff at home. Buying something just because it looks nice is not a solid basis though. Be attentive to his needs before making a purchase.

What Do Tibetan Mastiff Puppies Need?

Puppies only need a layer of clothing if the climate or season is cold. At a young age, their coats are not yet fully developed. A simple sweater can offer extra protection from the harsh winter.

If they need to go outside, a pair of thick socks or shoes can help. This is to protect their paws from frostbite. The clothes and shoes should fit them to avoid discomfort.

If you live in warmer regions, clothes are not necessary. These things can only interfere with their body’s cooling system. Putting clothes on them is not advised for the blazingly hot summer season.

If possible you should minimize your trips outside during extreme weather conditions. Make his potty breaks quick. A moderate temperature is more dog friendly.

Is a Collar or Harness Better for a Tibetan Mastiff?

The collar and harness are made for the same purpose. They are wearable pieces of equipment to keep your dog near when you’re both out for a walk. You can also attach your Tibetan Mastiff’s ID to a collar or harness.

Though a collar is simpler equipment for most dogs, there is a risk involved. Since Tibetan Mastiffs are bigger and heavier than other dogs, a collar is not advisable. Their weight and force can make the collar tighter while walking. The tighter the collar gets, the risk of choking and other injuries becomes higher.

The harness is a safer choice since it’s attached to the body rather than the neck. A collar is safe when it’s not attached to a leash.

Both types of equipment may have pros and cons depending on the dog. For a big dog such as a Tibetan Mastiff, the harness is going to be a better, safer choice. It can provide better support minus the risk of crushing his throat.

Are Harnesses Good for Tibetan Mastiffs?

Harnesses provide better control and comfort for big dogs like Tibetan Mastiffs. They have the strength to pull you in a certain direction. Using a collar becomes a liability in this scenario because it puts pressure on his neck.

Harness on the other hand removes this risk, and again, gives you better control over leading him. A tug-of-war may happen between you because of his stubborn tendencies. But a harness lessens the risk of a throat or neck injury.

How to Measure a Tibetan Mastiff for a Harness

Before going out or online to purchase a harness, you need to check the measurements first. Get a tape measure and get the measurement of your Tibetan Mastiff’s neck and chest. Wrap it around the part of his neck where the collar is usually placed.

Find the broadest part of his chest to get the next measurement. His coat might trick you with measurement so use your hands to feel the neck and chest. Give a little allowance for comfort but don’t make it too loose.

Harnesses are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The measurements that you’ve got will be the basis for the right harness size for him. You can ask the assistance from the store to make sure that the item suits your dog.

Some Tibetan Mastiffs are aloof towards strangers so take him to the shop with care. If he’s untrained, leaving him at home during the purchase would be preferable. You can also inquire through an online shop and provide the measurements for the harness.

What Type of Collar Is Best for a Tibetan Mastiff?

Due to a Tibetan Mastiff’s massive size, a harness is preferable. If you decide to take the collar route, pick the thicker ones for more support. Wide collars are good for training, walking, and playing.

Thick collars are heavy but Tibetan Mastiffs are strong enough to deal with their weight. Take extra care, though, when attaching it to a leash. The tightness should just be enough without compromising the safety of his neck.

Take note of your dog’s age and weight. A puppy is not big enough for wider collars. They’re tailored for big, adult dogs.

What Size Collar Does a Tibetan Mastiff Need?

Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh up to 70 to 150 pounds (32 to 68 kg). Based on their weight the collar should be around 20 to 30 inches (508 to 762 mm). Measure the neck properly since it is being covered by a lion-like mane.

The size of the collar can range from large to extra large. Testing the collar on the spot is the most effective option to get the right fit. Don’t forget to keep your Tibetan Mastiff calm while you’re shopping for equipment.

What Is the Average Neck Size of a Tibetan Mastiff?

Dogs that weigh 70 pounds (32 kg) and up have an approximate neck size of 20 to 30 inches (508 to 762 mm). Tibetan Mastiffs belong to this large/giant breed category. Hence the need for large to extra-large collar and harness size.

Do Tibetan Mastiffs Need to Wear Clothes?

For the most part, Tibetan Mastiffs don’t need to wear clothes. Their double coats are functional enough to deal with the elements. When the weather goes extreme, they might need another layer of clothing but not too much.

Popular culture has made dog fashion a thing. In a Tibetan Mastiff’s case, there should be some substance behind the style. You can forget about dressing him up for the sake of vanity.

Their bodies had already given them the kind of clothing they need. Before dressing your Tibetan Mastiff up, make sure that his comfort is being prioritized. The primary purpose of clothing a dog is to provide extra protection from harsh elements.

Should Tibetan Mastiffs Wear Sweaters?

A Tibetan Mastiff’s double coat is sufficient to protect his body from the cold winter days.  Sweaters are only recommended if he goes out often or when the temperature goes down to freezing levels. When the temperature outdoors gets alarmingly cold, you should skip outdoor activities altogether.

You can dress him up with a clean, soft sweater for additional warmth if he’s fine with it. But it’s not always necessary since they already have their natural winter coats. If you’re hell-bent on making him look fashionable, make sure that his comfort is not being taken for granted.

When Should a Tibetan Mastiff Wear a Coat?

Putting him in a coat only becomes necessary when the temperature becomes extremely low. Your Tibetan Mastiff’s double coat is usually enough to keep him warm during the cold season. Most of the time he’ll be fine without wearing a piece of additional clothing.

Single-coated dogs would benefit more from another layer of clothing. Since Tibetan Mastiffs are double-coated, they can endure the cold more than their single-coated peers. But of course, they can only tolerate the cold to a certain extent.

At What Temperature Should My Tibetan Mastiff Wear a Coat?

You and your Tibetan Mastiff are confident with his natural winter coat. But you should start putting a coat or sweater on him when the temperature goes below 7.22°C (45°F). His winter coat is a reliable insulator but it can only do so much.

Use a pair of shoes and thick socks if he needs to go outside for a bathroom break. Make the break as quickly as possible because they’re not immune to frostbite and hypothermia.

What Size Clothes Do Tibetan Mastiffs Wear?

Clothing size is based on a dog’s weight. Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh 70 to 150 pounds (31.8 to 68 kg) and they are heavyweights indeed. The size of their clothes would be somewhere between Large (L) and Triple Extra Large (3XL).

Most shops will give you a size chart of their products. Those charts do serve as guides in finding the right clothes for your Tibetan Mastiff. Aside from size, you should inspect the quality of materials to ensure his comfort.

What Size Shirt Does a Tibetan Mastiff Wear?

Check the sizes from Large to 3XL because anything smaller would be too tight for your Tibetan Mastiff. The ideal shirt size for him should be about 3/4 of his body length. Let him try the shirt out first to see if it fits comfortably and covers 3/4 of his body.

Aside from looking good, the ease of movement should not be set aside. Make his comfort your priority when trying out clothes. You can only go for smaller sizes if your Tibetan Mastiff is still a pup.

What Size Sweater Should I Get My Tibetan Mastiff?

Same with shirts, the length of the sweater should cover 3/4 of your Tibetan Mastiff’s body. The size is also somewhere between Large to Triple XL depending on his actual size. The sweater is long-sleeved by default and you can try it on him to see how it fits.

The sleeves should be decently long but not too long to the point where his paws are being covered. The wrong length can cause difficulties in walking. As far as feet and paws are concerned, socks and shoes are recommended to cover those parts.

As a reminder, his winter coat is usually enough to get them through the cold. Making your Tibetan Mastiff wear a sweater is only advised when the temperature becomes unbearably cold. The material should be able to provide enough warmth as protection from hypothermia and frostbite.

What Is the Average Chest Size of a Tibetan Mastiff?

A Tibetan Mastiff belongs to the group of large to extra large dog breeds. The average chest measurement of a dog his size would be 23 to 30 inches (584 to 762 mm). His thick coat can obscure the actual size so use a tape measure for a more accurate measurement.

Measuring is an important step before buying clothes and equipment for your Tibetan Mastiff. Because relying on estimates alone may lead to a wrong purchase of an item. You can also ask for assistance from a store.

Be mindful of everyone’s safety when asking for the assistance of store personnel. Untrained Tibetan Mastiffs are not very friendly toward strangers. Training is a big advantage in social settings.

Where to Buy Clothes for Tibetan Mastiffs

You can visit specialty shops that offer clothes and equipment for your Tibetan Mastiff. If you can’t take him with you to the store, let the shop-personnel guide you with the selection. Provide the measurements of your dog to make shopping easier.

You can bring him along to get the right fit. Try the items out on the spot and see how they match with his body. This approach is only advised when a dog is trained and knows how to socialize with people.

There are times when clothes, collars, and harnesses are too big or too small for a dog. That is why trying them out on your dog before buying is important. This is to avoid wasting money or wasting time on a tedious refund process.

Another option is online shopping. This way of shopping is somehow a hit or miss kind of thing. Some shops fail to provide the specifics on a certain item.

Look for trusted online outlets so you can dodge the hassle. Don’t forget to provide the correct measurements to find the correct clothes. Contact their customer support for further assistance.

Lastly, you can contact a seamstress to make clothes for your Tibetan Mastiff. This is not very common since they usually make clothes for humans. But it’s worth a try as long as the safety of the parties involved has been checked.

Try this method out if your local seamstress is comfortable with dogs. Some people are scared and allergic to canines so some consideration must be done. Only take this route when you’re confident enough that your Tibetan Mastiff won’t cause any trouble.

If you’re having doubts, you can drop the last bit to prevent attacks and injuries. Go for the conventional way when the risk outweighs the reward. You can make clothes yourself for a safer and more personal touch.

What Are Tibetan Mastiff Favorite Toys

A toy is a great alternative for dogs to distract themselves from boredom and anxiety. For a breed like the Tibetan Mastiff, having a toy around can keep him occupied. Chew toys, balls, and frisbee discs are some of the toys he can enjoy playing with.

A chew toy with a bone-like shape would be appealing. But because of a Tibetan Mastiff’s strong and heavy bite force, the chew toy must be strong as well. Make sure that it’s made from durable yet flexible materials.

Toys that break easily or are too tough can puncture his gums and tongue or even chip his tooth. Find the right balance between toughness and flexibility. Although made from different materials, the same principle applies to a ball and a frisbee.

They’re not the biggest fans of playing fetch but the said toys can still entertain them. Or stimulate them enough to avoid aggressive and destructive behavior. Durability and flexibility are things to consider when buying toys for dogs.