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How Much Do Tibetan Mastiff Puppies Cost (and What Should I Look for When Buying One)?

The Tibetan Mastiff is one of the world's most expensive dog breeds. People spend a hefty amount to have them as pets and status symbols. Their price can range from 1,500 to 5,000 US Dollars.
How Much Do Tibetan Mastiff Puppies Cost?

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Tibetan Mastiffs used to guard the temples on the mountains of the Himalayas. They have accompanied monks in daily activity. They’re known for their size and protective nature.

Nowadays, they have become an expensive breed. The highest price paid for a Tibetan Mastiff is 1.5 Million US Dollars. If you want to own one, you will need to look at your budget and other resources.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs Expensive?

Tibetan Mastiffs are expensive. A single Mastiff can cost around 1,500 to 5,000 USD. The price depends on where you will purchase one.

Breeders usually have higher prices. It’s a bit cheaper when you look for a rescue Tibetan Mastiff. If you just want to have a companion at home you can find a less expensive deal.

If you’re contacting a breeder, don’t be surprised by the jaw-dropping price range. Breeders offer higher prices so buying from them is costly.

It is expensive to breed dogs as well. Breeders spend a lot with DNA tests to check if a dog is purebred. They also spend money to keep their dogs’ diet and health in check.

Buying from a breeder is perceived as more ethical and legitimate. This is a better choice than buying from a puppy mill. Puppy mills are known for treating dogs poorly. Getting a dog from such a place is not encouraged.

If you want a cheaper deal without going to a puppy mill, get a rescue dog. A rescue Tibetan Mastiff costs less than the one from a breeder. They can cost 1,000 USD or less.

Why Do Tibetan Mastiffs Cost So Much?

Tibetan Mastiffs became a status symbol. In China, the rich use their dogs as symbols of wealth and power. They will pay huge amounts of money to get a Tibetan Mastiff.

The expensive nature of breeding has caused the price of a Tibetan Mastiff to go up. Vanity and culture can also affect a dog’s price. Imagine a peacock trying to show its colors. The booming economy has pushed the prices in the dog breeding business as well.

Tibetan Mastiffs are large dogs. But they don’t eat as much as the other dog breeds of their size. This is because of their minimal activities. Though strong and athletic, they’re not the most active dogs in the world.

The price depends on how pure a Tibetan Mastiff’s breed is. Because cross-breeding may alter some of their features and behavior. If you’re looking for a pure-bred Mastiff, going to a breeder is recommended.

If you are not equipped to take care of a Tibetan Mastiff, this breed is not advisable. A first-time owner may have difficulties while taking care of one. In some aspects, they’re low-maintenance but in other aspects, it is the opposite.

Another reason why Tibetan Mastiffs cost so much is how rare their breed is. The rarity of a pure Tibetan Mastiff has inspired the owners to turn them into status symbols. In the old times, they’ve been guard dogs. Somehow they reached a celebrity status among dogs.

Expensive breeding, rarity, and status symbols are things that make Mastiffs expensive. You need to check your lifestyle and finances to see if you can afford one.

How Much Is a Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan Mastiffs can range from 1,000 to 5,000 USD or even higher. It all depends on age and the purity of the breed. Breeders spend for DNA tests to determine a Mastiff’s purity.

In China, the rich are willing to spend millions for a purebred Mastiff. This rare breed could cost a fortune. That is why they’re being used to showcase a family’s wealth.

The price is lower if you’re paying for a rescue Tibetan Mastiff. Adopting a dog from a shelter is cheaper and more ethical. This way, you can prevent puppy mills from striving.

The public is encouraged to adopt dogs from shelters. Dogs from shelters are usually neutered, spayed, and vaccinated. They do these procedures to prevent overpopulation and fight rabies.

If you’re planning to buy from a breeder, check their record and legitimacy. Asking your vet about a certain breeder’s practices can help. Breeders should give their dogs proper nutrition and adequate space.

A legitimate breeder spends a lot in taking care of dogs. That is why their prices are higher.

How Much Does a Male Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

A male Tibetan Mastiff can cost 1,500 to 5,000 USD. If you come across a Tibetan Mastiff in a shelter, you can get him for a lower price. It is a rare breed. The chances of finding it in a shelter are lower than in a breeder’s yard.

Male dogs are usually cheaper than female dogs. The male Tibetan Mastiffs are massive. If the breeder is basing the price on height and weight, the males may have a higher price. It all depends on your deal with the breeder. But in general, females are more expensive.

How Much Does a Female Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

In most cases, female dogs are more expensive. This is due to their needs during pregnancy and nursing. They need more supervision during these periods. They are the ones who give birth to puppies so this basic fact may affect the cost.

The cost of a female Tibetan Mastiff will depend on the terms of a breeder. They’re a bit smaller than their male counterpart. If the breeder will depend on the price on height and weight, the male will be more expensive.

The chance of buying a female dog for a cheaper price is uncommon. Usually, female dogs cost more than male dogs. The genders have different needs, and breeders will use these needs as a reference in pricing.

How Much Is a Purebred Tibetan Mastiff?

Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs are very rare and expensive. 1,000 dollars may not be enough to find a purebred Mastiff. A purebred puppy may cost up to 1,800 USD in minimum. The most expensive Tibetan Mastiff was sold for 1.5 Million USD.

If you’re looking for a purebred, you need to prepare yourself for the dizzying cost. The cost is only one part of the challenge. Finding a purebred is not an easy task.

This rare breed is not recommended for people who live in small spaces. If you’re a first-time owner, a different breed is more suited for you. Age, gender, and health condition can also influence the price of a Tibetan Mastiff.

Having the right connections and resources is needed to successfully find a purebred Tibetan Mastiff. Even in shelters, Tibetan Mastiffs are hard to find. Tibetan Mastiffs are like rare gems nowadays.

Their breed did not spread around the globe as other dog breeds did. Finding a Tibetan Mastiff takes time and patience.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Tibetan Mastiff?

When you’re buying a Tibetan Mastiff, you should look for the following.

  • Size – Tibetan Mastiffs are known for their size. A male mastiff’s average height is between 66 to 76 cm while a female stands at 61 to 71 cm on average (26–30 and 24–28 inches, respectively). Male mastiffs can weigh 41 to 68 kg (90–150 lbs). The females are lighter. They can weigh 34 to 54 kg (75–119 lbs). Their sizes can vary depending on how pure their breed is. A breeder will take a Mastiff for a DNA test to determine this.
  • Coat – Tibetan Mastiffs have long and thick coats. Their coats protect their skin from the harsh elements. They don’t have soft and wavy hair. The hair is hard and straight.
  • Health – They’re not exactly active and energetic. But if it doesn’t like to move at all, that particular Mastiff might be sick. Look out for limping as well. Being overweight can cause damage to their bones. Ask the advice of a professional before getting a Tibetan Mastiff.
  • Temperament – A potential owner should look for the temperament of a Tibetan Mastiff. They can be calm and friendly but also protective and territorial. If a Tibetan Mastiff is extremely aggressive, it can be a sign of poor treatment and inadequate training.

Where Can I Buy a Tibetan Mastiff?

Because they’re from a rare breed, Tibetan Mastiffs are not easy to find. You should look for a trusted breeder who only focuses on one breed. Different breeds have different needs. Focusing on one breed will ensure that those needs are being met.

You have two choices when looking for a Tibetan Mastiff. It’s either from a breeder or a shelter.
Finding a Tibetan Mastiff in a shelter is less likely. But it’s worth taking a shot.

Rescue dogs are cheaper. The good thing about them is they’ve been neutered, spayed, and vaccinated. Shelters do these procedures to prevent the spread of rabies and overpopulation.

If you’re buying a dog to be a breeder yourself, you should consult an expert to find a legitimate breeder. Tibetan Mastiffs are hard to find because taking care of them can be costly. You have to check your funds and schedule before buying one.

Breeders should have adequate space for Tibetan Mastiffs. They are large dogs. Confining them in small spaces can agitate them. When agitated, Tibetan Mastiffs tend to be aggressive.

Buying dogs from a puppy mill is not encouraged. They’re infamous for the poor treatment of animals. Many puppies die inside these mills. These places only care about profits.

You have to remember that dogs have lives and feelings too. They’re not playthings. Tibetan Mastiffs are confident but they’re sensitive creatures too. Being irresponsible does not qualify someone to be a dog owner.

It is challenging to find a Tibetan Mastiff. It’s up to you if you want to buy from a breeder or a shelter. Take the obligations seriously when owning a dog.

The buyer, breeder, and shelter all have an important role in raising or adopting a Mastiff. Again, avoid puppy mills.

How Do You Adopt a Tibetan Mastiff Puppy?

You can contact a shelter and ask if they have a Tibetan Mastiff puppy within their facilities. Tibetan Mastiffs don’t usually end up in dog shelters. If you’re fortunate enough to find a Tibetan Mastiff there, you’ll need to take care of a few things.

Meet the puppy and try to get to know him. You see that he’s friendly towards you. It’s a great start. Try to bond and play with the puppy. Most dogs enjoy the company of humans.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to have this pup in your home and your life. They can be a pain because of their stubborn nature. But all in all, Tibetan Mastiffs are great companions.

Having a decent amount of space in your home is great. This puppy will grow bigger once it turns into an adult. It would be great if you’re the type who doesn’t go out much.

Tibetan Mastiffs are independent. But they get bored when their owners are away for long hours. If you are first time owner, this breed may stress you out. Keep in mind that dealing with Mastiffs can be challenging at times.

Now that you’ve made a decision. You’ll need to complete the steps needed for adoption. Securing medical records is important. They will indicate the things you have to do for the health of your Tibetan Mastiff. These records will serve as a guide to their diet and medical needs.

The procedure may include an interview to tell if you are a capable owner. You’ll need to fill up some forms in making the adoption official. When everything’s clear, you can take the puppy home and introduce it to your family.

If you want to buy from a breeder, meet them in person. Before meeting them, make sure that they are reputable. Look at how they raise their dogs. Ask for a medical record as well to make sure that the dogs are in good condition.

With most dog breeds, it is advised that you adopt one from a shelter. Since Tibetan Mastiffs don’t usually end up in shelters, consider going to a breeder. The breeder should have a certificate from associations that support their practice.

As a potential owner, ask yourself if you have what it takes to own a Tibetan Mastiff.

Where Can I Adopt a Tibetan Mastiff?

It’s not easy to adopt a Tibetan Mastiff. Your best bet would be going to a shelter that specializes in a specific breed. These facilities are few and far between.

You can try searching online for a rescue Tibetan Mastiff. There are websites focused on dog adoption.

Joining online groups is a nice option. Doing so will help you narrow down your search for a Tibetan Mastiff.

How Much Is It to Adopt a Tibetan Mastiff?

Rescue dogs are cheaper than the ones raised by breeders. A rescue Tibetan Mastiff can cost 1,000 USD or less.

There are different factors involved so don’t be surprised by the fluctuation in price.

Health condition, age, and gender may affect the price of a Tibetan Mastiff. A Tibetan Mastiff’s price can also depend on a shelter’s expenses for food and medicine. The use of other facilities is a factor as well.

Your involvement in the process of adoption is very important.

How Much Is a Rescue Tibetan Mastiff?

A rescue Tibetan Mastiff costs 1,000 USD or less. If it’s purebred, the price could be higher.
Tibetan Mastiffs will cost more if you’re buying from a breeder.

There’s a mild difference between rescue dogs and shelter dogs. Shelter dogs are kept in facilities funded by the government. Rescue dogs are being handled by non-government organizations. Their funds come from donations and other private sponsors.

Rescue centers and shelters pretty much do the same thing. They take care of neglected and abused dogs. You can adopt a dog from a shelter. Adopting a dog from a rescue facility is also a good choice.

Donating will be appreciated by these organizations. They use these funds to restore the health of starving and injured dogs.

Should I Buy a Tibetan Mastiff?

Tibetan Mastiffs are not recommended for first-time dog owners. They don’t have a problem with your busy schedule. But if you spend more hours outside your home, this breed will prove to be challenging.

Tibetan Mastiffs are at their best in the company of their owners. They are more than happy to just lie around indoors or outdoors during the day. They don’t need a lot of attention or activities but your presence is important.

At night, Tibetan Mastiffs are more active. Their instincts tell them to protect their owners and home. To prevent excessive barking, they should be kept indoors at night.

You should have enough experience with dogs before trying to own a Tibetan Mastiff. If you are living in an apartment, this breed is not for you. Tibetan Mastiffs are not comfortable with small spaces.

You also need the necessary funds to own a Tibetan Mastiff. This breed is rare and expensive.
The prices that breeders offer can be ridiculous because raising them is no easy task.

You need to check the credibility of a breeder before making a deal. Don’t forget to ask for the dog’s medical record. This is to familiarize yourself with the needs of a specific dog.

Asking for a professional’s advice is always a good step. There’s a possibility that your personality and lifestyle won’t match with certain breeds.

When it comes to food, Tibetan Mastiffs don’t have a big appetite. Their minimal activities will not require big servings of food.

All parties involved in the process of adoption or purchase play an important role. Breeders, shelters, vets, and owners need to prioritize the dog’s best interest. Everyone needs to understand that raising and owning a dog is a responsibility.

Dogs are living, breathing creatures that need love and nurturing. Tibetan Mastiffs might be expensive and hard to find. But like most dogs, their loyalty is priceless.