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How to Train and Exercise a West Highland White Terrier (The Complete Guide)

Also known as “Westies,” West Highland White Terriers were initially bred to hunt as a pack. They are intelligent and can be taught a host of different commands. Their determination can sometimes lead to stubborn behavior. Training should always be fun and upbeat.
How to Train and Exercise a West Highland White Terrier

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West Highland White Terriers are an active breed. They need daily doggie walks. Short jogs or runs will also do them good. Endowed with a high prey drive, regular exercise will help them burn off their energy.

Are West Highland White Terriers Easy to Train?

The West Highland White Terrier can be easily trained. Your training should be consistent and filled with positive reinforcement; if it is, you will find these terriers to be quick-learning pets.

Are West Highland Terriers Smart?

Westies are an intelligent breed. They can be trained easily and are quick to learn. However, they can be stubborn and easily distracted. Your training sessions should be enjoyable for your pet. Use positive reinforcement to keep it motivated.

Are West Highland Terriers Independent?

Known to be typical terriers, Westies are independent. They possess a high prey drive and a strong determination. They can chase and dig up rodents and small mammals, such as a fox or a badger.

How Do You Potty Train a West Highland Terrier?

To start potty training your Westie, you have to determine a spot outside where it can relieve itself. Taking note of its usual toileting schedule will also be helpful.

Attach a leash to your pet and give the training command. It could be “Go potty” or “Potty time.” Once outside, in the proper spot, wait for your dog to do its business. If it does, hand a treat and give it lots of praise.

Take your Westie inside if it does not go during the allotted time. Try to go outside again after a few minutes. Remember that Westie puppies have smaller bladders. They will require frequent emptying. You will need to go out more often.

Always take your canine to go potty upon waking up in the morning, after meals, and before bed at night.

To prevent housebreaking accidents, you can use the crate method. Crate your dog when inside the house. Every two hours or so, take your West Highland White Terrier outside to the same spot.

Your pet should stay in the crate between potty breaks to learn how to hold itself. Crate training is practical since dogs will never soil their living space.

If the crate does not work for you, you can try the umbilical cord method. Attach a leash to your Terrier and tuck the leash to your belt. Doing this allows you to keep your furball close and spot the moment it needs to go.

Westies have a solid inclination to chase small animals outdoors, so you can opt to let them do their business indoors. They are small enough for paper or litter box training. Instead of going outside, they can relieve themselves in an area of your home covered with dog potty pads.

Consistently reinforce positive behavior with a treat and praise. To keep your training positive, choose to ignore negative behavior.

Are West Highland Terriers Easy or Hard to Potty Train?

With a high prey drive, West Highland Terriers possess a strong urge to chase and hunt. They can be stubborn and easily distracted, which makes it rather hard to potty train them.

Carefully choosing a spot with fewer distractions can be helpful. Be consistent and positive with your training program. Undoubtedly, your pet will be successful in the potty arena soon.

Are West Highland Terriers Easy to House-Train?

Consistent and enjoyable house-training will help West Highland Terriers learn quickly. This will help you run past the traits that could make house-training difficult for them.

Their high prey drive and being a small breed can pose challenges to potty training. But if you are consistent with your training, there is no need to worry about your pet’s personality.

How Much Exercise Should a West Highland Terrier Get?

Belonging to a small dog breed, an hour of exercise daily is sufficient for the West Highland Terrier. But as active as they come, they won’t refuse to walk or run some more. Let them. But watch out for signs of pain and being overtired.

How Often Should You Walk a West Highland Terrier?

An adult West Highland Terrier needs around three walks per day. Walks are essential not only for your pet to release pent-up energy but also to stimulate its mind. The sights, sounds, and scents they encounter outside can do them a lot of good.

How Long Should You Walk a West Highland Terrier?

Your Westie’s walks should be long enough to release its excessive energy. The length of the walk should be 30 to 60 minutes each. Ensure that your canine gets its daily walks. If time is a concern, you can have a long walk at the weekend than nothing at all.

Is 7 Miles Too Far for a West Highland Terrier to Walk in One Go?

Your West Highland Terrier is one of the best small dog breeds for hiking. For them, four miles (6.4 km) daily is easily achievable. When they’re conditioned, they can walk longer distances.

Since Westies are known to handle a half-marathon run, seven miles (11.3 km) of walking must be doable too. Ensure that they’re in tip-top shape to do it.