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How Much Do Border Collie Puppies Cost (and Where Can I Buy One)?

Border Collies may not be the priciest dog breed. But if you are looking for one with superior heritage, prepare to pay a premium. Other factors, like their breeder, will also contribute to this breed's price tag.
How Much Do Border Collie Puppies Cost

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Your purpose for buying a Border Collie will affect your budget. If you want to have one as a pet, expect to pay a few hundred dollars. But if you want one as a working dog or as a show dog, expect to pay a few thousand dollars.

The spending does not stop there, though. You still need to buy their essentials in preparation for their new home. This includes their vaccines and other vet costs. So you will be spending the most during the first year of your Border Collie puppy. After this, their monthly maintenance will come down.

But what do you need to spend on them each month? And how much will this cost? If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, then keep on reading.

Are Border Collies Expensive?

Border Collies are not the most expensive dog breeds, but they can still be quite pricey. If you want to get a pet Border Collie, they usually cost less than a thousand dollars. But for a show-quality one, you need to prepare a few thousand dollars.

A few factors affect the price of buying a Border Collie:

  • Their Age: A Border Collie puppy will cost more than older ones.
  • Purebred or Mixed: If you want a purebred puppy with papers, they will cost more than mixed Border Collies.
  • Breeder: Buying from a reputable breeder will cost you more. Other factors like litter size, the care they devoted to the puppies, and more, will also affect the price.
  • Your Location: Depending on where you live, the price of a Border Collie may go up or down.
  • Color: Some Border Collies are more expensive based on their color alone.
  • Lineage: If you want a Border Collie with a champion line, you are going to have to pay a premium.

Why Do Border Collies Cost So Much?

Much of a Border Collie’s price is due to the effort of retaining the traits that they have had for centuries. This is the world’s premier herding dog after all. They have excellent characteristics to back this up too.

Their endless endurance, exceptional intelligence, and bottomless energy are only some of these. These, along with their affectionate and loyal nature are what makes them a special breed.

Other factors can bump up a Border Collie’s price tag too. For example, the amount of effort, time, and money that the breeder devoted to their puppies will play a part. The more of this your breeder spends, the higher the puppy’s cost will be.

A champion bloodline will need deep pockets too. These dogs have competition winners in the family, like agility or herding. Many seek this in buying Border Collies as they may be better at dog sports.

Another thing that you should consider is your location. If you live in rural states, the demand for this breed will be higher.

Border Collies are the perfect companions for farmers and families with large yards. These dogs thrive in these places, so you have a lot of competition in buying this breed.

How Much Are Border Collie Dogs?

The average price of a Border Collie puppy is $600, but this can go up to $1,500. But this range is for pet-quality Border Collies.

Show-quality Border Collies have a premium price tag. With superior lineage and breeding rights, expect to pay about $1,300 to $4,500. This is the price to pay for a Border Collie who is made for competing.

So if you want a Border Collie for this purpose, you should prepare a budget that is close to $4,000.

You can also buy trained Border Collies who are already well-behaved. But they can cost a whopping $7,500.

Although this is very pricey, you are paying for the convenience of not having to train them. Even if they are relatively easy to train, it is still a challenging task. So breeders who sell trained Border Collies will bump up the cost due to the effort they have put in for training. They make sure that their dog already knows their tasks before it even arrives in their new home.

Some Border Collies may even cost more due to their color. White and black ones are the cheapest, starting at around $500. The rarer the color, the pricier they get, like with lilac Border Collies.

Below are the prices of Border Collies based on their color:

  • White and Black: $500 to $2,500
  • Red and White: $600 to $2,500
  • Blue Merle: $600 to $3,500
  • Lilac: $700 to $1,600

How Much Does a Male Border Collie Cost?

The cost of buying a male Border Collie from a reputable breeder can range from $600 to $1,500. But a Border Collie of superior quality can cost as high as $4,500.

How Much Does a Female Border Collie Cost?

Female Border Collies have the same cost range as males, at $600 to $1,500. Their price can also go as high as $4,500 for a puppy with a champion bloodline. But females may cost more due to their breeding potential.

So buying a female Border Collie with breeding rights can certainly bump up the cost. This can cost you around $1,300 to $4,500 to buy.

How Much Is a Purebred Border Collie?

A purebred Border Collie puppy will cost you between $600 to $2,500. Breeders who invested a lot in their puppies will price their puppies on the higher end.

Reputable breeders are very meticulous in caring for their puppies. The parents of the puppies get genetic health tests, health certifications, and more. They will even register their pups with kennel clubs, like the American Kennel Club.

These breeders will also work closely with their vets to ensure their litter’s health. For example, they make sure their puppies’ vaccines are up to date until they get rehomed. They will also check for birth defects, do eye and orthopedic exams, and more.

When you take all these into account, the costs of caring for these pups can skyrocket. And this will reflect on their price tag. But when you buy from these breeders, you lessen the risk of buying sickly puppies.

Some breeders sell their Border Collie puppies below the average cost. But oftentimes, these puppies come from puppy mills without proper care.

Sure, they are cheaper upfront. But if they are not in their best health, you can pay more for the regular vet and medication expenses. You end up shedding more money for your pup in the long run.

How Much Does Owning a Border Collie Cost?

The average monthly cost for Border Collies is anywhere between $125 and $500. The spending does not stop once you get your Border Collie. And given their lifespan, you may need to shell out this much for the next 10 to 17 years.

It is a big obligation to own a dog. To take care of them, you also need to be financially committed to your furry friend.

So where does all this money go? As a responsible fur parent, you need to know what your expenses are going to look like.

Below, you will find all the necessary costs for your Border Collie.

Initial Costs

When you get a new dog, you also have to buy all their essentials. This will cost you around $500 to $600. This price includes the following:

  • ID Tag and Collar
  • Leash
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Dog Bed or Cage
  • Toys
  • Nail Clippers
  • Brush
  • Bath Items
  • Poop Bags
  • Tick and Flea Spray
  • Microchipping

This price range also includes spaying or neutering. But if you do not plan to do this anytime soon, the initial cost will go down.

Their Health Care

This is around $40 to $200 each month. Even with pet insurance, you may still have unexpected health costs. Sudden injuries, accidents, and more are always something to save up for.

This is especially for Border Collies who are always on their feet outdoors. Sometimes, their bodies cannot keep up with their energy. So they may run into trouble from time to time.

Their Food

You may spend about $25 to $50 on your Border Collie’s food on average. The quality of their food is crucial since they are very active dogs.

If you feed them poor-quality food, they may need to take more trips to the vet. This is not cheap and your expenses can easily stack up.

Buying their food in bulk may save you more in the long run. With this, your monthly food costs can be at the lower end of the range. With the extra money, you can buy high-value treats for your furry friend.

Their Vet Expenses and Medications

One of the basic vet expenses that you should spend on is tick and flea prevention. Border Collies love the great outdoors, making them prone to these parasites. This will cost you about $20 a month but you are saving them from a lot of pain and skin problems.

You should also at least take your Border Collie to the vet each year. This will help to keep them healthy and help them live a long, happy life.

Their Grooming

Border Collies have basic grooming needs. So you can groom them yourself at home, but this still needs money. Expect to spend around $5 to $15 a month on this.

It is crucial to brush their teeth a few times each week, so invest in a good toothbrush and toothpaste. This will help in preventing plaque and tartar buildup, which can cause issues down the road. This may lead to gingivitis and periodontitis, negatively affecting their quality of life.

You should also invest in a gentle, high-quality shampoo. Bathe them every once in a while, especially when they get dirty from playing outside.

And no dog is without a good brush. Border Collies are moderate shedders. But twice a year, their shedding will make you go mad.

You can also go to a professional groomer, but you are going to make the monthly costs more expensive.

Pet Insurance

The key to getting pet insurance is to get one right away. If you do, you will get a better rate for your Border Collie.

Do not wait to get one until you need it. Some companies will not give you pet insurance if your Border Collie is already sick. With this, you are going to spend a lot of money on vet bills.

With this, the average cost of their pet insurance is around $20 monthly. But for older Border Collies, this can be $100 a month and this may even go higher.

Their Entertainment

Remember that Border Collies are very active dogs so they will always need toys. These toys will give up under your Border Collie’s care. With this, you will need to buy a new toy from them from time to time.

You can keep replacing their broken toys if you wish. But you also have the option to go for a toy subscription box. These will cost you about $20 to $40 a month.

This way, your Border Collie will never run out of ways to keep themselves entertained. Without toys, they may turn to destructive behavior like chewing on furniture. So it is better to spend on their toys rather than having to get an expensive item ruined.

Their Environmental Maintenance

This includes your Border Collie’s poop bag, which can cost around $5 a month. You will spend the least in this area. This is because they do not need anything else once you buy their essentials.

How Do I Choose a Border Collie?

There are a lot of things that you should consider when choosing a Border Collie puppy. You should look into their breeder, their parents, their health, and a lot more. There are a lot of bases to cover to ensure that you get a great quality puppy.

If you feel at loss, do not worry. Below, you will find some tips and guidelines for taking home a Border Collie puppy.


Before deciding to get a Border Collie, make sure to do some reflection.

What do you want a Border Collie for? Can you provide for their needs? Can you afford to care for a dog right now?

These questions will help you decide if owning a Border Collie is the right thing to do.

You should also do a lot of research on this breed. This is a highly active breed that needs a lot of stimulation.

If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, then they will not have a happy home life with you.

If you want a show dog, you should also check for the breed standard. This will help you in checking the puppy’s physical traits and temperament once you meet them.

Ask Help From Experts

Usually, these would be people who are already experienced with Border Collies. These can be shepherds, farmers, and more. If you have a friend who owns one, you can also turn to them.

You can also consider going to Border Collie rescue shelters.

They will help you know the problems and difficulties in owning this breed. Ask them questions about the common reasons why this breed is being surrendered. Usually, it is because their previous owners cannot manage their dog’s energy levels.

Gather information from these experts on Border Collie care. You may also ask for tips from them in choosing a puppy. They may also be able to help you in finding a reputable breeder to buy a puppy from.

Meet Some Border Collies

Try to meet all the Border Collies you can find. The easiest way would be to go to a dog park. You can ask people about their experience with their Border Collies and you can make a new furry friend.

You can also attend dog shows or field trials so you can see this breed in action. This will give you a feel of what you are going to get yourself into.

Find a Breeder or a Shelter

If you are going to adopt, you can do so through rescue organizations or your local animal shelter. There are some breed-specific rescues to help you adopt a Border Collie faster.

Adopting is the most humane way of getting a Border Collie. You are hitting two birds with one stone through this.

Not only are you giving a dog a second chance at having a happy home. But you are also freeing up space in the shelters for another rescue dog who is in need.

But it is rare to find a Border Collie puppy in these spaces. Usually, you will only find adults in rescues and shelters.

So if you want a puppy, you need to look for a reputable breeder. You can look into registries, like the AKC. Or you can ask the Border Collie experts you find about where they got their furry friend.

Talk to Potential Breeders

You can talk to potential breeders through the phone to help you narrow down your options. This will save you time from going to their place to talk, only to find that they are not the right fit for you.

Get to know each breeder. Ask for their background, why they breed, and how they breed their dogs.

Inquire about how many litters they raise in a year, to start with. Responsible breeders will limit this to 1 to 2 puppy litters. If they answer with a bigger number, that is a red flag and you should not buy from them.

Also, ask about their professional certifications and which associations they are in.

It is a good practice to ask for references too.

These can be their satisfied customers. Or this can also be their vet who can verify any of their litter’s medical records. If your breeder has another breeder as their reference, then that is even better.

A sign of a good breeder is if they ask questions about you too. Conscientious breeders will want to know where their puppies are going. They want to know who will care for them, the lifestyle they have, and how the home environment is.

All these will let them know if you are a good fit for this breed. This can potentially save one more Border Collie from ending up at an animal shelter.

Visit the Puppies

The first thing you should notice is the environment of the breeding facility.

It must be clean, spacious, and safe for a growing puppy. Their food bowls should be clean, as well as their eating area. Make sure to check if their potty area is also cleaned on the regular.

Once the breeder takes you to the puppies, see how the litter reacts. If the puppies greet the breeder with wagging tails that is a good sign. But if they cower away or become aggressive, you can tell that they were not treated well.

When you interact with the puppies, do not force them to come to you. Have them do this on their terms.

Observe these puppies and how they behave. Avoid any shy or aggressive ones. Border Collies should be friendly, energetic, and very playful. The pup who comes to you first or pays the most attention to you may be the best one.

Have a closer look at them by picking them up. They should not growl, whimper, or cry when you do.

This will help you inspect their health much better. Here are some tips for this:

  • Check Their Eyes: They should be free from eye discharge of debris.
  • Check Their Ears: The puppy should not have dirty inner ears. Their ears should not smell bad too.
  • Check Their Lips: This should be bright pink in color. If they are pale, this can be a sign of parasites.

If the puppy has any of these, avoid buying them. Although all these are treatable, this is a sign that the breeder is irresponsible in caring for them.

In line with this, you should also ask the breeder if their vaccines and deworming are up to date. They should take care of these while the puppies are not rehomed yet.

You should ask to see the parents too. This will give you an idea of how your puppy will grow up to be.

Make sure that the parents are healthy and in good shape. Ask your breeder about their medical history too. This will help you find out if there are any inheritable diseases you need to know about.

With this, you should always insist on seeing the parents’ medical certificates. If the breeder hesitates, then you should walk away.

Where to Buy Border Collies

You should only buy a Border Collie from a reputable breeder. The upfront costs can be pricey, but you lessen the risk of getting a sick puppy.

These responsible breeders will also make sure to raise their puppies well. A good environment, proper socialization, and more.

They will also make sure that you know any inheritable diseases in their bloodline. To back this up, they will let you meet the parents and provide their medical certificates.

Meticulous breeders will also do some genetic tests on their puppies to see if they have any issues. They take the litter on regular vet trips for vaccines and even general examinations.

The cost of raising healthy, happy, and quality Border Collies is a lot. They not only invest their money, but also their time, effort, and love. All these will show up in the price of buying one of their puppies.

In puppy mills, the litter does not get the same treatment. Their breeders sell the puppies for profit without regard for health and safety.

Most of the time, the puppies and their mothers are in dirty and cramped environments. There is little to no socialization, which affects the puppy’s behaviors.

In these poor conditions, you are likely to get a puppy in bad shape. You will end up spending more on their medical costs.

Can You Adopt a Border Collie?

Adopting a Border Collie is always a great option. Oftentimes, they end up in rescues or shelters because their owners did not know how to handle them.

This is why you should always make sure that Border Collies are the right fit for you. They are not a dog for everyone. This high-energy breed is better off with someone who lives an active lifestyle.

Where Can I Adopt a Border Collie?

A great place to adopt a Border Collie is your local animal shelter. The dogs here need a forever home with loving owners. When you get a dog from a shelter, you are freeing up space for them to save another dog.

But if you are looking for this specific breed, shelters may not have many Border Collie dogs.

So another option is to adopt a Border Collie from rescue organizations. You can look for ones that are specific for Border Collies. This is a faster option for you in looking for a playful and loving pup to adopt.

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Border Collie?

Adopting a Border Collie has an average cost of $300. This is way cheaper than buying from a reputable breeder. An added benefit to this is that you get to give a dog a second chance in living a happy and long life.

How Much Is a Rescue Border Collie?

Depending on where you live, adopting a Border Collie can range anywhere between $50 to $400. A benefit of adopting a Border Collie is that they are already fully vaccinated and fixed. To cover the cost of these, the price of adopting them may go up.

Should I Buy a Border Collie?

You should only buy a Border Collie if you are confident that you can provide for their needs. Of course, they need food, shelter, and companionship like other breeds. But a Border Collie’s mental and physical needs are way higher than most breeds.

This is why Border Collies fit active households best. A home with a large yard, or a farm, is where they flourish most. Remember, they are working dogs so they should always have something to do.

If your idea of a good time is lounging at home and watching TV, then do not get a Border Collie. But if your idea of fun is going on hikes, running a mile, and other similar activities, then go get a Border Collie. You and this exceptional breed are on the same page when it comes to having fun.