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What Is So Special About Border Collies (What Type Are They)?

The biggest asset of Border Collies is their intelligence. They are often regarded as the smartest dog breed, making them very easy to train. But this often overshadows other great qualities that they have. They are also loving, friendly, and immensely loyal dogs.
What Is So Special About Border Collies?

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Many Border Collies can attest to how special this breed is. Not only because they can work with minimal supervision but also because they are great companions.

People often see Border Collies only as working dogs. But what they do not know is that they are also very affectionate and friendly dogs. This makes them suitable for active families whose idea of having a good time is going outdoors.

What Are Border Collies Temperament?

The biggest asset of Border Collies is their intelligence. They are often considered the smartest dog breed in the world. With this, they are highly trainable dogs who are quick learners.

This goes well with their natural athleticism. Border Collies are agile, making them great for various dog sports. They are very energetic, always looking for something interesting to do.

These qualities make them great working dogs. But they also have traits that make them wonderful family dogs. As long as they get the physical and mental stimulation that they need, which is a lot.

Border Collies are affectionate towards their family, whom they consider as their pack. They are loyal and territorial, always wanting to protect the pack.

They also make great watchdogs since they are very alert. The slightest rustling of bushes can alarm them and they will let you know if they sense any threat.

Which Has Better Temperament – Male or Female Border Collies?

There is no better Border Collie gender over the other, it all depends on which one suits you the best. There are a few differences between a male and a female Border Collie. To help you decide on which one to get below are these key differences that you should know about.

Male Border Collie Temperament

Male Border Collies are warmer and are more affectionate. They love to cuddle with their owners and they are easier to bond with other people and all family members. In general, they are less suspicious of strangers, making them the friendlier ones.

This makes him the happy gender between the two. But sometimes, they can get too happy that they don’t respect your personal space. They will find ways to get in your face just to get some cuddles or time with you.

With this, they welcome any form of affection all the time. Sometimes they come to you to ask for some snuggling.

But they are also more nosy. They will try to see you whatever you were doing even if it is the most mundane of things. They are very curious and will always look at anything that interests them.

Male Border Collies also reach mental maturity slower. With this, they are more energetic and playful throughout their life.

This can mean that they are harder to train. But they are more food-driven than female Border Collies. With this, training can be easier when you dangle treats in front of them.

The downside of male Border Collies is that they are more aggressive. Bite statistics show that males bite more than females. This is especially true if your male Border Collie is not yet neutered.

They are also more territorial than females. Urine marking is a common issue with this. But this may lessen if you fix them.

Male Border Collies also have stronger personalities. They tend to be more stubborn and pushy than females. Sometimes, they also try to assert dominance over their owners.

This can be an issue when training them as they will try to be the alpha. But since they are smart, they will learn that this is not the case.

Female Border Collies Temperament

Female border collies tend to be more aloof than their male counterparts. It takes time for them to warm up to their owners, so they may not be as devoted to you right away. But once you earn their trust, they can be more loyal to you than male Border Collies.

While a male stays playful throughout their life, females mellow down with age. But this does not mean they need less exercise as they get older. You should still see to it that they get a few hours of exercise daily.

Although female Border Collies are less affectionate, they still love you. They are just not as showy as males and they choose when they want to snuggle up to you. So most of the time, they may love you from afar.

They are more independent as well. Females value their alone time a lot. But they will come up to you to be clingy from time to time.

As they are more polite, they respect your personal space more. So you will get less dog slobber on you when you have a female Border Collie.

Female border collies are also less aggressive and less territorial. So you have fewer issues with urine marking with these dogs.

But the territorial behavior of males goes away once you get them fixed. While females remain territorial for the rest of their life. Regardless if they get fixed or not.

Training females may be easier too. Since they are less dominating than males, they are more open to listening to you during training.

Also, they may have an edge over males when it comes to being watchdogs. Females are more attentive and responsive to their surroundings. This makes it easier for them to react when they need to.

But female Border Collies have more mood swings than males. Because they go in heat twice a year, their personality changes from time to time. This makes them unpredictable, especially if you don’t train them properly.

Are Border Collies Friendly?

Border Collies are friendly as long as they undergo socialization at a young age. They are very affectionate towards people they consider as part of their pack. Although Border Collies are not shy, they are often reserved towards strangers.

But with socialization, they become friendlier toward everyone. This is especially true with Male Border Collies, who are more open to meeting new people and dogs.

Why Is My Border Collie Not Friendly?

The most common reason for this is a lack of proper socialization. Border Collies are alert and curious dogs. Anything unusual for them can make them scared, even strange people and dogs.

You may wonder why, as your Border Collie is very friendly towards your family. The thing is, their affection may not extend to others outside their pack. This is because they fear faces that they are not familiar with.

Border Collies, like other dogs, have a fear of unfamiliarity. What socialization does is to get them used to everything as much as possible. This way, when they face new experiences or people, they know how to react.

More importantly, they know that things they found scary before are not a threat. An example of this is when you take your Border Collie to the dog park. They love to play and zoom around, so you would think that they will ask other dogs to play with them.

But without socialization, your Border Collie will shy away from any interaction. They do not know how to play with others, so they will avoid meeting a new friend. Sometimes, they may even cower away because they find other dogs intimidating.

With socialization, your Border Collie will know how to interact with them. This brings the enthusiastic and energetic Border Collie you know and love.

Are Border Collies Affectionate?

In general, Border Collies are affectionate breeds, especially with their family. They may not show it as much as other dogs, though. But with proper socialization, they can be more affectionate as they grow.

Keep in mind that this still depends on their personality. Some Border Collies will want to get all cuddly with you all the time. While others may avoid even the slightest show of affection, like your pets.

If you want a cuddlier Border Collie, consider getting a male. They are more loving towards their owners, sometimes too much! Female Border Collies tend to be more distant, they would rather love you from afar.

How Do You Tell if Your Border Collie Loves You?

Other than showering you with licks, there are many ways that Border Collies show you love. Some are very subtle that you may not even notice. If you are curious to see how your furry friend shows their affection, below is a list of these.

Staring Into Your Eyes

Your Border Collie will look at you with love. They may do this even if you do not notice. This means that they adore you and they see you as a source of their comfort and security.

Licking You

This is a universal dog behavior, their version of kissing you. Consider yourself lucky if your Border Collie does this. They only do this with humans or even dogs that they care for.

Being Beside You

Border Collies are very loyal, they want to be by your side all the time. So they may go on your lap, sit beside you, or lean onto you to get as close to you as possible. This is one of the many ways they want to spend their time with you.

Preventing You From Leaving

Sometimes, your Border Collie may use their entire body to block you from leaving. Whether it is because you need to get something from the other room or when you need to leave the house. They will stand in your way to tell you not to go.

While this can be frustrating at times, this is a sign that they enjoy your company. So they will do their best to make you stay.

Getting Excited When You Come Home

When you come back home, your Border Collie can seem like the happiest dog in the world. They will wag their tail, jump on you, and even give you kisses as a sign of love.

Bringing You Gifts

The phrase “sharing is caring” is something a Border Collie takes seriously. They may bring you their favorite toy so you can play with it together. Or they may bring you a rock that they found from their adventure outside.

Acting Submissive When Scolded

Although they are smart, they also have stubborn streaks like other dogs. When you do reprimand them, they may act submissive.

This is their way of trying to appease you. Some dogs may fight back. But when your Border Collie cowers away or licks you, you can say that they love you.

Nudging You With Their Nose

This is one of the many ways they try to get your attention. They love it when you interact with them so they will do whatever they can. Sometimes, they will not stop until you acknowledge them.

Following You Around

Border Collies can also be velcro dogs, following you wherever they go. This is not surprising as they are very loyal to their owners. This is their way of showing you that they want to spend their time with you.

Showing You Their Belly

When they lie on their back and expose their belly, consider yourself lucky. This is their most vulnerable state and they only do this if they feel very safe around you. Your Border Collie knows you will not hurt them, so they are okay with letting their guard down with you.

Greeting You in the Morning

Waking up to a Border Collie wagging its tail is always a good way to start your day. This is the same for them too. They love waking up to see you first thing in the morning.

Putting Their Paw on You

Your Border Collie may put their paws on you whenever you are relaxing on the couch. It is their way to get your attention because they love it when you do.

Are Border Collies Cuddly?

In general, Border Collies like to cuddle with their owners or whomever they have bonded with. Because of their herding history, many think that they are not as cuddly as other dogs. They are also intense athletes and they spend much of their waking hours being active.

But this breed is loyal and likes to please its owners. This trait manifests itself through cuddles and other forms of affection!

This will depend on your Border Collie’s personality though. Some cannot get enough of cuddles and they may even demand it from you. While others will only cuddle you from time to time.

Whether your Border Collie loves cuddles or not, they know what it means. They understand that the act is an expression of love.

Do Border Collies Puppies Like to Cuddle?

Border Collie puppies like to cuddle with their owners for warmth. Before moving in with you, they cuddled with their mothers and littermates for this. They continue to do this even in their new family and environment.

Unlike adult Border Collies, puppies cannot regulate their body temperatures well yet. So they rely on others for warmth. They can even bring this behavior until they are adults.

Why Do Border Collies Like to Cuddle?

There is more to cuddling than making your Border Collie feel good. This loving act can serve different purposes, all listed below.

Cuddling for Protection

This loyal breed will always find ways to protect you. Cuddling you means that they are near you, which allows them to alert you when needed. But this goes both ways too.

They see you as a source of security and they know you will not harm them. Cuddling you is also a sign that they trust you.

Cuddling You to Relieve Stress

When your Border Collie snuggles up to you, its brain releases oxytocin. This is the love hormone, which makes the whole act pleasurable to them. In return, oxytocin encourages them to cuddle with you more since it feels good.

So if your Border Collie is not feeling their best, you may find them nestled in your arms. Cuddling helps them to calm down if they are feeling stressed.

Cuddling for Warmth

During a cold day, your Border Collie will cuddle with you for extra warmth. This is common in puppies, whose coat does not provide enough insulation yet. But this act can still carry on even if your Border Collie is an adult.

How Do You Let Your Border Collies Know You Love Them?

Like Border Collies, you can show them that you love them in many ways. Reciprocating their love will make them the happiest dog in the world. If you want your Border Collie to feel this way, below are some tips on how to do this.

Rubbing Their Ears

A dog’s ears are its sweet spot, as it has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. Rubbing this area makes their brains release endorphins, triggering positive feelings. This is very pleasurable for your loving pup, so do this whenever you can.

Leaning on Them

Your Border Collie will lean on you to show you affection. So if you mirror this act, they will understand what it means right away. It is a simple sign that you love and trust them.

Gazing Into Their Eyes

When your Border Collie stares into your eyes, they are saying that they love you. Do the same, but make sure that your stare is gentle and loving. Making eye contact with an aggressive stare can send the wrong signal, they may think that you are mad at them.

Spending Time With Them

Keep in mind that Border Collies are a very active breed. So they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. One of the ways you can show your love is by fulfilling these.

Playing fetch, for example, is one of the best ways to end their day after working so hard. This not only keeps them active, but it also is a great way to spend time with your Border Collie. Doing this daily will strengthen your bond, and will let them know that you care for them.

Teaching Them New Tricks

This fulfills your Border Collie’s mental stimulation needs, which they need a lot of. They are very eager to please and will try their best to learn new tricks. They know this makes you happy, and this will also make them feel pleased.

Cuddling Them

Border Collies are pack animals. Being so close to their pack, which involves you, brings them security. So physical contact with you will make them feel very loved.

Some dogs may not like hugs, because it makes them feel trapped. But they love cuddling with you while you take an afternoon nap.

When they sleep, they are in a vulnerable state. So when you nap together, it means that the both of you trust each other.

Raising Your Brows

Your Border Collie relies on your body language for them to know how you feel. Dogs will raise their brows at someone whom they have bonded with, a sign of love. So if you mirror this with a smile, you are telling them that you are happy to see them.

Walking With Them

As a creature of habit, routines are important for Border Collies. So if you give them their daily walks, they know how much you care for their well-being.

Touching Them With Love

Your touch is enough for your Border Collie’s brain to release oxytocin. So giving them a good massage, grooming their coat, or petting them will make them feel loved.

Are Border Collies Needy?

Border Collies tend to be needy because they are so loyal to their owners. They get clingy, following you around the house. But there are other reasons why they can be needy and you can find all these below.

Their History

For over three centuries, Border Collies worked closely with humans. With this, it is in their genetics to have a great bond with humans. They have an attachment to you and your other family members that is hard to break.


Border Collies are often considered the smartest dog breed. With this, they need a lot of activity so they do not get bored. If they do, they will find other things to do to entertain themselves.

This may include following you around to see what you are doing. Who knows, they may find it interesting and they will ask to join in on the fun.

Separation Anxiety

Unfortunately, Border Collies are prone to separation anxiety. Working together with humans for many years makes has made them loving dogs. But it also made them very attached to you, following you around.

They do this because, in your absence, they get very distressed. For them, the only place to be is by your side.

Environmental or Routine Changes

Your Border Collie likes structure and they rely on it so they know what to expect. But if there is anything that disrupts this, they can cling to you a lot.

The change can be anything. Like moving houses, getting a new job, or having a baby. Whatever this is, your furry friend will stick to you until they can adjust.

Health Issues

If your Border Collie is not feeling their best, they can be more clingy. This is understandable since they may be in great pain, so they seek you for comfort. They will need a lot of your assurance and your company to feel protected.

How Can I Make My Border Collie Less Needy?

If you want your Border Collie to be less needy, you need to teach them to be more independent and confident. There are a few ways you can go about this. Below, you will find different methods that you can try.

Plenty of Mental Stimulation

When your Border Collie lacks this, they can develop clingy behaviors. They do this to bug you into doing fun activities with them.

Playing fetch is one of the ways you can do this. But you can also teach them new tricks, which work well for both of you. Or, you can give them puzzle toys to put their minds to work.

Plenty of Physical Stimulation

If your Border Collie feels tired, they do not have the energy to bug you and follow you around. Instead, they will lounge around or take a good nap.


Border Collies are observant, they will learn your routine and what it means. An example is when you put on your shoes. Your smart Border Collie will know that this means you have to leave home.

They will have a negative association with things like these. So you need to teach them that these can be positive too.

So when you put on your shoes, do not leave. Sit on your couch and spend some time with them. They will learn that some actions are nothing to worry about.

Create Their Safe Space

Every dog should have their own space to feel comfortable and safe in. With this, they will learn how to spend time by themselves.

So, take some time to create one for your Border Collie. This can be their bed or crate, or it can even be their room. Add some toys in for entertainment and you can leave a shirt with your scent on for added comfort.

Are Border Collies Loyal?

Border Collies can be fiercely loyal to a fault. This is because they have worked for many centuries with humans. They have an attachment to you that is special, unlike other dog breeds.

This is why they tend to be velcro dogs, following you wherever you go. They can form strong bonds with many people whom they consider to be part of their pack. But more often than not, they bond to one person.

This does not mean that they love other pack members any less. You have to look into their history for this. Border Collies worked with one person as a team to achieve their daily tasks.

Are Border Collies Protective Dogs?

As a herding dog, Border Collies can be very protective of you and your territory. Because of this, they often do not trust strangers right away. But they are not aggressive dogs, so they protect you in various other ways.

Staying by your side and using their body to block you from danger are examples of this. They are also very alert dogs who are attentive to their surroundings. With this, they alert you with barks as soon as they sense anything unusual.

Are Border Collies Territorial?

Because they are protective, Border Collies are also territorial. When they sense an intruder in their territory, they will bark like there is no tomorrow. But their territorial instincts can also kick in for other reasons.

An example is when another dog is getting your attention. Border Collies can get very attached to you, so they will see the other dog as a threat. So it is not surprising if they will feel jealous in this scenario.

Are Male or Female Border Collies More Territorial?

Between male and female Border Collies, the former is more territorial. So they are more likely to exhibit territorial behaviors, like urine marking. But females can also do this, although to a lesser extent.

But if you neuter male Border Collies, this trait will lessen. Female Border Collies will stay territorial for as long as they live, though. And this will not go away even if you spay them.

Are Border Collies Aggressive?

Border Collies are not known to be aggressive dogs. They may herd almost anything that moves, even humans, but never with ill intentions. Instead, they are friendly and very protective toward their pack.

So if your Border Collie shows any aggression, this is unusual. You need to train them to fix this or consult your vet if you suspect that this is medically related.

Are Male or Female Border Collies More Aggressive?

When comparing the two, male Border Collies display aggression more than females. This comes out especially when they sense any females who are in heat. This can also be their competitive nature, so they often come in conflict with others.

But there are other reasons why they can get aggressive. A common denominator with aggression in dogs is fear. When they feel backed up in a corner, their natural reaction is to be aggressive.

Other than this, being protective or territorial can also be the cause. This goes for their owners, their food, or their belongings like their toys.

Sometimes, they can also be aggressive because they are sick. With this, you need to see a vet for them to get medical care.

Why Is My Border Collie Suddenly Aggressive?

There are several possible reasons why a Border Collie is suddenly being aggressive. It is unusual for them to be like this, so it can be worrying for you. To help you figure this out, below is a list of these causes.

Dominance Aggression

Your Border Collie may think that they are the alpha of the pack. Or, they are trying to be the alpha. With this, they are aggressive towards other dogs or even you.

Once they think that they are the alpha, they will bite, growl, or bite you. So you should not let this happen, they need to learn that you are the dominant one, that they should respect you.

Food Aggression

Border Collies can be very possessive over their food. This can be their instincts kicking in since wild dogs have little food resources. You may wonder why a domesticated dog would need to do this.

Sometimes, they may not understand that they will always have food available for them. They are unsure if the food that they have will still come back. So they will gobble it up in one sitting before they will never see it again.

This is common in rescued Border Collies. Usually, they had to eat their food right away before some other dog eats it. So they act fast since they are still adjusting to getting pampered by you.

Physical Pain

When they are in pain, they feel very distressed and they want to be all alone. They can become aggressive when you go near them because you might touch the area that hurts. So their growling and barking are them telling you to stay away.

But this does not mean that you should leave them alone. If you cannot treat their wounds, you should take them to the vet instead.

Getting Threatened

Border Collies are protective and wary of strangers. With this, they can be aggressive when meeting other people for the first time. They do not trust these unfamiliar faces, so they growl and bark to keep them away.

Your Border can even do this with people who are passing by your house. They can also bark at other dogs they see.


If you have a rescue Border Collie, they may have had a bad past with their previous owners. So trauma can make them aggressive since it is their way of defending themselves. These dogs often have anxiety as well.

So your Border Collie may not understand that you are not trying to hurt them. There is a lot of relearning to do, but once they adjust, they can become very affectionate. They will forever be grateful that you gave them a new and loving home.


Mental health issues like anxiety can also make your Border Collie aggressive. If they suffer from this, there are also other symptoms that they may exhibit:

  • Pacing Around
  • Trembling
  • Digging
  • Excessive Chewing
  • Excessive Licking

If you see these symptoms, you need to consult your vet for their treatment. Your Border Collie will not grow out of this, so you should step up and find help.

Why Is My Female Border Collie Aggressive?

Since female Border Collies go into heat, they may have personality changes. This happens twice a year, and along with other symptoms, they can be aggressive. This is unique to females, but other reasons can also explain this.

Aggressive behaviors can come up in Border Collies, whether they are male or female. So some reasons to explain this behavior will apply to both genders:

  • Dominance Aggression
  • Food Aggression
  • Physical Pain
  • Feeling Threatened
  • A Past of Mistreatment
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness

If you want a more detailed explanation for these, head over to the previous section. You will learn why these reasons bring about aggressive behaviors. This will help you understand what they are going through and how you can help them.

Why Is My Male Border Collie So Aggressive?

A male Border Collie is more dominant. So they may show aggressive behaviors to place themselves as the alpha of the pack. With this, they will nip, growl, and bark at you or your other dogs.

But other reasons, like feeling threatened or being in physical pain may also cause this. Border Collies are a nonaggressive breed, so you need to act on this right away.

You can train them to correct this behavior. But if this task is too hard for you, seek a professional trainer’s help. They know how to handle your Border Collie’s aggression so they go back to their usual selves.

Why Is My Border Collie Puppy So Aggressive?

An aggressive puppy is rare, so you may be misreading your pup’s behaviors. While they are young, they are nippier, biting whatever they can, even your hands. This is prevalent when they are going through the teething stage.

The teething stage is a very uncomfortable period for your Border Collie puppy. Bigger adult teeth are replacing their baby teeth. So they constantly need something to chew on for comfort.

This can be anything, your furniture, your favorite shoe, and even your arm. With this, you should get them chewing toys to soothe their gums.

Also at this young age, they are still learning bite inhibition. Biting is part of their play, so they know how hard to bite until it hurts someone.

All these are normal puppy behaviors that every dog will go through.

A truly aggressive puppy will exhibit the following:

  • Show Their Teeth
  • Snarl
  • Make Snapping Bites
  • Cower
  • Pinned Back Ears
  • Stiff Posture

If your puppy shows this, only then can you consider them aggressive. The reasons for this are dominance aggression and aggressive guarding. You need to make sure that they do not carry this behavior into adulthood.

These are manageable while they are young. But when they are bigger and stronger, this can be dangerous. So you and your pup have some training sessions to go through.

Are Border Collies Aggressive Towards Strangers?

Although Border Collies are nonaggressive, when they are, it is usually towards strangers. They mean no physical harm when this happens. Your Border Collie does this to protect you.

This breed is wary of strangers, so they keep their guard up when they meet an unfamiliar face. Once they sense that you are in danger, their protective instincts kick in. They will growl and bark at the other person to keep them away from you.

Remember that Border Collies value their pack very much. You and your family are their pack, so they will do what they can to keep you safe.

This happens especially in your home, which they consider their territory. They are nervous when someone enters their home, so they feel the need to protect it.

Why Is My Border Collie Aggressive to Other Dogs?

There are a few reasons why your Border Collie is aggressive towards other canines. You may think that since they are friendly, they will be okay with other dogs. But these reasons below will explain why they are not very welcoming to others.


This tends to happen with males, who are the more aggressive ones. Your Border Collie is using aggression to assert their authority over the other dog. They want the other dog to know that he is in charge.

They will prove this by biting, growling, and snapping at them. Keep in mind though that this is a learned behavior, so you should correct this right away.


Your very loyal Border Collie will get jealous if another dog is getting your attention. With this, they will act out, sometimes in an aggressive manner.

Resource Guarding

This often happens with food, as your Border Collie feels like another dog will take their food away. So if you have other dogs in the house, they must have their food bowls.

But this can also happen with their belongings, like their favorite toy. They can get aggressive if they see another dog playing with it or trying to take it away.

Your Border Collie can also get nasty if another dog is trying to steal their dog bed. Like their food bowls, make sure that every dog has their dog bed to avoid this.

Lack of Socialization

If your Border Collie has not met another dog before, they do not know how to react. They may fear the other dog, and as you may already know, fear brings out aggression.

This is why socializing your Border Collie is crucial while they are puppies. With this, they learn that other dogs are not a threat. Instead, they are new friends that they can play with.

Why Do Border Collies Fight With Each Other?

A fight for dominance is the most common reason for this. This usually happens if your Border Collies are of the same sex. They often do not get along well, which is why it is better to get a male and female pair.

Fights are often between two male Border Collies. They are more dominant, aggressive, and pushy. Both may want to be the alpha of the pack, so they have to prove themselves to each other.

Although less common, two female Border Collies can also fight. This is rare, but when this does happen, it can be very brutal.

With two females fighting, they will not stop unless one sheds blood. Their fights are more fatal and often need emergency medical care.

It is not common for a male and female Border Collie to fight. But this can happen if the female is in heat and rejects the male’s advances.

There are other reasons why they may be fighting too. Food aggression, resource guarding, and jealousy can stir up trouble too.

How Can I Make My Border Collie Less Aggressive?

There are many ways to calm your Border Collie’s aggressive tendencies. You would not want an aggressive dog in your house, especially if you have kids. To help you out, here are ways you can correct their behavior.

Become the Alpha

Although they are loyal and eager to please, they can still push their boundaries. When you are the leader of the pack, they will respect you and obey your commands. You can do this with the following steps below.

Be Calm Yet Assertive

Your Border Collie will sense if you are nervous, and when they do, they will take charge. So stay calm, but be assertive when dealing with them. This will make them listen to you since they do not feel the need to be the leader of the pack.

Set Rules and Boundaries

Without these, your Border Collie will set these themselves. With rules to follow and boundaries to respect, they will know what to expect and how to behave.

For example, there should be a rule whenever they go into the house. They need to ask for permission and wait for you to allow them before they can enter.

Do Not Ask for Affection

The alpha of the pack does not approach its followers, it should be the other way around. If you come to your Border Collie and shower them with love, they may get the wrong idea that they are the leader. So it is best to ignore them unless they come to you for cuddles.

Use Meals as Leverage

Think and act like a leader, even when it is mealtime. You should always eat first, once finished, give your Border Collie their meal.

Set boundaries during meals too. Your Border Collie should not approach anyone at the dining table as they eat.

And before you give them their meal, they should be submissive too. They should not begin to eat as soon as you put their food in front of them. They have to wait for your command before they do.

Lots of Socialization

Socialization has a lot of benefits to your Border Collie’s well-being. This helps them build their confidence, so they are not fearful when it comes to most situations. Fear brings out aggression, so you should lessen or get rid of their fear.

This can be as simple as bringing them to the dog park so they meet a lot of strangers and dogs. You can also enroll them in dog training classes so they know how to interact with a variety of people and dogs.

Even a stroll around the neighborhood can help. They will experience a lot of things, like hearing a car, smelling a lot of scents, and seeing a lot of sights.

Make Them Exercise

Border Collies have huge needs for mental and physical stimulation. Playtime will exercise their minds, keeping them sharp. This serves as an outlet for their energy, redirecting it from aggressive behaviors.

Why Is My Border Collie So Destructive?

When your Border Collie is destructive, it is often due to boredom or separation anxiety. How do these make them furry balls of destruction, though? Below, you will find out how these come into play.

Border Collies need a lot of activity to keep them entertained. So it is easy for them to get bored. When they are, they will find something better to do and make their time worthwhile.

They may chew up your furniture, and your belongings, and even dig a lot of holes in your yard. All these are an attempt to keep themselves entertained.

Separation anxiety though is a common root cause of unwanted behaviors. Border Collies are prone to developing this, so this is something to look at.

Whenever you are not by their side, they can become very distressed. With this, they develop self-soothing activities that are excessive and sometimes destructive.

They may do the behaviors mentioned above, like chewing and digging. But with separation anxiety, they may do this to the point of self-harm.

So your Border Collie may damage their nails, hurt their paws, and more. They do not grow out of separation anxiety. They will need training and sometimes professional help to overcome this.

Why Is My Border Collie So Mean?

There are many types of aggression that makes your Border Collie mean to you and your family. The most common ones are the following:

  • Conflict Aggression
  • Fear-Based Aggression
  • Defensive Aggression
  • Status-Related Aggression
  • Possessive Aggression
  • Food-Guarding Aggression
  • Redirected Aggression

It can be hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing your Border Collie’s mean diagnosis. Oftentimes, they get misdiagnosed, so the issue remains.

If you are having trouble correcting their behavior, it is best to seek the help of a professional. Experienced trainers will know what to do to help your Border Collie.

Are Border Collies Crazy?

Border Collies can become crazy if you do not fulfill their mental and physical needs. They are high-energy working dogs, so they need to do something. Without this, they can become restless, destructive, and even clingier.

Are Border Collies Dangerous?

In general, Border Collies are a safe breed that has no malicious intent in what they do. There are exceptions to this. There are some occasions that Border Collies attack humans, and other animals.

But these are not an issue if your Border Collie undergoes proper training. They are one of the world’s most intelligent dog breeds, after all. So if you are a firm yet gentle owner, your Border Collie will grow up to be well-behaved.