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The Complete Border Collie Sleeping Guide (Everything Explained)

As a workaholic breed, sleep is vital to keep Border Collies going. They spend all their waking moments finding something to do, so they need to recover with a good night's rest.
The Complete Border Collie Sleeping Guide

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Sleeping is your Border Collie’s way to rest, recover, and bounce back to get ready for the next day. This breed needs a lot of stimulation to keep busy, but this also wears them down a lot.

If they do not get enough sleep, their performance will diminish. This also alters their mood. So instead of being the happy, bouncy dogs that they are, they will become unenthusiastic.

Part of caring for your lovable Border Collie is ensuring they get enough good quality sleep. This also involves giving them a comfortable place to sleep.

You have a lot to think about for this. So if you do not know where to start, this article will give you all the nitty-gritty details you need.

Do Border Collies Love to Sleep?

Border Collies love to sleep and replenish their energy as they are working dogs who are very active. So when they are awake, they are always on the go, looking for something to do. But when they are asleep, they make the most out of it.

With this, if you see your Border Collie sleeping, it is best not to disturb them. Apart from filling up their energy, sleep has many other benefits for your furry friend. If you are curious to know what these are, you will find out what these are below.

Sleep Improves Their Mood

Humans get in a bad mood if they do not get enough sleep, the same goes for your Border Collie. They can be moody, unhappy, and even feel depressed.

Sleep Helps Their Social Skills

Since the lack of sleep affects their mood, they may not want to interact with you or other dogs. This is unusual for Border Collies because they are very sociable dogs. They will also find it hard to read your body language, which they heavily rely on to interact with you.

And if you have a working Border Collie, this can be a problem. Since lack of sleep makes it hard for them to read you, they cannot carry out commands well. As a result, they cannot herd properly.

Sleep Enhances Their Athleticism

Your Border Collie’s reaction time, speed, and agility improve with great quality sleep. They will not only feel better, but their physical well-being will also be better.

Sleep Boosts Their Concentration

Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds you can find. But they cannot concentrate on their tasks if they feel tired from lack of sleep.

Being well-rested improves their concentration, problem-solving skills, and more. This results in better quality work in return.

Sleep Repairs Their Muscles

Going to dreamland helps your Border Collie’s body heal itself. During this, their muscles and tissues repair, which is important for working dogs. This will allow them to bounce back and get ready for tomorrow’s duties.

Sleep Lessens Their Risk for Mental Illnesses

The lack of sleep not only affects their physical health but can also impact their mental health. If your Border Collie has poor quality sleep, they are at risk of suffering from mental illnesses. Depression is one of these, and this will hurt their quality of life.

Do Border Collies Sleep All Day?

As working dogs, Border Collies do not have the time to sleep all day. They need a lot of mental and physical stimulation, so they are always looking for something to do. Although they may sleep less than other dogs, they will nap throughout the day.

How Many Hours a Day Should a Border Collie Sleep?

Despite being workaholics, Border Collie adults need around 10 to 14 hours of sleep daily. They take quick naps in the day to help them power through with their tasks. They sleep longer during the night, where they get the most out of their rest.

Keep in mind that your Border Collie’s sleeping habit will depend on a few factors. One is their personality and temperament. Some will be more energetic, so they stay up more too.

Another factor is your lifestyle, which impacts their sleep schedule. If you need to be away for work a lot, Border Collies tend to sleep more. This is because they have nothing to do or no one to interact with.

How Long Do Border Collies Sleep at Night?

Adult Border Collies can sleep through the night, at 7 hours or more. Since they value a good night’s rest, you can also doze off comfortably at night.

Sometimes, they may have trouble snoozing at night. This should tell you that something is wrong and there are several reasons for this.

If they did not get enough activity during the day, they become restless at night. Border Collies need a huge amount of mental and physical stimulation to wear them down. So make sure that you spend enough time playing with them during the daytime.

They may also have problems with their muscles, legs, or feet. Being a working dog can be heavy on their bodies, which can cause discomfort at night. Your Border Collie will find it hard to get into a comfy position because of some pain.

Since they are very alert dogs, the slightest noise they hear at night can make them wary. They are also territorial, so they want to keep an eye out if these noises come from an intruder.

Sometimes, it may be because they need to go potty. Or it could be that it is too hot or cold for them.

It may be hard to figure out why your Border Collie is restless at night. So if you have a hard time finding the cause of this, you can talk to your vet to help you out.

Why Is My Border Collie Always Tired?

Hardworking dogs like Border Collies may push themselves until they become exhausted. With this, you need to give them more time to recover. But sometimes, their tiredness may be a medical issue that needs more than just a nap.

Figuring out why your Border Collie is unenthusiastic can be tricky. To help you with this, below are some possible reasons.

Exercise Exhaustion

Without a doubt, Border Collies are athletic dogs who perk up when they are getting exercise. They can withstand a lot of work, but bumping up the intensity can wear them out a lot.

Going with you on hikes is no problem for them. But with heavier activities, like herding competitions, they will give.

Sometimes, your Border Collie may be too hyperfocused on a task. With this, they may not realize that they are putting themselves at risk. When you do notice this, it is your duty as their carer to stop them.

Heat Exhaustion

Doing any activity under the glaring heat of the sun can lead to heat exhaustion. This is a fatal condition for not only your Border Collie but also for yourself. In severe cases, this is a medical emergency and you should see a vet right away.

So do not spend too much time outside or make them work too much during the hot weather. Make sure that you always bring them plenty of water as well to replenish their thirst. It is not a bad idea to stay and rest in a shade from time to time as well.

Health Issues

Sometimes, a tired Border Collie needs medical intervention to go back to normal. Several issues cause this, including the following:

  • Infections
  • Heart and Liver Problems
  • Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Anemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Tumors
  • Poisoning

Is It Normal for Border Collies to Sleep All Day?

It is not unusual for Border Collies to nap a lot during the day. Especially when they are older and have daily work to fulfill.

But they should not be sleeping all day, that is too much for them. If they do this, they may not be getting enough activity. Since there is nothing for them to do, they sleep instead.

Keep in mind that Border Collies need structure in their lives to be happy. They feel better when they have tasks to do, so you should fulfill these needs.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Border Collie Need?

Your adult Border Collie needs to sleep for at least 10 hours. Some can sleep up to 14 hours each day, which is within the normal range. As they age, they will need more sleep

How to Get a Border Collie to Sleep at Night

Your adult Border Collie needs to sleep for at least 10 hours. Some can sleep up to 14 hours each day, which is within the normal range. And as they age, their sleep patterns gradually change.

They become seniors once around the age of 8 to 10 years old. Senior Border Collies sleep for about 14 to 16 hours each day. But some can sleep for up to 18 hours, which can be alarming but do not worry about this.

Do Border Collie Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Border Collie puppies sleep a lot, taking a great part of their day. This is a crucial part of helping them grow to be healthy adults. When they sleep, their immunity, muscles, and nervous systems develop.

But there is more to a puppy’s sleep than this.

Even if they are awake for only a short time, curious Border Collie pups make the most out of it. The world is their oyster! They will have new and exciting experiences, smells, sounds, and sights.

This can be tiring for a grown-up, though. So after a few hours, they doze off into dreamland again. During this time, they process all the information they gathered for the day.

In some cases, your energetic Border Collie pup may not even listen to their bodies. Instead of sleeping, they will stay up and find something interesting to do. When this happens, you need to step in and help them calm down.

How Many Hours Should a Border Collie Puppy Sleep?

Given its importance, it is no surprise that Border Collie pups need to sleep for about 18 to 20 hours a day. This covers their daytime naps and their nighttime sleep. They may sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they can be very hyperactive.

This can be a problem during the night. Puppies, in general, learn to sleep through the night when they are 4 months of age. So you should expect to wake up from time to time until then.

As your puppy ages, they slowly begin to sleep a little less.

The range above is for puppies who are 2 to 5 months of age. But once they are around 6 to 12 months of age, they sleep about 14 to 16 hours.

At this age, they can become even more hyper. But at least they are better at sleeping at night at this point. Older Border Collie pups can sleep about 6 to 9 hours during the night.

Why Does My Border Collie Puppy Sleep So Much?

During puppyhood is when much of their development takes place and they need a lot of sleep. They need a lot of growing to do and this all happens very fast. So sleeping is their way to rest and recover, which is more frequent than in adult Border Collies.

Another thing to consider is that they get tired pretty quickly. Every waking moment of their day, they learn and experience new things.

You may be training them where to go potty or teaching them not to bark. They also learn on their own, like learning the smell of the barbecue your neighbor is making. Or if you have an older dog, they may teach your pup how to behave in the house.

Other than these, puppies also need exercise. When walking them outside, they meet strangers, both humans, and dogs alike. Or they may see and hear a car for the very first time.

All this information takes a huge toll on their small bodies. So they need to nap more not only to recover but also to process everything.

How Do I Get My Border Collie Puppy to Sleep at Night?

Having a restless puppy at night can be frustrating for anyone. Unfortunately, this is something you need to go through while your Border Collie is young. The good thing is that this will pass, so do not lose your patience.

There are many methods you can try to help your energetic one sleep through the night. You can try out some of these methods found below.

Follow a Strict Routine

Border Collies are not only smart, but they also like to have a structure for their daily activities. You can use these to your advantage when helping them sleep at night.

Set up a time for daily tasks that involve your Border Collie. Make sure to always follow these times, especially in the beginning. Your pup cannot read the clock, but they will develop their body clock for this.

The routine depends on you and your lifestyle, so set your structure. But if you are feeling a bit lost, here is an example —

After dinner, you can make them go to their potty area. You can play with them after just to burn off more of their energy. Once done, give them a treat and send them off to their bed or crate to sleep.

With repetition and consistency, your intelligent pup can pick up on this routine. In time, it will be easier for you to make them go to bed.

Set Up a Calm Routine

Since Border Collie pups are so full of life, they may have a hard time calming down. Before going to bed, allot some time to give them gentle pets. Do this while talking to them in a calm voice to help them mellow down.

Make Their Environment Soothing

Research shows that lavender helps dogs to calm down. Try to use lavender-scented diffusers or potpourri near their crate or bed. But make sure that it is not too strong for their powerful sense of smell, this can irritate your pup’s nose.

Use Supplements

You can try giving your Border Collie calming supplements to help them sleep at night. The catch is that they should be over a year old to take these. If you are keen on using one, talk to your vet about it first to be safe.

Teach Them to Relax

This can be tricky, but you can teach your Border Collie that being calm is good. Although they are smart, the hard part is catching them in their relaxed state.

Whenever you see your Border Collie acting calm, walk up to them and give them a treat. You can also reward them with verbal praise and gentle pets. This will let them know that this behavior is good and that they get rewarded for it.

Give Them Enough Exercise

Spending your Border Collie pup’s energy is important. If they have a lot of pent-up energy at the end of the day, they will not sleep. So you always have to allot time for their exercise requirements.

Do Not Overtire Them

Much like a child, a puppy who is extra tired will act out. They can be restless, giving you a hard time.

This may look like they need more playtime. But they need the opposite, they need to lie down and doze off. If they do not get their nap on time, going to sleep will be harder for them.

You can avoid this by letting them nap throughout the day at specific times. Teaching your Border Collie the “place” command will help with this a lot. Once they learn this, you can make them go to their sleeping place and have them nap.

Separate Them From Other Dogs

If you have other dogs, they can distract your Border Collie pup from sleeping. Instead of taking a nap, they will bug the other dog and ask them to play.

To combat this, you can either buy them separate crates or have them sleep in separate rooms. Or you can also give them separate beds to sleep on.

Make Them Sleep in a Crate

A crate gives your puppy their safe space, one that they can feel comfortable and secure in. This also puts away any distractions that may prevent your puppy to go to sleep. Some people think this is cruel, but crate training has many benefits if done right.

This is not as simple as putting them inside, locking the crate, and leaving, though. You need to help them warm up to the crate so they do not fear it.

Do this by putting the crate in the living room with the door open. This will make them think that the crate is part of the household’s furniture. It will also help if you leave some toys inside, so the crate will feel more familiar to them.

With this, your Border Collie pup will inspect it and may go in on their own. Once they do, praise them and give them a treat.

You can also use a command for your pup to go inside the crate. Keep it simple and enough for them to understand.

So once they go inside, say “in the crate” and give them a treat. Your smart Border Collie pup will soon learn what this means. In time, they will not need treats when you command them to do this.

When Do Border Collie Puppies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

Your Border Collie pup will begin to sleep better at night when they are about 4 months of age. Some will learn sooner, while others need more time for this.

There are a few reasons why young puppies cannot sleep through the night.

One is that they are still adjusting to not having their littermates and mothers around. Remember, Border Collies are pack animals and they value being in a group. Without their pack, they feel distressed.

They are also in a new environment and everything makes them wary. The sounds, smells, and sights of your new home excite them.

With this, they can be too excited, making it hard for them to calm down before sleep. Or everything can be too overwhelming for them, making them anxious.

The final reason is that puppies have small bladders that quickly fill up. They do not have complete control over it, so they need to pee in the middle of the night. If your puppy is whining or crying at night, this may be the reason.

Accidents happen with puppies and they do not mean to do this. Keep in mind that adjusting is hard for them, so do not punish your puppy.

Where Do Border Collies Like to Sleep?

If your Border Collie had the choice, they would sleep anywhere near you. You can be in the living room watching TV and they will sleep at your feet.

But they will also be happy napping on a soft surface, one of the comfiest places they can find. Some Border Collies also like being in an enclosed space, like their crate.

This will all boil down to your Border Collie’s preference. But since your Border Collie is part of your family, you should always give them a comfy place to snooze. Consider giving them a place to nap during the day and at night as well.

Where Should My Border Collie Puppy Sleep?

While your Border Collie is still young, it is best to let them sleep in a crate. A crate is their personal space where they feel secure and comfortable in. Apart from that, it has many other benefits that are handy when training them.

One is that puppies do not know where to poop or pee when they first arrive at your home. You still need to train them and this can be tricky even if Border Collies are smart.

Crates work well for this. When you keep them inside for short periods, they hold their bladders. Let them out at the right time and show them where they need to pee.

This is an effective method for housebreaking your Border Collie pup. As long as the crate is the right size, they will not soil it.

Another one is that it helps them get used to a small space. There are certain instances where you have no choice but to put them in one.

One example is when you have visitors who find dogs scary. You can keep your Border Collie in a crate for a bit and they will not mind it.

Also, when your Border Collie needs an operation, vets keep them in crates or cages to rest. Recovering is stressful enough. And if your pup is not used to small spaces, this can stress them out even more, making their experience negative.

Sleeping in a crate also teaches them boundaries, rules, and sets expectations. Once your puppy knows these, they grow up to be more well-behaved adults.

Can Collies Sleep on the Floor?

As long as they are only taking a quick nap, sleeping on the floor is fine. But the floor should not be their permanent nap area. Your Border Collie should always have a soft bed to lie down on.

If you have a senior dog, sleeping on the floor can be too hard on their body. Usually, they already have problems with their joints, causing them pain. Consider investing in an orthopedic bed, which helps to ease their discomfort.

Why Do Border Collies Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Sleeping with their owners gives them a sense of belongingness. This is because Border Collies are pack animals, they love being close to their pack all the time.

Other than that, they are fiercely loyal and devoted to you. They can be clingy, never wanting to leave your side even as you sleep. You bring them security and warmth, that is why they will want to be with you at night.

Is It Safe to Sleep With a Border Collie?

Sleeping with your lovable Border Collie does present some risk. The biggest factor to consider is if you suffer from allergies. Border Collies are not a hypoallergenic breed, which can cause flare-ups.

This is mainly because Border Collies are moderate shedders, this happens all year. But during shedding season, they shed a huge amount of hair. This spreads dander into the air, which can trigger allergies.

Another factor to consider is that you are introducing more bacteria and dirt to your bed. Dogs like nasty stuff, they roll in the dirt and whatever else interests them. These can accumulate in their thick coats and you cannot take them off every night.

But that is for working or outdoor Border Collies who spend a lot or all their time outside. For indoor Border Collies, this may not be the biggest issue you can have.

Also, you should think about ticks and fleas. You can catch these from your Border Collie if you let them sleep with you. So you need to make sure that they are free from these.

Should Your Border Collie Sleep in Your Bed?

Whether you let your Border Collie sleep with you or not is a personal decision. It is up to you if the pros outweigh the cons. To help you with this, below you will find a list of those.

Pros of Sleeping With Your Border Collie

You May Feel Calmer

Your quality of sleep can be better when sleeping with your Border Collie. This is because they can ease your stress and anxiety, making sleeping easier. Other than that, it can have a positive impact on your cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure.

You May Feel More Secure

Border Collies are alert, loyal, and territorial. This makes them excellent watchdogs, alerting you whenever they sense something. This can be reassuring, knowing you have them to watch out for you.

You Build a Greater Bond

Sleeping is when your Border Collie is most vulnerable. With this, they become more open to you, strengthening your relationship. Also, this makes them feel like they are part of a pack, bringing them more security.

You Have a Source of Warmth

It is always nice to have a cuddle Border Collie beside you on cold nights. Their body temperatures are higher than yours, so they are like your furry warmers. You are doing the same for them, you make them feel toasty and comfortable too.

Cons of Sleeping With Your Border Collie

Your Allergies Can Trigger

If you have allergies, this is not the best idea since Border Collies are not hypoallergenic. You can end up coughing and sneezing more, disrupting your sleep.

Their fur can also end up in your sheets which can be tricky to take off. You may need to vacuum and dust your room more, which is not practical.

Their Dominance May Show

It is not a good idea to make them sleep with you if they have dominant tendencies. If you let them sleep on your bed, they may get the wrong idea and think they are the alpha. This can bring out aggressive behaviors, which you would not want.

They May Develop Separation Anxiety

Allowing them to be with you all the time may do them a disservice. They are so used to being by your side that if you leave, they go out of control.

Separation anxiety brings out unwanted and destructive behaviors. This includes nipping at you, digging holes, and chewing your favorite shoe. It is also tricky for them to overcome separation anxiety, and is a lot of work on your part.

Your Bed Will Be Dirtier

You cannot avoid this, no matter how hard you try to keep them clean. This is especially true if you let them roam freely outdoors, like in your yard. They will bring specks of dirt, dust, and other foreign objects.

Other than that, fleas and ticks are a big issue too. You may catch them as your Border Collie brings this to you at night.

Your Sleep Quality May Drop

Your Border Collie may snore, move around, and even push you off the bed. They have no regard for your space as long as they find a comfy spot. As a result, you will have a restless night, which can be frustrating.

It Can Affect Your Relationship

Border Collies take up extra space and they can disturb you and your partner. Your partner may not appreciate the situation and the outcome may not be nice. You have to make sure that your significant other also agrees with this setup.

Should I Let My Border Collie Puppy Sleep With Me?

As tempting as it may be, letting your Border Collie pup sleep with you may not be the best idea. You are setting them up to be too dependent on you, so they will be clingy as they age. This can lead to separation anxiety, making them distressed when you are not around.

There is no quick fix for separation anxiety. Your Border Collie will also not grow out of it. So apart from their huge exercise needs, you will spend extra time helping them overcome this.

This is more time, effort, and patience on your part. But you can avoid this if you avoid letting them sleep with you.

Apart from that, this can be a tough habit for them to break when they are adults.

As a young puppy, your Border Collie is fine on the bed since they do not take up a lot of space. But when they are older and bigger, you may not want them sleeping with you.

Or, you were planning to make them sleep elsewhere when they are adults. But you make them sleep on your bed as puppies to make them comfortable. They get used to doing this already. So when you let them sleep separately, this can cause them confusion. It destroys the structure and routine that you have already created. You allowed them to do this before, so why not allow them now?

Getting them familiar with this new setup takes a whole lot of relearning. If you want to avoid this process, then do not make them sleep on your bed.

How Do I Get My Border Collie to Sleep Alone?

There are a few methods you can try when teaching your Border Collie to sleep alone. Keep in mind that not every method will work on your furry friend. So do not get discouraged when one does not work.

Crate Training

Crates have many uses and one of them is teaching your Border Collie how to sleep alone. Many people think this is cruel, but dogs like to sleep in a small and comfortable space. Sort of like napping in a den for wild dogs.

So to do this, you should make them have a positive association with the crate first. Put some of their toys inside and you can even lure them in with treats. Keep the door open and have them examine the crate on their own.

Once they go inside and lie down, give them a treat and close the door for a few minutes. After that, open the door and let your Border Collie out.

When they go inside again, do the same thing but make them stay inside longer. Keep doing this until they can stay inside for hours.

Usually, people sleep for 8 hours at night. So your Border Collie should be comfortable staying inside for that long.

For adult Border Collies, this is easy as they can hold their bladders for that long. But if you still have a pup, they need to go to the potty in the middle of the night. They have small bladders, so they may soil their crates.

In time, you can bring their crate inside the bedroom if you want to. They feel better knowing that they are in the same room as you as they are pack dogs. They want to be with their pack all the time.

The “Bed” Command

Border Collies are arguably the most intelligent dog breed. So they will pick up commands fast. You can use this to your advantage when making them sleep alone.

First, get a handful of treats as a reward. Stand beside their bed and call them over.

Make them go to their bed by pointing at it. They will get confused for a bit, but they will get what you mean.

Once they are on the bed, say “bed” and give them a treat. Add lots of verbal praise too as a reward.

Keep repeating this for the next few days. Stay further and further away from the bed each time you call them over.

Do not forget to reward your Border Collie. This will help them understand that staying on the bed is a good thing that gets them treats. With this, they will keep doing the desired behavior.

With lots of repetition, decrease the treats you give them until they no longer need them. Then, you can use this command at night before bedtime.

They may get stubborn, going out of their bed or coming into your room. But be firm and send them back each time. Make sure you use a loud and clear voice so they understand.

Follow a Routine

As a creature of habit, your Border Collie loves to have some structure to their day. You can also use this to your advantage when training them.

To do this, set up a nighttime routine. After dinner, take them out to go potty, then put them to bed after. It helps if your Border Collie already knows the bed command.

The trick is to take them to their bed at the same time at night. They will develop a body clock for this in time.

So, lure them to their bed by placing a treat. This will motivate them to go to their bed every night. Once they settle in, you can calm them down by talking to them in a calm voice while petting them.

In the morning, go to his sleeping area and greet them with pets. This will let them know that you will always come back to fetch them after a good night’s rest. This is comforting for your Border Collie and they know what to expect each day.

The trick is to be consistent. Do all the steps and do them at the time you need to each day.

Give Them Their Space

Any dog would want their own space and your Border Collie is no different. If they have their room, make it comfortable for them.

Place some toys, their blanket, and even clothes that smell like you. This will help them feel more at ease.

Make them stay in their room at the same time each night, but leave the door open first. This will help them go out when they want to.

You may find this weird, but it teaches them that they are not missing out on anything. It also eases them in the whole process of gradually closing the door on them.

Every night, try to close the door bit by bit. You will get to fully close the door in time.

Once you find success, do this whenever it is bedtime. But make sure you spend a few minutes with them to calm them down. Talk to them in a soothing and gentle voice until they get drowsy.

Think of this as a routine too, so you need to be consistent in everything.

Do Border Collies Like to Sleep in a Dog Bed?

Border Collies like sleeping in a dog bed as it is one of the comfiest places to nap in. Choose a soft and high-quality dog bed for them to entice them to use it.

But make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand your Border Collie’s chewing. Avoid materials that are fabric, wicker, or leather. Instead, invest in strong plastic dog beds.

Once your Border Collie can sleep alone, it may be better to switch to a dog bed. It is more comfortable and gives them more freedom to move in. But only do this if you are confident that they will not beg to sleep with you.

You can even place their bed in your bedroom. It will make them feel better that you are near them as they sleep.

To make this transition, you have some training to do.

Place your Border Collie on their bed and use the “down” command so that they lie down. Once they do, say “go to bed” and give them a treat. With repetition, your smart furry friend will know what this means.

You must be firm whenever you say this command. If they go near your bed, do not allow them to go up. Send them back to their bed if they do this.

If you allow them on your bed, you are sending mixed signals. Your message will be unclear and they will not learn effectively this way.

What Is the Best Bed for a Border Collie?

The best bed for your Border Collie depends on their preference and needs. Some like softer beds, while others like firmer ones. Some like enclosed beds, while others like sofa beds.

Senior Border Collies will need beds that are easy on their joints. So the perfect dog bed for them would be orthopedic.

If your Border Collie sleeps outdoors, they need a bed that can withstand the weather. A waterproof bed is the best option for them in this case.

It all depends on what your Border Collie likes and needs. So you may need to figure out their preferences. But you also have to consider what works best for their situation.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you can maintain it. You need to look for one that is durable if your Border Collie is a chewer.

Other than that, you want to find one that is easy to clean. Dog beds can get dirty, and you would not want to throw them away because you cannot clean them well. Invest in ones that are easy to clean so you can use them for years to come, saving you money.

What Size Bed for a Border Collie?

As a medium-sized dog, Border Collies need a bed that is medium or large in size. This gives them enough room to switch positions and make themselves comfortable.

Can Border Collies Sleep Outside?

You can let your outdoorsy Border Collie sleep outside, as long as they have a proper shelter. But if they were to choose, they would sleep indoors to be close to their pack. They are social breeds who value their bond with you, so being outdoors can make them lonely.

If they really need to be outside though, the main concern is the weather. Middle-aged Border Collies can handle most temperatures. But you still need to protect them from the elements.

So their shelter should be well insulated with thick roofing to keep them dry from the rain. The floors should be sturdy and raised some inches from the ground.

To protect them from the wind, the door should face away from it. It is best if their shelter has a plastic door flap to further keep wind and rain out. Other than that, this can shade them from the harsh rays of the sun too.

You can also get them a heated pet mat or a cooling pet mat to help them cope with the weather.

Other than that, their shelter should also be the right size. It does not have to be too big. But it must be enough for them to move around in and sleep in whatever position they like.

By doing these, your Border Collie can sleep outside in comfort. But if the temperatures get too extreme, it is best to keep them inside.

The information above is for adult Border Collies, but what about younger and older ones? Unfortunately, a puppy or a senior Border Collie cannot handle harsh temperatures. So you should have them sleep inside instead.

There are two other concerns for having them sleep outside, regardless of their age. If you live in an area where predators roam, keep them inside where they are safe. Or if you think your neighbors have bad intentions, do not let them sleep outside too.

The most important thing is that your Border Collie is safe. Whether it is from the weather, other animals, or even people. Your Border Collie cannot decide where they sleep, so at least think of their well-being.

Why Do Border Collies Sleep on Their Backs?

Your Border Collie sleeps on their back because it cools them down, it is comfy, or they feel safe. You may wonder how a sleeping position can do all these. So below, you find out how this works.

They Are Trying to Cool Down

The hair on your Border Collie’s tummy area is thinner than the rest of their body. With this, this area has better airflow. So they expose their tummies to the air while lying on their back.

In this position, you may also see their legs up in the air. This is because they only sweat on their paws. By doing this, they release more body heat too.

They Are Getting Comfy

Although this looks like an awkward position, it feels nice for your Border Collie. Lying on their back can relax all their tense muscles at once. They are not tensing any muscles in this position, compared to others.

They Feel Safe With You

Your Border Collie’s tummy is the most vulnerable region of their body. It holds all their internal organs, so they will not show it when they do not feel safe. In this position, they also cannot defend themselves right away if there is a threat.

If they expose their belly like this, they feel safe and secure with you and their surroundings. They are in a submissive state, and you should feel happy that your Border Collie trusts you.

Is It Bad for Border Collies to Sleep on Their Backs?

Sleeping on their backs is a good way for them to release any tension in their muscles. This is a very comfortable position for your Border Collie. If they sleep like this, it often means that they are taking a nice, deep sleep.

Why Do Border Collies Dig in Bed?

Digging is normal behavior that is part of your Border Collie’s canine instincts. While they love doing it in your yard, they find equal pleasure digging their beds as well. There are several reasons why your Border Collie does this, all listed below.

Digging Is Fun

Regardless of their breed, dogs get pleasure out of digging. It is one of their favorite pastimes, so they look for ways to engage in it. This act simply feels good for them.

Digging Prepares Their Bed

Like how humans fluff their pillows before bed, dogs also do this with their beds. They like to fluff their sleeping area so they can get cozy while they snooze.

Digging Is an Instinct

Wild dogs have no fancy beds to sleep on, so they make do and create their beds. This is an instinct that domestic dogs still have.

In the wild, dogs have to make their sleeping area comfortable. Digging takes off any rock, stick, or other items that are uncomfortable to lie on. It also helps them find any snakes or other creepy crawlies hiding in the dirt.

While your Border Collie does not have to do this, this act still lives on today.

Digging Marks Their Territory

Your Border Collie has scent glands on the bottom of its paws. This releases pheromones that are unique to them.

By digging or pawing at their bed, they are spreading their scent. This is their way of telling other dogs that their bed has an owner. If you have other dogs in the house, this may be the reason why your Border Collie digs at their bed.

Digging Helps Them Investigate

Before lying down, your Border Collie may be curious to see what lies underneath the cushion. It can be a toy, or a treat dislodged somewhere in their bed.

Digging Regulates Their Temperature

When the weather is hot, they try to find a colder spot on the bed by digging. The same happens if the weather is cold. Your Border Collie will expose any area of the bed that is warmer.

Digging Can Mean Anxiety

If your Border Collie’s digging is excessive, it can be a sign of anxiety. Since Border Collies are prone to separation anxiety, this is worrying. So you should consult your vet as soon as you can.

Why Do Border Collies Sleep Under Covers?

This is an ancestral trait that your Border Collie still does. Wild dogs stayed in dens, where they feel safe and secure. Since your Border Collie does not have one, they make one their safe zone by staying under the sheets.

Being under the covers puts firm pressure on their bodies. It also makes them feel surrounded and secure. By doing this, their brains release happy chemicals, making them calmer.

So Border Collies do this simply because it makes them feel good. But for others, this is a self-soothing method if they are anxious.

Fireworks, for example, can make any dog scared. If your Border Collie gets triggered by anything scary, they may hide under the sheets.