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Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Easy to Train (and Are They High Energy)?

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are easy to train. They're from an intelligent and helpful breed. Though short in stature, it won't stop them from being competent herding dogs.
Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Easy to Train

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Cardigan Corgis will respond to training if you’re willing to do the work. They may lack the size of a bigger dog but they’re willing to get things done, especially on farms where you need help in watching your livestock and crops.

They have high energy levels, though not to a point of being hyperactive. Compared to their Pembroke cousins, they are more reserved. Cardigan Corgis are hard workers and willing to please their owners.

Barking a lot is their way of sounding the alarm but not to the level of nuisance barking. Because Cardigan Corgis are loyal and protective. But their size and build get in the way of being effective guard dogs.

Cardigan Corgis can watch crops and herd livestock. Hunting vermin like rats is one of their specialties. But dealing with bigger intruders can put them at a disadvantage.

Are Cardigan Corgis Hyper Active or Lazy?

The Cardigan Corgi who’s been walking around your home is an energetic dog. This breed doesn’t fall in the category of a lazy dog. He’s alert and willing to work in order of pleasing his owner.

Compared to Pembroke Corgi, he’s more reserved and less playful. Pembroke Corgis are more sociable dogs than your Cardigan Corgi. It’s safe to assume that he’s serious about performing his duties as a companion and lookout.

He means serious business when it comes to doing his work. Despite his dedication and hard work, he’s also a loving and affectionate dog. Cardigan Corgis know how to find the perfect balance between seriousness and sweetness.

They have enough energy to do well as working dogs. Unlike lazy breeds, these short-legged wonders are enthusiastic to help. It’s miraculous to think that they can handle herding despite their size.

As far as the energy level is concerned, Cardigan Corgis are active dogs. Not lazy and slow but not that extremely hyper as well. It looks like they’re familiar with the Yin and Yang concept of the Orient.

Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Need a Lot of Exercise?

Because of their active nature, Cardigan Corgis need at least an hour of exercise daily. For larger breeds, on the other hand, an hour is considered the maximum time for exercise. The weight of bigger dogs doesn’t allow them to exceed an hour.

It’s also suggested to split the time for exercise into portions. Cardigan Corgis are known for being busybodies. Having an hour of exercise is not that big of a deal for them.

One hour of exercise sounds like a lot for other dogs. That’s not the case with your Cardigan Corgi because of the stamina stored in his tank. Aside from being strong and energetic, he’s also smart and needs a lot of stimulation.

Don’t laugh at his disproportionate body, those stubby legs are advantageous. His shortness prevents him from getting hit by the animals he’s herding. He might look smaller but he can act like a boss on your farm.

His energetic and hardworking nature makes him qualified as your right-hand man in farming. Or rather, your right-hand dog but whatever floats your boat. It’s important to allot some time for exercise to keep him healthy and strong.

How Much Exercise Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Need?

Cardigan Corgis need one hour of exercise per day as a minimum. You’re probably scratching your head and asking if an hour is a little too much for their size. But considering the amount of energy and stamina they have, one hour is perfectly fine.

You have to keep your Cardigan Corgi physically and mentally stimulated. This dog breed is prone to obesity, thus lack of activity will not help. The added weight can put a lot of pressure on his bones and cause mobility issues.

He’s born to move and stopping him from doing so is unnatural and even harmful. Short walks and some running are healthy exercises. Doing herding duties will keep him active and busy.

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing to make him move. His abundant stamina can fuel his body to work and exercise. Adding some toys into his routine will make playtime and exercise more fun.

Give him an hour of exercise per day to keep his muscles strong. Don’t forget to feed him with healthy food so that his energy tank won’t get depleted. This little dynamo cannot work successfully without the backing of proper nutrition.

Are Cardigan Corgis Easy to Train?

Cardigan Corgis are easy to train. They are smart, obedient, and more than willing to please. The high energy that they possess makes them excellent candidates for training.

Cardigan Corgis have natural herding instincts and they use their mouths to lead livestock. Through mouthing or nipping, they can successfully keep farm animals in place. But this habit becomes a challenge when interacting with humans.

They are responsive and easy to train but the mouthing can be an issue. Especially when you have children in your household. This breed can display herding behavior inside your home.

If he’s prone to nipping at your hands or heels, you should intervene and redirect. You can solve the nipping issue by redirecting his attention and energy to other items. A toy will come in handy in this kind of situation.

He’s still a great family companion when the nipping habit has been corrected. Let him save that habit for herding and spare you and your fellow humans from it.

He can get a little bossy at times and is not afraid to let you know. This is due to his familiarity with a leader’s role when working as a herding dog. But it’s not a cause for concern because he’s a loving and loyal dog. He can keep things balanced by being loyal and obedient while being serious with herding.

Compared to their younger and smaller Corgi cousins, Cardigan Corgis are more reserved. They’re also aloof towards strangers and it’s caused by their fairly protective side.

Cardigan Corgis are not as big, primitive, and dangerous as a Tibetan Mastiff. But it’s still worth noting that most dogs are protective. So training is important to keep his wilder persona under control. Aside from the nipping and mild bossiness, a Cardigan Corgi is easy to train.

Remember that he’s an energetic, hardworking type of dog. With those traits, he can’t afford to sit around and be lazy. Let him shine through work, training, and playtime that allows him to exercise.

Are Cardigan Corgis Smart?

Cardigan Welsh Corgis rank 31st on the list of smartest dog breeds. They are highly intelligent dogs with lots of stamina and energy. When combined, these factors make them incredibly helpful in doing tasks.

Cardigan Corgis are naturally hardworking which makes them effective as farm and herding dogs. They are also able and willing to learn new tricks and commands. Don’t hesitate to teach him as this dog breed needs constant mental and physical stimulation.

Some people describe the Cardigan Corgi as a shorter version of the German Shepherd since both are considered intelligent, hard-working herders. But because of their height difference, their herding style may differ as well.

Cardigan Corgis nip at the heels of bigger farm animals to keep them in line. German Shepherds do it on the upper parts of the animal. But they are near the livestock they’re herding.

Some of the tricks that your Cardigan Corgi can learn are pawing, high five, and hoop-jumping. You can use verbal cues and signals to make him aware of what you’re trying to accomplish. This breed is willing to learn and deliver to make his human friend happy.

But you also have to put some level of commitment to succeed. Positive reinforcement that includes the reward method will make him even more excited to learn. Don’t let his smartness and enthusiasm be sequestered by idleness.

Being idle is not a common trait for Corgis because they do have a zest for life. Think of fun activities that will help him learn and get an opportunity to exercise. If you’re planning to get a Cardigan Corgi, you can’t go wrong with his intelligence so let him shine on.

Are Cardigan Corgis Stubborn?

Cardigan Corgis are intelligent, energetic, and hardworking dogs. They are responsive to commands and cues. But due to their herding instincts, some of them can be stubborn.

This breed is independent and possesses a mild to moderate level of stubbornness. You can expect a dose of bossy behavior once in a whiles since they are not afraid to express themselves.

You could say that it’s a part of their survival instinct. It’s a possible way of making up for their bodies’ odd structure. If they’ve gone submissive, their breed wouldn’t even thrive.

And because they are smart and natural herders, there is some stubbornness involved. The success they get from herding gives them the idea that they’re always right. With training, this side of them becomes manageable.

This trait doesn’t overshadow their good qualities though. If you develop a good relationship with them, they’d be cooperative and enthusiastic. Cardigan Corgis can be aloof and reserved towards unfamiliar people.

With some effort in socializing, they would slowly warm up to other people. Cardigan Corgis have a softer, affectionate side. But they don’t put it on full display during the first meeting. Be patient and wait because they would eventually come out of their figurative shells.

Since their stubbornness is a minor and manageable issue, there’s no need to worry. Get on their good side and you will reap the benefits of their hard work.

Avoid treating them like dumb animals because this breed is very intelligent. Cardigan Corgis are not notoriously stubborn, they know how to work and cooperate. But from time to time, it’s something you might encounter.

Do Cardigan Corgis Like Water?

These short, energetic dogs have a decent level of fondness for water. But it depends on how one was raised and his overall personality. If he grew up without prior experience with water, he may not like it.

But if he’s been exposed from a young age, he sees water in a different light. For Cardigan Corgis like these, being in the water is fun. His playfulness would come out and let the good times roll.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with every Cardigan Corgi. Most of them share the same level of energy and playfulness. Water can be a little divisive.

Cardigan Corgis can tolerate water in general but it’s unclear if everyone enjoys it. As previously mentioned, one’s enthusiasm will depend on exposure and personality. A trainer’s guidance might help in making your Cardigan Corgi enjoy the water.

Playing in the pool or getting drenched in the rain, it doesn’t matter. Some are pretty gung-ho about the idea and some are not. Get the pulse of your dog’s likes and dislikes.

Water is not a bad thing per se but it’s worth giving a try. If your Cardigan Corgi is not one of water’s biggest fans, you don’t have to force him. At the end of the day, his safety will always be more important than a trip to the pool.

Can Cardigan Corgis Swim?

Don’t let their appearance fool you because Cardigan Corgis can swim. Despite having short legs, these dogs know how to keep themselves afloat. Cardigan Corgis can manage to swim and tolerate water.

The mismatched lengths of their bodies and legs prevent them from being great swimmers. Swimming ability depends on experience and your Cardigan Corgi’s health condition. Personality and preference might play a huge part as well.

You may not believe that your Cardigan Corgi can swim because of how he looks. But don’t expect him to be a world-class swimmer especially when he’s not fond of water. He’s a strong and energetic dog, but swimming is not his strongest feat.

It doesn’t mean that he’s going to let himself sink into the water. Dogs have strong survival skills and will try to adapt the best way they can. Compared to other dog breeds though, it’s more challenging for a Cardigan Corgi to swim.

To be safe, you can try to enroll your Cardigan Corgi in a doggie swimming class. A professional can assist you in teaching him to swim. Some lessons also include life jackets to ensure the dogs’ safety.

It’s a great way to learn and socialize. Though equipped with a life jacket, make your Cardigan Corgi swim in shallow water first. Going into deep water right away could trigger anxiety and put him at risk.

Once you see him getting comfortable and confident he can gradually go deeper. Take his swimming to another level by introducing him to the deeper parts of the pool. But don’t forget to do it with his safety in mind.

If your Cardigan Corgi is showing signs of fear of water, reassure him. And if that doesn’t do the trick, peace out to the lesson and call your vet. There could be other underlying issues and your Cardigan Corgi’s health is more important.