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Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Good Dogs (Everything You Need to Know Before Buying One)?

Cardigan Corgis are loyal and hardworking dogs. Their high energy and stamina levels are very useful in herding tasks. Though a bit bossy at times, they are also loving but they don't show it right away.
Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Good Dogs

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If you are a first-time dog owner, this may not be the right time to meet with a Cardigan Corgi. Cardigan Corgis are good dogs in general, but they can be too much for newbie dog parents. You might have a hard time keeping up with their energetic and busy nature.

If you like being active and you have prior experience with dogs, the Cardigan Corgi is a good match. Especially if you’re on a countryside farm because they are natural herders. But for inexperienced owners, getting a Cardigan Corgi is not encouraged.

It doesn’t mean that they’re awful, they’re just not a good match for newbies. For seasoned owners, on the other hand, Cardigan Corgis are great companions and assistants. Their occasional bossiness or herding instinct may not be great for children, but training can help.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Friendly?

Cardigan Corgis are friendly towards people and animals they already know. They won’t hesitate to let their playfulness show around your family. But things could get a little different when unfamiliar people and animals are present.

These dogs tend to be aloof and reserved in the presence of strangers. Whether it be a human or another animal. Though an attack is not a big risk, they could start barking as a sign of protectiveness.

With enough exposure to socializing though, their serious side becomes manageable. These balls of energy are great playmates for kids if their herding habits are under control. Without training, they’re prone to get bossy as a part of their herding instinct.

Your Cardigan Corgi’s level of friendliness is somehow dependent on how he’s been raised. Let him socialize to help him lessen his reservations or suspicions. They take their role seriously so lighten things up with playtime.

Though energetic, they’re not very aggressive dogs if there’s no threat present. Like most dogs, they don’t let things go easily when provoked. Despite their size, they’re not shy to let everyone know how they feel.

Cardigan Corgis are not the most popular guard dogs because herding is their focus. But their barks or even bites can still pack a punch. When backed by proper training, they are generally friendly dogs.

They walk the fine line between the laid-back and hyperactive camps. Neither isolate nor confine your Cardigan Corgi if you want him to be friendly. Isolation can drive dogs into the territory of destructive behavior.

Are Cardigan Corgis Affectionate?

Though very expressive dogs, they only share their affectionate side with family members. Cardigan Corgis don’t easily open up to unfamiliar faces as a Shih Tzu would. Consider yourself a VIP in an exclusive club when your Corgi’s acting affectionately.

The key here is familiarity and closeness. It’s only natural for them to have some reservations about folks they don’t know. Their affections are also influenced by what kind of treatment they’re getting.

If you’re the cold and distant type, your Cardigan Corgi may hesitate to show affection. Bear in mind that he’s a smart dog. And If you’re not affectionate, he might mirror it and throw it right back at you.

To let his softer side come out, you have to show him some warmth. Be playful when he’s not doing work because he’s born to move and show some love. Cardigan Corgis are affectionate towards the people and animals they care about.

Are Cardigan Corgis Cuddly?

As much as they love their owners, Cardigan Corgis are not the biggest fans of cuddling. That doesn’t mean that they’re not affectionate pooches. To some, it’s not a huge part of their love language.

Maybe they look at cuddling as something confining and passive. Since they are active, energetic dogs, being cuddly doesn’t fit with their nature. But it still depends on how they’ve been raised and their personalities.

If your Cardigan Corgi grew up and is accustomed to cuddling, then it’s not an issue. But when one grew up with a distant owner, he’s going to avoid it like the plague. Cardigan Corgis are very affectionate and loyal dogs.

But cuddling only becomes a good thing when they’re comfortable with someone. So if you want this energetic furball to enjoy cuddling, do it frequently but gently. The less affectionate ones will express love through hard work and obedience.

The fondness for cuddling may vary from one Cardigan Cori to another. Cardigan Corgis have a lot of similarities. How they react to things can differ depending on their personality or experiences.

This breed will love cuddling if they’re in the company of cuddly people and animals. See to it that your Cardigan Corgi is living in a happy and loving home. So that it will encourage him to show his affectionate and cuddly side.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Aggressive in Any Way?

Though they are protective, Cardigan Corgis are playful dogs in general. They are aloof toward strangers but the aloofness doesn’t usually result in an attack. Aggression only comes out when provocation or serious threats are present.

They do have some aggression in them because of their herding instincts. Regulate your Cardigan Corgi’s aggressive side by socialization, work, and play. You can turn his attention away from anger by making him busy with other things.

In other breeds, mouthing that includes nipping or biting is a precursor to aggressive behavior. That’s not always the case with Cardigan Corgis because it’s a part of the herding instinct. The mouthing issue can be managed by training involving commands and toys.

They’re also prone to barking, and it’s another element of their herding behavior. Most of the time, the barking doesn’t get out of hand to the point of nuisance. Other activities can also distract him from barking a lot.

Cardigan Corgis can keep their aggressive shadows at bay. Don’t test or dare them to bring those shadows out though. Despite their shortness, their protective nature is alive and kicking.

Without provocation or threat, these dogs are safe to be around. Their playful, energetic side will always be more prominent. Aggression usually shows up in vermin hunting as protection for your crops and livestock.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Good Family Dogs?

When backed by proper socialization, Cardigan Welsh Corgis are good family dogs. Their playful and energetic nature goes well with children. But they tend to show herding behavior by nipping and, at times, biting.

They are natural leaders when handling farm duties and it may show up inside your house. This behavior can be corrected or managed by training. With the help of toys, commands, and signals, you can prevent him from nipping and biting.

Proper training will make his herding habits take a backseat when interacting with your family. If your Cardigan Corgi grew up with your loved ones, the chances of being mouthy will decrease. Socializing is always the key to a healthy and harmonious coexistence with canines.

Cardigan Corgis are more reserved and aloof compared to Pembroke Corgis. But they’re both loyal and affectionate dog breeds. You just need to put more effort to make a Cardigan Corgi open up and express himself.

Look out for bossy behavior though, and act accordingly by intervening and redirecting. Make him turn his attention to a toy or another activity that will keep him busy. The Cardigan Corgi is a great dog for families except for homes with children below 5 years of age.

That age group might experience herding behavior from Cardigan Corgis. But if you can’t give up the Cardigan Corgi despite having a small child inside your home, make a compromise. Keep them at a safe distance from each other to avoid triggering his herder instinct while your family is around.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Good With Cats?

Cats and dogs not getting along is a myth for most Cardigan Corgis. This is because of their shared temperament and slight closeness size-wise. As long as you treat them equally and they’re familiar with each other, they’re going to get along.

Cats are playful creatures and this trait makes them a perfect companion for your Cardigan Corgi. Both of them tend to get a little bossy so fair treatment is necessary. Proper exposure to socialization will help your Cardigan Corgi adjust to the presence of another pet.

If your cat and Cardigan Corgi grew up with each other, this would make them inseparable playmates. Introducing a new pet can give you a few challenges though. So don’t isolate your Cardigan Corgi so that he can enjoy interacting with other pets.

Don’t forget that he can still show some strictness because of his herding habits. Keep an eye out when there’s tension to prevent a fight from happening. But in general, a Cardigan Corgi is fine with sharing his home with a cat.

Equal and fair treatment along with supervision are important ingredients for harmonious coexistence. Ask a trainer for additional tips so that you can give the best experience for your pets. Regular trips to your vet’s clinic are also important in keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Can Cardigan Welsh Corgis Be Left Alone?

With the smart and intelligent nature of Cardigan Corgis, they’re alright being alone. Like most canine breeds, they do possess that pack mentality. But they don’t mind being left to their own devices for short periods.

As much as they love their owners’ company, they can handle being alone. Their affection doesn’t usually translate to clinginess. They might even look at your absence as a chance to give themselves some rest.

Or some time to chill out, if you will. The Cardigan Corgi is a herding dog and being so requires some level of independence. So being left for a few hours won’t bother him that much.

Despite having a chance to rest, slacking off is the last thing on their minds. This breed doesn’t take their dog duties for granted. So you can still expect him to work by watching your property while you’re away.

Before you leave though, make sure that he’s well-fed and in a safe environment. If he’s going to be left inside your house, being potty trained is a big plus. See to it that he cannot access any hazardous items or substances.

An owner’s short trips outside are not a big deal for Cardigan Corgis. You can leave him with his favorite toys to keep him occupied. Having another pet is good as he can have someone to play with.

Again, leave your pets in a safe and comfortable environment so put any dangerous stuff away. Being neglectful is inexcusable, as being a pet owner involves responsibility. This is to avoid any accidents from happening that might endanger their health.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Good for First-Time Owners?

Cardigan Corgis are adorable and easy to train but they’re not recommended for new owners. They’re smart, independent, and playful but they can still be too much to handle. At least for first-time owners.

Their herding instinct may require some experience to be handled properly. Though shorter than average dogs, they know what to do when it comes to herding. Because of this, Cardigan Corgis are prone to nipping, biting, and at times barking. This behavior may freak inexperienced owners out and deal with it the wrong way.

Though responsive and hardworking, there’s still a bit of hard-headedness in them. Don’t be surprised if you encounter one who acts bossy.

The minor stubbornness is rooted to — guess what? Their tendency to display herding behavior. The issue can be easily corrected by training though. But if you’re a first-time owner, try your luck with this breed some other time.

It’s not that they are very dangerous dogs, but Cardigan Corgis can be a handful for green, new dog parents. To the seasoned, experienced owners, however, having a Cardigan Corgi would be easier.

Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Shed a Lot?

Your Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a double-coated dog. And shedding would be a regular part of his coat or fur’s cycle. He belongs to a breed that will continuously shed throughout the year.

The heavier sheds do happen twice a year as a way of coping with the changing seasons. A grooming routine that includes brushing is very important. If grooming a Cardigan Corgi cannot fit into your schedule, there are services available.

Pet groomers can handle that task for you. But if you’re still at a point of considering the idea of owning a Cardigan Corgi. And if you can’t deal with continuous shedding, a single-coated dog might be a better match.

This is probably one of the minor reasons for not recommending this breed to first-time owners. If you’ve made up your mind to get one, get yourself and a brush ready for the heavy shedding. Their coats’ shedding rate is also not suitable for people with allergies.

How Much Does a Cardigan Welsh Corgi Shed?

A Cardigan Welsh Corgi sheds all year round. That means daily shedding and heavier sheds occur twice a year. When it comes to grooming, they’re in the high maintenance camp.

Not having a grooming routine can result in messy and tangled strands on his coat. Though medium in length, a Cardigan Corgi’s coat can still be problematic. If you can deal with the shedding, it’s a great idea to have a grooming kit.

The brush is going to be your best friend when taking care of your Corgi’s coat. But if your schedule won’t allow it, let a pet grooming service take care of that. Some trimming and a bath will keep the length of his coat more manageable and prevent tangled strands.

Aside from a messy coat, the loose hair strands are going to be all over the place if not brushed. Their heavy shedding may not be your cup of tea. But they make up for it by being loyal, loving, and hardworking dogs so don’t skip grooming.

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis Hypoallergenic?

With their double coats that shed continuously, Cardigan Corgis are not hypoallergenic. Having them in a household with people who suffer from allergies may not be an ideal setup. But it’s still possible when proper hygiene is being observed.

Having some medications ready is very important to avoid adverse reactions. If you have spacious land, keeping your Cardigan Corgi at a safe distance is advised. They can adjust in small spaces but the risk of an allergic reaction becomes higher.

Though smaller than other dogs, their excessive shedding can be problematic in a small house. This is because of the presence of dander in their coats. Dander is present in small flakes of skin on a dog’s coat with microscopic allergens.

They’re not the best candidates for people with allergies. But you can manage to have a Cardigan Corgi if the safety of everyone is being observed. Ask your vet for an effective setup in avoiding allergic reactions.

Prioritize safety before letting your Cardigan Corgi dangle his fox-like tail in front of everyone. Grooming, sanitation, and medications would keep the allergens controlled. Being a responsible owner is a must so that things don’t go out of hand.

Are Cardigan Corgis Barkers?

Barking is another element in a Cardigan Welsh Corgi’s watchful and herding behavior. The amount of barking may vary depending on one’s environment and living conditions. Because of their large ears, their auditory senses are very active.

And due to their herding tendencies, they’d bark at the things they hear. Debarking is not a solution to this though. It’s a cruel practice that goes against the nature of canines.

The best way to control excessive barking is training. Dogs don’t respond positively to anger and other emotional outbursts. Deal with the barking by choosing a calm and firm approach.

Their barks don’t usually end up in the nuisance barking category. Cardigan Corgis bark as a reaction to the things that happen around them. They don’t do this for attention-seeking purposes.

Keeping them in a peaceful and calm environment can help in lessening their barks. Your voice and other familiar sounds on your property would just be white noise to them. But they’d react to any unusual and suspicious sounds by barking.

A trainer’s advice will help in keeping those barks at bay. Teach your Cardigan Corgi the “Quiet” verbal cue and you can add a hand signal too. Keep a treat handy as a reward for paying attention and being cooperative.

Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Bark a Lot?

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are prone to excessive barking. They tend to bark a lot because of their sensitivity to sounds. Their large ears make them react to the things they hear.

It’s a part of their herding instinct and not caused by attention-seeking behavior. Barking is a Cardigan Corgi’s reaction to any disturbances in his environment. Though they bark a lot, the said barks don’t usually qualify as nuisance barking.

Cardigan Corgis won’t bark out of insecurity as they are fairly confident with themselves. Barking is a reaction to noises that they interpret as suspicious or threatening. The issue is manageable as long as you include training on your priority list.

Their protective side shows through barking but you can regulate the habit. Verbal cues, hand signals, and rewards such as treats and toys help in moderating their barks. Make sure that those barks are not caused by a health issue so get him checked regularly.

Do Cardigan Corgis Have a Lot of Health Problems?

Cardigan Corgis are generally healthy dogs but they’re still prone to a few health issues. Hip dysplasia, IVDD, and PRA are the common ailments that could afflict them. The previous two conditions are usually caused by their odd bone structure.

Their lifestyle might have an effect as well. PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy is an eye condition that results in poor eyesight. And sadly, it’s an incurable condition that ultimately leads to blindness.

A bad combination of genes is the usual culprit for this. Careless breeding of Cardigan Corgis is not advised to avoid that kind of consequence. Though they are prone to only a few diseases, the said conditions are serious.

The deterioration can be corrected or slowed down by different methods. Regular trips to a vet are crucial in keeping those problems from advancing rapidly. Surgery is a common treatment but alternative methods are noninvasive.

The success of treatment would depend on how early the condition was detected. It’s a challenging, tremendous task to treat a more severe sickness. Though some are incurable as of this moment, the damage can be slowed down by early detection.

Do Cardigan Corgis Have Back Problems?

Intervertebral disc disease or IVDD is a disease that can affect a Cardigan Corgi’s back. Similar to a Dachshund, Cardigan Corgis have short legs and long bodies. The unusual bone structure and mismatched sizes make them prone to the said ailment.

IVDD is a degenerative disease and must be detected early to slow down its progression. Surgery and other medications can help in decreasing the chances of paralysis. If you suspect that your Corgi is suffering from this, contact your vet right away. This condition causes pain and discomfort so get him treated right away.

IVDD is a serious illness and taking it for granted can have dire consequences. Despite the Cardigan Corgi’s strong and hard-working nature, his back needs some protection too.

How Long Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Live?

Your Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. He might even make it into 18 years if he’s healthy and strong enough to dodge maladies. So take good care of him through a balanced, nutritious diet and exercise.

And of course, regular visits to your vet’s clinic are crucial in keeping him safe. Supplements can also aid your Cardigan Corgi’s development and immunity. See to it that he’s not skipping vaccines, as unvaccinated dogs are more prone to diseases.

Cardigan Corgis are very comfortable with the role of working dogs. But you have to keep things in perfect balance to make them live long and healthy lives. Fill his years with great memories by being a loving and responsible owner.

How Much Do Cardigan Welsh Corgis Cost?

Because of how rare Cardigan Corgis are, their price can range from 1,200 to 3,000 USD. The price of one may be higher or lower depending on health and coat color. Purebreds are usually more expensive because of their rarity.

The added cost comes from DNA testing when determining if a Cardigan Corgi is purebred. DNA tests are expensive so you can skip them if you’re not looking for a purebred in particular. Female Cardigan Corgis are more expensive than males.

Vaccinations and other health tests can be included in a Cardigan Corgi’s cost. It depends on a breeder’s asking price. You can buy them at a cheap price but you may end up shouldering the costs of health tests.

See to it that you are in contact with a trusted breeder to avoid getting ripped off. Stay away from puppy mills as much as you can as they don’t treat dogs well. Puppy mills do have cruel and very objectionable practices.

If you’re thinking of getting a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, get some funds ready. Make sure that your budget can accommodate the 1,200 to 3,000 USD price range. Talk to your vet and reputable breeders for tips on getting the best deal.

How Much Is a Purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi?

You can expect a higher price for a purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgi. This is the case in most dog breeds. Because breeding and maintaining a purebred dog is costly.

Breeders invest in the best food, supplements, and tests to keep their dogs in top shape. When a Cardigan Corgi is getting top-of-the-line products, the price will go up expectedly. 1,000 to 2,000 USD may not be enough for a purebred Merle Corgi.

Purebred Cardigan Corgis, especially the merle ones, are rare. So a breeder needs to keep them in good condition. Some of them might even cost higher than the usual 3,000 USD price ceiling.

The price range can be crazy but that’s not surprising for purebred deals. Better get your finances in order if you’re planning to get one. But if you’re not particular about getting a purebred, there are cheaper options.

Do not entertain or enable the practices of puppy mills. You can get a Cardigan Corgi at a more reasonable price from other breeders as long as you’re not caught up in the purebred craze.

How Much Does a Cardigan Corgi Puppy Cost?

Puppies cost more because of the frequent vet visits and tests involved. Just to be safe, you may need 3,000 USD to cover a Cardigan Corgi puppy’s price and the other expenses that come with it.

If you’re getting a purebred, the price will go higher. It is to be expected from the lucrative business of breeding rare dogs. Cardigan Corgis’ population is in a lower number.

The chance of finding them in dog shelters is pretty low. Breeders are the people you’d contact if you’re looking for a Cardigan Corgi puppy. Similar to other dogs, their price is influenced by how rare their breed is.

Cardigan Corgi puppies are still delicate and fragile. Because of their sensitive state, they’d be higher maintenance compared to adults. Unless the adult dogs in question are also in a fragile state because of health issues.

A Cardigan Corgi puppy’s price is usually higher due to the high costs of keeping them. Raising or breeding them ain’t cheap so don’t let the expenses make you faint. In general, Cardigan Corgis can cost up to 3,000 USD, and depending on a breeder, puppies may cost more.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Male or Female?

The females are easier to train than other dog breeds. That is not the case with Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Both male and female Cardigan Corgis are responsive to training and cooperative.

Though they can be mildly stubborn at times, it’s not a major issue for experienced owners. There might be slight differences but both genders are effective herding dogs. Cardigan Corgis are generally hard-working and energetic.

There is no competition between the two but there are some things to bear in mind. Regardless of gender, the compatibility with an owner is a basis for selection. In most breeds, males are more aloof and territorial.

But a female Cardigan Corgi is more prone to bossy behavior. This is due to a stronger urge to show dominance and herding instinct.

A male Corgi on the other hand is easier to deal with given that he’s well socialized. But due to a male’s bigger size, an untrained one can be more dangerous and aggressive. The trained and well-socialized males are more suited to fill the role of lapdogs because females have stronger herding instincts.

Gender won’t be your biggest basis since the differences are few and far between. Those differences are only minor and training can also turn things around. An owner’s budget, commitment, and compatibility all affect how things would turn out.

Comparisons between the two genders don’t have much effect in the grand scheme of things. You can expect a higher price for a female Cardigan Corgi for breeding reasons. As long as you’re willing to do some work, genders won’t affect the bottom line.

Do Cardigan Corgis Make Good Pets?

Cardigan Corgis are good pets for owners with some level of experience because their occasional bossiness or stubbornness can be difficult to deal with. For first-time dog owners at least.

But if you have enough background on what makes them tick, Cardigan Corgis are great pets. Not just pets, but assistants as well. Their intelligence, energy level, and work ethic are all helpful in doing tasks.

Combined with their herding instincts, those factors make them very productive. Cardigan Corgis are not the kind of dogs who sit or lie around all day. They are what you can call busybodies as their energetic nature allows them to be.

As family dogs, Cardigan Corgis are also good candidates. Just make sure that their herding tendencies are being kept under control. Their zest for life can give you a dose of positivity when you’re feeling down and out.

But due to the continuous shedding of their coats, they’re not hypoallergenic. So people who suffer from allergies must stay away. But with proper grooming and medications, it’s still possible to keep one around.

Make sure that your home is spacious enough. So that allergic family members cannot get in contact with allergens. It’s challenging but if you’re having doubts, consult your doctor and vet for the best advice.

Though Cardigan Corgis are awesome dogs to have. It’s still important to keep everyone safe. So if the cons outweigh the pros, you can just give up on the idea altogether.

Is a Cardigan Corgi Right for Me?

Your experience, health, and lifestyle would indicate if the Cardigan Corgi is right for you. If you have prior experience in raising dogs, this breed is easy to train. For a newbie owner though, a Cardigan Corgi’s herding behavior can be a handful.

Cardigan Corgis are more laid-back and reserved than Pembroke Corgis. But you can still expect them to be energetic nonetheless. They may not be right for you if you can’t handle dogs who are always on the move.

Cardigan Corgis are responsive to training because they crave to get things done. They’re usually against the idea of being idle. Training helps in keeping their behavior in check.

But you cannot sweep their natural temperament under the rug. Given that their health is in good condition, you and your family’s health will come into play in deciding to get a Cardigan Corgi.

Having a history of allergies can affect your compatibility with this breed. Cardigan Corgis are double-coated canines that shed continuously. The shedding happens all year round and heavy shedding occurs twice a year.

They’re not hypoallergenic so they’re not recommended for people who suffer from allergies. You can try to make it work by taking medications and keeping things sanitized. This is to lessen the chances of allergens wreaking havoc in your home.

If your place is spacious, you can prevent allergic reactions by keeping dogs at a safe distance. But you should always ask your doctor, vet, and trainer before making a decision. Professionals know what is best for you, your family, and your pets.

Regardless of breed, you can’t just adopt, breed, and raise a dog based on vanity and looks. There are more important factors to be considered before owning one. You have to be sure that you have what it takes to accommodate a Cardigan Corgi in your life.