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Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic (What Vets Say May Surprise You)?

Owning a Pomeranian can be a joy, but what if you're one of the millions plagued by pet allergies? This issue can turn your fluffy dream into a sneezy nightmare. Learn what the experts say about Pomeranians and allergies, and discover practical tips for an allergy-free life with your four-legged friend.
Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic

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So, you’re thinking about bringing a Pomeranian into your home? These little balls of fluff are impossible to resist. But wait, you have allergies, and you’re wondering if a Pomeranian would make them worse. You’re not alone; many people have this question in mind. In this article, you’ll get to explore whether Pomeranians are hypoallergenic, what experts say about it, and how to manage allergies if you can’t resist having one.

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

First things first. The word “hypoallergenic” sounds complicated, but it’s not. It’s like a magic word people use when talking about stuff that’s less likely to cause allergies. Imagine your nose and eyes don’t get all itchy and watery around something; that thing could be called hypoallergenic.

Now, you need to know that no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic. That’s because all dogs have skin, saliva, and pee, and these can have tiny particles that can make you sneeze or itch. But some dogs are better for people who are sensitive to allergies. So let’s dig in and find out about Pomeranians!

Common Allergens Produced by Dogs

Let’s talk about what actually makes people sneeze around dogs. The main culprits are dander, saliva, and urine. Dander is like tiny flakes of skin that float around in the air. Imagine dust, but from your dog. Saliva and urine are easier to understand; it’s basically spit and pee.

These allergens can get into your nose and eyes and make you feel all itchy or sneezy. It’s like they’re tiny invaders making your body sound the alarm! That’s why it’s good to know which dogs produce fewer allergens or are easier to clean up after.

Are Pomeranians Hypoallergenic?

So here’s the big question: Are Pomeranians hypoallergenic? Well, the short answer is no. But let’s see why.

Pomeranians have a type of fur that’s really thick. Actually, they have two layers of fur, like wearing two coats in winter! While this makes them super cute and fluffy, it can be a problem if you have allergies. This double coat can trap more of those tiny skin flakes we talked about—dander—and then release them into the air.

Some veterinarians and experts say Pomeranians are not the best choice if you’re an allergy sufferer. And there aren’t any big scientific studies that say Pomeranians are hypoallergenic.

Why Pomeranians May Not Be the Best Choice for Allergy Sufferers

Pomeranians are so adorable, but their double coats are like little factories for dander. That can make your allergies go wild. When they shake or run around, it’s like a snowfall of tiny particles that can make you sneeze.

You see, that double coat traps more dander than dogs with just one layer of fur. It’s like how a sponge soaks up water. So, even though Pomeranians are amazing, they might not be your best friend if you’re sensitive to allergies.

How to Manage Allergies if You Have a Pomeranian

But what if you just can’t resist? You can still have a Pomeranian and not sneeze all day. The trick is to keep things clean.

  • Wash your dog regularly. You can find special shampoos that are like magic potions for allergies.
  • Brush your Pomeranian outside, so the dander flies away in the wind and not in your home.
  • Use an air purifier. It’s like a vacuum cleaner for the air!

By doing these things, you’ll keep those pesky allergens in check.

Testimonials: Experiences of Allergic Pomeranian Owners

You’re not the only one who’s faced this issue. Some folks with allergies still have Pomeranians and manage just fine. They use tricks like keeping their bedroom a pet-free zone or even dressing their Pomeranian in a little shirt that helps keep the dander down. They say love conquers all, even allergies!


So, Pomeranians are not technically hypoallergenic. But with some careful steps, you can manage your allergies and still enjoy having one of these adorable dogs in your life. Whether you choose to get a Pomeranian or look for a more hypoallergenic breed, the key is to be prepared and know what to expect.