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How Much Do Cane Corso Puppies Usually Cost (and What Should I Look for When Buying One)?

The price of a Cane Corso is 1,000 to 4,000 USD. Based on coat color, age and gender, one's price can even go up to 6,000 USD. Some breeders invest a lot on maintenance and that explains a higher asking price.
How Much Do Cane Corso Puppies Usually Cost

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Cane Corsos are big, affectionate dogs who make great companions. The thing is, they’re not that cheap. Their price is somewhere between 1,000 to 4,000 USD.

And in some cases, the price might even go up to a whopping 6,000 USD. Breeders go for a higher price because of the costly maintenance that comes with breeding. They even cover the costs of vaccinations and tests before selling their dogs. So a spike in price is more often than not, expected.

If you’re scouting for a Cane Corso, having sufficient funds is a plus. The cost of this breed can make jaws drop but it’s going to be worth every penny.

Puppies are usually more expensive than the adult Cane Corsos. Coat colors play a significant role in dictating how much one would cost. In other breeds, a female’s breeding potential can add a few more bucks to their price.

It’s a little different when it comes to Cane Corsos. The males are more expensive because they are more in tune with their guarding instinct. But bear in mind that a higher price does not always mean better.

Are Cane Corsos Expensive?

Cane Corsos are pretty expensive compared to other breeds. In most cases, you don’t have to pay one grand to own a dog. There are cheaper dogs around that can only cost you 300 to 500 USD.

Because of their favorable traits and popularity, they became one of the sought-after breeds. Cane Corsos are the Italian representatives of the mastiff breed. They almost went extinct during the Second World War. Thankfully, their population nowadays is doing well and not showing signs of going down.

Cane Corsos are not particularly rare so the high prices are more connected to their popularity. They’ve been bred as hunting and herding dogs back in Italy.

Their agility, high pain tolerance, and strong bite force make them a force to be reckoned with. Nowadays, Cane Corsos are also starting to adapt some elements of urban life. Aside from hunting, they’re also great guard dogs and companions.

They need a lot of stimulation and living with a lazy owner can make them miserable. If you’re planning to buy a Cane Corso, get ready to squeeze exercise into your schedule. As far as price is concerned, this breed ain’t cheap.

Why Are Cane Corsos So Expensive?

The price of Cane Corsos is steep for several reasons. One of them is desirability and the demand for them is pretty high. In terms of popularity, dog owners see them as great companions because of their social nature.

Another reason for a higher price is breeders spend a lot of resources on breeding and raising them. The prices of different tests and vaccines are pretty expensive. Breeders also spend a lot on feeding them high-quality food.

Time is also a big investment since Cane Corsos would need regular training and exercise to stay in shape. A good breeder won’t just leave them in crates or cages like zoo animals. They understand that Cane Corsos are very outgoing dogs.

This breed may not be as hyperactive as other dogs. But they are active enough to move around and explore the world around them. Some dog breeds who have the same size as Cane Corsos are more laid-back and idle.

This breed would only start slowing down once they hit a certain age. Or they started to suffer from age-related health concerns. But of course, no owner would want their dogs to get sick so don’t skip the checkups or appointments.

Cane Corsos are expensive because they are good guard dogs, and the demand for them is high. And breeders spend a lot of time, money, and effort in raising them. While in a breeder’s care, the food and treatments that they’ve been getting are not cheap.

When it comes to activities, Cane Corsos need a steady schedule for exercise or playtime. Some people think that this is demanding but for the most part, Cane Corsos are low-maintenance dogs. Popularity and breeding/raising costs are the main factors that make this breed expensive.

How Much Do Cane Corsos Cost?

Some of them can also be as cheap as 800 USD while the others have the jaw-dropping price of 6,000 USD. But the average price range is somewhere around 1,000 to 4,000 USD. Prices vary so much because of different factors.

Coat colors, age, gender, health condition, and breeder’s investment can push the prices up or down. You can buy a cheaper Cane Corso from a breeder who did not put much of an investment. The thing is, you’d have to cover the costs of other procedures such as testing and vaccines.

If you add the additional costs to a Cane Corso’s original price, you’d be spending a big amount as well. The advantage of buying a dog at a higher rate is the convenience. You don’t have to worry about the other tedious tasks since breeders are ready to take care of those.

As long as you’re willing to pay a higher price. See to it that you’re dealing with a good, reputable breeder and not some random stranger from a puppy mill. This is to avoid getting scammed by shady and opportunistic individuals who only care about making a profit.

How Much Does a Male Cane Corso Cost?

The average price for an adult male Cane Corso is about 1,300 USD. A breeder may charge a hundred bucks more if you’re looking for a male one. But the price tag can go higher depending on the coat color of the said Cane Corso.

Your location is also important as different states offer varying prices. In some locations, the prices are higher while in other places Cane Corsos are cheap. You have to consider where you live so that you can have a rough estimate.

In metropolitan areas, the cost of living is higher. And a Cane Corso’s higher price in such places should not come as a surprise. In rural areas, prices can go lower.

The best thing you can do is talk to different breeders before making a decision. This way, you’ll be able to find the best deal. Observe how breeders treat their dogs and choose the ones who prioritize health.

Good breeders would take time to talk to you and see if you’re a good fit for a Cane Corso. They wouldn’t be in any rush to make a sale as they also care about the well-being of dogs. If you’ve managed to find breeders who show good qualities, keep in touch with them.

Beware of the suspicious ones who are only in it for the money. Some of them are part of the puppy mill industry. Don’t be shy to ask around before settling and making a deal.

Professional breeders usually gain positive feedback from people who bought dogs from them. They’d be happy to assist you in processing your Cane Corso’s papers among other things. The price is not always an indicator of quality.

You have to be careful. But if you’re looking for a male Cane Corso, the price is around 1,300 USD and a few dollars more. It could be higher or lower depending on where you’re at and how much investment a breeder has made.

How Much Does a Female Cane Corso Cost?

In other dog breeds, females are usually more expensive. But due to male Cane Corsos’ excellent guard dog instinct, they tend to have a higher cost. The average price for an adult Cane Corso is 1,300 USD.

The price for a female is pretty much the same. While the males can cost a few bucks or a hundred more. Gender is not the only basis for a female Cane Corso’s price tag though.

Coat color, location, and a breeder’s investment can make the price subject to change. Good breeders invest a lot in keeping their dogs in top shape. A Cane Corso’s coat alone can also add to its price.

Prices are higher in the cities while you can find cheaper deals in rural areas. Get in touch with dog-owner communities and ask around. They might refer you to breeders who can offer great deals.

Some of them sell female Cane Corso’s for a lower price compared to males. Others can have it the other way around because of a female dog’s breeding potential. There are different factors to consider but in the Cane Corso camp, males are usually pricier.

How Much Is a Full Breed Cane Corso?

A full or purebred Cane Corso is somewhere between 1,000 to 4,000 USD. The average price is about 1,400 to 1,500 USD. Some Cane Corsos with superior genetic lineage can even ridiculously cost you 6,000 to 9,000 USD.

The Cane Corso breed in general is not particularly rare. But because of their popularity and high demand for them, prices can go up. Cane Corsos, especially the males, are excellent guard dogs and family companions.

Some Cane Corsos who have less common coat colors are very sought-after. Expect a higher price for one if it has a blue fawn or a grey-colored coat. Always remember that your location and a breeder’s investment play a significant role in pricing.

In one state, a Cane Corso’s price is higher/lower compared to another state. Breeders from rural areas tend to offer a cheaper price than the city-dwelling breeders. But there’s still a chance for things to go the other way around.

As someone who’s on the hunt for a purebred, don’t be shocked by comically high prices. The dog breeding business is pretty demanding yet lucrative if one is serious about it. Keep your options open and don’t be in a rush to make a purchase.

A purebred Cane Corso can cost you 1,400 to 1,500 USD. Consider how much you can afford because some of them can even cost more. They’re not cheap so if your budget doesn’t allow it, try your luck with cheaper breeds.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Cane Corso?

When it comes to physical features, especially the head, Cane Corsos are somewhat similar to Pitbulls. They have large nostrils, flat muzzles, and thick lips. Their facial skin is a little loose and saggy.

Naturally, Cane Corsos have big drooping ears but you’ll notice that most of them have cropped ears. Similar to tail docking, many breeders claim that ear cropping helps in preventing infections. But there’s a group of dog owners who deem the said practice cruel and unnecessary. Whichever side you’re on, try to talk it out with a vet first.

The major difference between a Cane Corso and a Pitbull is height and weight. Cane Corsos are noticeably larger and heavier than Pitbulls.

This breed comes in a variety of coat colors. Their coats could be Black, Blue Fawn, Brindle, Chestnut, Fawn, Gray, and Red. Those who have chestnut-colored coats are usually the cheapest at 1,500 USD.

While those with Blue Fawn and Grey coats come at a higher price of 2,400, 3,000, or even 4,000 USD. Of course, see to it that they’re being properly taken care of before making a purchase. Or you can play the role of the Good Samaritan by adopting a homeless one.

Behavior-wise, they are loving and good-natured dogs unless presented with a threat or provocation. Canines do have an aggressive side but they keep it under control as a sign of loyalty and affection. They appreciate being treated with care, love, and respect.

With the help of your vet, your efforts can restore a Cane Corso to health. Don’t discriminate against the ones with birth defects or injuries. Every dog deserves proper treatment regardless of age, gender or breed.

Some might need more attention due to health issues and such. But one thing is for sure, the love and care you’re giving will come back tenfold. Remember that owning a dog is a responsibility and not a hobby or publicity stunt.

If you saw a bigger dog with some similar features to Pitbulls, it’s more or less a Cane Corso. They’re also known as Italian Mastiffs. Get in touch with people who own a Cane Corso to give you more insight about the breed.

Where to Get a Cane Corso?

Cane Corsos originated in Italy and nearly went extinct during the 1930s to 1940s. Thankfully, their breed is doing well in recent times because their population is having healthy growth.

Nowadays, you can find Cane Corsos in different parts of the globe. They are pretty popular in the United States and the AKC recognized them back in 2010. Many breeders keep them as pets and as prospects for making a sale.

You can also find some Cane Corsos in shelters. Adopting is a less expensive way of having a Cane Corso. It’s not always about the price.

You can have enough money to buy one but if you’re inexperienced, that might complicate things. Always seek professional advice before diving into a purchase of adoption.

Responsible breeders and good shelters should also assess potential owners. So that they can be sure that their Cane Corsos would be in good hands. And live happily in their new homes.

Cane Corsos or Italian Mastiffs are popular and you can find them in different places.

How Do You Adopt a Cane Corso Puppy?

To adopt a Cane Corso puppy, you have to get in touch with a breeder or shelter/rescue center. Adoption is not exactly the process you’d go through when dealing with breeders. More often than not, the transaction and papers involved are referring to a purchase/sale.

Adoption is leaning on the transactions that happen in dog shelters. They would give you an application form for adoption. An interview is usually done to see if you’re fit to adopt and raise a pup.

Shelter employees will give you a chance to meet and greet the puppy you want to adopt. See if the pup warms up to you, and if not, your effort and patience must come into play. Ask yourself if you’re willing to proceed while being aware of the responsibilities.

Once you’ve considered everything, you can sign the adoption papers. And pay for the adoption fee. Cane Corso puppies can be hard to come by since puppies are usually in the care of breeders.

Puppies don’t exactly frequent shelters so finding a puppy is going to be a challenge. The chance of finding a Cane Corso puppy in a shelter is lower than finding an adult one. You can also adopt a pup without going to a shelter by directly approaching a private owner.

If the said person can’t accommodate many pups, you can arrange a meeting. In this type of scenario, papers are not always involved and deals are being made in good faith. Some owners are not into making a profit so you’re lucky if you’ll get one for free.

You can also look for adoption-ready Cane Corso puppies online. These owners provide pictures and other information about the pups they post for adoption. Though adoption is cheaper, prepare your budget for other fees that come with it.

Where Can I Adopt a Cane Corso?

You can find dogs ready for adoption in shelters. It’s not guaranteed that this particular breed will always be present though. If you’ve somehow managed to find one in a shelter near you, make sure to meet it so you can see if you can get along with each other.

Cane Corsos are not aggressive by default but past negative experiences can affect their behavior. Shelters do their best to rehabilitate those who suffered from abuse and get them back to their natural, loving side.

Most dogs in shelters are neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Shelters can only do so much because keeping the homeless afloat is no joke.

Purchasing is a more advisable route if you’re planning to be a breeder yourself. Prepare to fill up and sign the adoption papers. Conducting an interview is par for the course so do not get anxious about it.

Adoption is the cheaper way of getting a Cane Corso. You can try visiting safe and reliable websites where shelters and other owners interact. They post info and photos of dogs who are looking for a new home.

If there are no Cane Corso present in shelters within your area, an online search is your alternative. But traveling to meet and adopt a dog from another city or town can add to your expenses. Have some extra cash ready for gas and some grub.

Some owners who are not associated with breeders or shelters are open to getting their dogs adopted. There is some chance that you might get acquainted with one who owns a Cane Corso. And some of them would be happy to give one for free.

One of the major concerns regarding adoption is the adjustment period. It’s great news if your first meeting with a Cane Corso went well. There’s great a feeling of warmth and excitement when you instantly clicked

But some are distant and aloof at first because of trust issues. Some dogs in shelters were victims of abuse and abandonment. Make yourself aware of this and show kindness and patience every step of the way.

There are three places to look at if you’re planning to adopt a Cane Corso. The first place would be a shelter/rescue center within your area and the alternative is through the interweb. And the third option is adopting a dog from another owner directly.

How Much Is It to Adopt a Cane Corso?

Adopting a Cane Corso can only cost you 300 to 600 USD. 300 for adults and 600 for puppies. One of the shelter employees will conduct an interview and assist you with the papers.

You might as well prepare some funds to cover the adoption fee and some additional costs. In other cases, the adoption fee is already included in a dog’s price. Shelters have different ways of closing their deals so it’s better to be prepared.

Most shelter dogs had already been vaccinated, neutered, and spayed. Adoption is less expensive and to several dog lovers, a more ethical way of owning a dog. It’s how they fight back against the cruel practices of puppy mills.

They’re not completely against the dog breeding business as long as breeders take good care of dogs. But these groups are quite aware of the high prices. And they know the difference between a good breeder and a puppy mill supporter.

So if you’re looking for a cheap Cane Corso, adoption would be your go-to. Go to the nearest dog shelter and try your luck in finding one so you can give him a new home. Or you can make a quick search online and interact with other dog owners.

How Much Is a Rescue Cane Corso?

The adoption fee for a Cane Corso is 300 to 600 USD. Adoption fees can vary from one shelter/rescue center to another. But the average price for adoption is around 300 USD.

In most cases, the price of a dog is already included in the adoption fee. Some may charge you a few bucks more to cover the costs of vaccines and other procedures. Shelters and rescue centers are the same but there are a few differences.

While shelters are funded by the government, rescue centers are owned and operated privately. The bitter truth about public shelters is they euthanize dogs after a certain period has passed. Rescue centers, however, do their best to avoid performing the said procedure.

Several shelters follow a no-kill rule while the others don’t. Lend a helping hand to save a dog from death row by adopting and making a donation. Who knows, a Cane Corso is waiting for you somewhere inside a shelter.

Get some funds ready to cover the adoption fee and warm yourself up for a meeting. Greet the dogs with enthusiasm and carefully approach the Cane Corso who caught your eye. You will manage to get through the process in one piece and take him with you to his forever home.

Should I Buy a Cane Corso?

Before buying a Cane Corso, there are things that you must consider. You must be willing to spend a big sum of money on a Cane Corso. Especially if you’re particular about pure and superior genes.

Aside from the funds, your experience and commitment are equally important. If you’re not the outgoing type, a Cane Corso can overwhelm you. Cane Corsos need regular exercise to keep their boredom and destructive behavior away.

Training plays an important part in your coexistence as this will keep him motivated. Don’t forget about the toys and treats for a fun experience. They might be more reserved compared to Pitbulls but they’re still fairly active dogs nonetheless.

From a grooming point of view, they shed regularly but not heavily. They have short coats that make them look like they’re single-coated dogs. Though in fact, their short coats are double-layered so some shedding can be expected.

Cane Corsos only need low to moderate maintenance if you know what to do. If you are a newbie and laid-back dog owner, this breed may not be the right one for you. Cane Corsos are active dogs that require a lot of attention and activity.

However, if you’re on the other side of the pond, this type of dog is a great match. Cane Corsos love being on the move with their humans. Walking and jogging around the block or the nearest park is probably your thing.

These big dogs would be more than happy to accompany you. Apartments are too small to accommodate Cane Corsos so take note of that as well. Check your family’s history of allergies because this breed is not hypoallergenic.

You may have the funds to buy one but you can’t get complacent after making a purchase. Because the story does not end there. To keep up with a Cane Corso, you need commitment, experience, matching lifestyle, location, and personality.