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Do Cane Corsos Make Good Pets (Everything You Need to Know About Them)?

Cane Corsos are good dogs for experienced and outgoing owners. But their size and active nature can be a liability at times. Without proper conditioning, this breed could hurt little kids. That's due to Cane Corsos' strong herding instinct.
Do Cane Corsos Make Good Pets

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Also known as Italian Mastiffs, Cane Corsos are large, strong dogs that came from Europe. As their other name suggests, they are Italian members of the Mastiff family. They’ve been around for ages, so these dogs have witnessed what went down in Ancient Rome and Greece.

Some of them or their relatives have even participated in wars. Cane Corsos are fearless so they don’t mind fending off people and animals from an opposing group. They are also great herders, competent hunters, and service dogs despite their intimidating size.

Nowadays, Cane Corsos are also adapting to the changing world. The Second World War almost wiped them out of existence, but thankfully, they managed to survive.

Though they are amazing dogs to have by your side, there are things you need to consider.

Cane Corsos are not recommended for first-time owners who have little kids in the household. They’re not violent or aggressive by default, but their size, active nature, and a little bit of stubbornness can hurt the little ones around them.

Are Cane Corsos Popular?

Cane Corsos are gaining popularity in recent years. In 2020, the American Kennel Club listed them as the 25th most popular dog breed. They’re 25th out of 195 breeds so that’s a very high and impressive spot.

One of the reasons behind their popularity is their appearance and presence. A lot of enthusiasts are using the word “majestic” to describe them. Cane Corsos are strong and natural-born hunters.

They have a striking resemblance with Pitbull Terriers but Cane Corsos are slightly bigger. They are the descendants of the molossus breed that includes mastiff dogs. The aftermath of World War II almost made them extinct, but fortunately, they managed to survive.

A resurgence happened in Italy back in the 1970s. This wonderful breed came to the United States a decade later. From that point on, Cane Corsos kept thriving and now they’re among the most popular breeds.

Aside from their impressive physical attributes, they’re also smart and loyal — another popular point. A Cane Corso enjoys the life of a working dog so he won’t mind doing guarding, herding, or hunting duties. Their innate loyalty and protectiveness won’t let a stranger get near.

In general, Cane Corsos are good-natured, friendly dogs when exposed to social settings and training. But isolation, boredom, and other harmful factors can turn one into a vicious beast. Unfortunately, these dogs are too much to handle for first-time owners. If you’re a rookie, save your meeting with this dog for another time.

As far as popularity is concerned, Cane Corsos or Italian Mastiffs are popular, sought-after dogs. There’s a high demand for purebreds so you can expect at least a 1,500 to 4,000 USD asking price.

When Did Cane Corsos Become Popular?

Cane Corsos’ popularity started in the 1980s. They’ve been around Italy for ages but only got international attention in the 20th century. Their popularity has continued to grow as the decades went by.

After the Second World War, Cane Corsos were on the brink of extinction. Unlike their Molossi ancestors, they managed to survive and had a resurgence in Italy back in the 1970s. They traveled to the United States a decade later and that’s when they started to become popular.

You can’t blame the Cane Corso enthusiasts for giving this dog breed lots of praise. There’s something about the Cane Corso that catches your attention. The strong physical features and confident energy or aura that they exude are nothing short of impressive.

What Country Are Cane Corsos Most Popular?

Cane Corsos are native to the Italian Peninsula. They’ve been there for so long that the locals don’t bat an eye at the sight of one. But once this breed crossed another continent, that’s when this dog’s popularity grew.

Cane Corsos are very popular in the United States. A lot of owners and enthusiasts are in awe whenever they encounter this dog breed. You can find some of them in other continents or countries but they are commonly found in Italy and the US.

How Rare Are Cane Corsos?

Before the Cane Corso sailed to the US, they were exclusively found in Italy or sometimes Greece. They were once endangered by the devastation caused by wars. Fortunately, they survived and kept going strong.

Despite the Cane Corsos’ popularity, they are still relatively rare. They’re not endangered anymore, but finding them is not always easy because of the crossbreeding trend. Healthy purebred Cane Corsos are not common in some parts of the globe.

If you want to find a purebred, you’re going to have to get in touch with a reputable breeder. A breeder who’s willing to spend on DNA testing and take care of other necessary procedures in ensuring a dog’s health. But don’t expect a cheap price if you want a healthy and purebred Cane Corso.

These gentle and occasionally destructive big dogs are still rare but not impossible to find. In the US, most of them had their ears cropped and tails docked. The ones with unaltered tails and ears are commonly found in Europe. As docking/cropping practices are being frowned upon in some regions there.

Is a Cane Corso a Good Dog for First-Time Owners?

Cane Corsos are great companions at home or in the field but there are some exceptions. If you lack experience and you have small children at home, this breed may not be the best match for you. Cane Corsos don’t like an idle, sedentary lifestyle.

In the presence of kids, they can show some tolerance and even express playfulness. The thing is, Cane Corsos are big dogs that can hurt kids even if causing harm is not their intention. Their active nature can trigger them to run around with kids, and it’s not a very ideal scenario.

A Cane Corso’s size and weight can make kids trip and fall. Making this dog run with children is not the safest and ideal thing. If you still want to keep a Cane Corso in your household, keep him at a safe distance. Don’t let him stay with kids without your supervision.

Your Cane Corso is prone to destructive and stubborn behavior. Make sure that he’s getting enough activity and entertainment elsewhere to keep him stimulated. As an owner, you should have some knowledge and experience with his behavior. The bottom line is, you’re not qualified to have a Cane Corso if you’re a first-time owner.

Do Cane Corsos Make Good Family Pets?

With proper training and socialization, Cane Corsos are good family dogs. But due to this breed’s size, there are some risks involved. Cane Corsos are friendly and loyal to family members but their size and strength could get in the way.

It’s not your Cane Corso’s desire to harm the people around him. But the combination of his size, boredom, isolation, and poor health can trigger his grumpy and destructive side. See to it that he’s getting a good dose of socialization and exercise to prevent him from having issues with your family.

If you’re playing your cards right, this dog will go out of his way to protect your family from unwanted visitors. But if you’re still new to the dog ownership experience, it’s better to get some help from a trainer. Or find a different breed to gain more experience, and forget about this breed for a while.

Is a Cane Corso a Good Dog for Kids?

The mismatched size of Cane Corsos and kids can lead to unwanted scenarios. Though making your big dog play with kids sounds good on paper, it’s somehow dangerous in an actual setting. It’s not because Cane Corsos are naturally vicious to kids but his size is the most common issue here.

They’re not great playmates for small children because there’s a risk for him to trip them and run them over. As a result, the kids might get crushed or injured due to the force and weight he’s carrying around. Even if it was not his intention to hurt your family, his size makes him incompatible with them.

Well-trained Cane Corsos are friendly and obedient dogs. They’re loyal and loving companions but the worrying issue with size and strength is hard to ignore. Before getting a Cane Corso, it’s best to discuss your domestic setup with a professional to get some good advice.

Are Cane Corsos Good With Babies?

If a Cane Corso is not a good match for a toddler, the same can be said when it comes to babies. It’s kind of sad that you can’t allow your Cane Corso to get near your baby but it’s necessary for the baby’s safety. The issues with size, weight, and force are still applicable here.

Well-trained Cane Corsos are capable of being good service dogs. They can assist the sick, disabled, and elderly. But before performing service dog duties, Cane Corsos need to go through some serious training.

If you’re keeping a Cane Corso as a pet and companion, it’s better to keep him away from your young humans. It’s not that you hate him or anything, but you just want to make sure that the kids are safe. Leaving a Cane Corso unsupervised with children is the last thing you’d want.

Due to a Cane Corso’s strong herding, hunting, and territorial instincts, he can hurt the small ones with his size. Bored and unstimulated Cane Corsos are sometimes prone to aggressive and destructive behavior. They’re generally good-natured as long as the owner or pack leader is present to keep them in line.

Are Cane Corsos Good With Toddlers?

As playmates, Cane Corsos are not good for toddlers. It all comes back to the issues regarding mismatched size and weight between this dog and a small child. A Cane Corso’s tendency to become hyperactive is also there.

Cane Corsos are great companions if they’re accompanied by an experienced owner. An owner who can make him follow instructions and help him restrain his wilder and more destructive nature. They’re not vicious by default, but some of their harmless traits can still be harmful in other scenarios.

A Cane Corso has a desire to move or work. If a kid entices him to play, he might respond playfully and move or run around. But toddlers don’t have a stable balance just yet, and running with a big dog can make them fall and get hurt.

This dog breed can show a softer side by working as a therapy or service dog. But it requires a lot of training to get a Cane Corso’s primitive side subdued. Cane Corsos are more compatible with experienced adults who can keep everything under control.

Are Cane Corsos Good for Old People?

As service dogs, Cane Corsos can provide great help to old people. But as a pet with zero training, this may not be a great combination. An owner should always be present when a Cane Corso is interacting with frail individuals.

Cane Corsos are friendly and mildly affectionate to the people they know and care about. But their intimidating size and strength can turn into liabilities if not used correctly. An owner or a professional trainer must get in touch with Cane Corso’s gentler side to keep other people safe.

Cane Corsos have strong herding and hunting instincts. You have to subdue and keep those under control with training to have safer interactions with kids and senior folks. A first-time owner is not advised to take a Cane Corso around for a walk outdoors as this can lead to dangerous situations.

Your Cane Corso’s compatibility with you depends on the amount of training and socialization that he’s getting. Make sure that he’s in good condition to stop negative behaviors from showing up. Keep your vet and trainer informed about the changes that you’re noticing to get them treated or corrected.

Are Cane Corsos Good for People With Anxiety?

If your Cane Corso has been trained for the job of a therapy dog, he can help anxious people. He’s not from an overly affectionate breed but he can provide some good emotional support. Well-trained Cane Corsos are strong and confident, and the said traits are useful when assisting sick people.

When a Cane Corso’s energy is directed to less physical activities, that energy can still be incredibly helpful. But due to their focus on physicality, they’re more suitable for the duties that service dogs do. That doesn’t disqualify them from being competent therapy dogs though.

With good training experience, Cane Corsos can assist people with anxiety and other issues. They’re not always the most cheerful and emotional dogs out there. Some of them can also suffer from some kind of anxiety. But they are enthusiastic and reliable enough to lend their strength to help people who are in need.

Are Cane Corsos Lap Dogs?

The role of a lap dog is usually reserved for smaller dog breeds. Your Cane Corso may not be the best candidate for such a role because of his large size. It doesn’t mean that he won’t enjoy resting a part of his body on your lap.

Lap dogs can lie comfortably on an owner’s lap because they’re small enough to do so. Since your Cane Corso can’t put his whole body on your lap, he might do it a little differently. He might try to rest his head on your lap when he wants to relax and enjoy your company.

Sure. He can’t be a lap dog. But he can enjoy being one while he’s still a puppy. Once he’s an adult, he’s too big for the role of a lap dog. But it’s not going to affect his love and loyalty.

Cane Corsos are more inclined to move around anyway, so he won’t mind the inability to become a lap dog. He’s from a fairly independent and hardworking breed, so idling is not his favorite pastime. Think of other fun and creative activities with him to keep him happy and to show that you care.

Are Cane Corsos Friendly With People?

Cane Corsos are friendly to the people they know and care about. But strangers might get a different reception from this breed. Your Cane Corso is going to show indifference, aloofness, or worse, aggression towards unfamiliar people.

The negative attitude to strangers can be lessened by frequent socialization and training. Though Cane Corsos look intimidating, they still have a softer side. So make sure that you cultivate his good and gentle side by showing your commitment to healthy habits.

Isolated and untrained Cane Corsos are more prone to aggressive and destructive behaviors. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet and trainer to help you in mitigating some behavioral issues. But in general, well-trained Cane Corsos can get along with people unless they’re being provoked.

It’s natural for a Cane Corso, especially the males, to get a little possessive and territorial. So don’t just leave him in the company of strangers to prevent a dangerous attack from happening. Cane Corsos need the guidance and leadership of their owner so they can properly behave outdoors.

Do Cane Corsos Pick a Favorite Person?

Your Cane Corso will get along just fine with the people in your family. But he’ll save a special spot for you if you’re spending a lot of time with him. Though they can show independence, Cane Corsos have this attachment and loyalty to their owners.

In short, he’ll pick a favorite person, and if you’re a loving owner, he’d be extremely loyal. That trait is somewhat like a double-edged blade. It’s flattering to have a loyal dog by your side but this attachment can make them aggressive to others.

If you have small children at home, your Cane Corso could try to dominate them. This is rooted in his strong herding instinct. Cane Corsos are obedient but they’re also dominant at times, hence the rare instances of stubbornness.

They have a good mix of friendliness and territoriality in them. See to it that you’re developing his friendly side while making his aggression take a backseat.

Your Cane Corso gets along with your family but he’s going to be heavily invested in you. That is if you’re the main person he’s been with all this time.

Why Do Some Cane Corsos Pick One Person?

Your Cane Corso is not always a friend to everyone. He can show tolerance and a good amount of friendliness to others. But he can get a little too protective when he’s in front of random people or animals.

If you’re his owner and you give him a lot of love and attention, he’ll pick you as his favorite person. Some breeds are friendly by default, and they can get along with almost everyone instantly. With Cane Corsos, however, you’d have to earn their warm reception by investing time and effort.

Loyalty is something Cane Corsos take seriously, that’s why they don’t easily give it to anyone. Picking a single person is their way of expressing submission and unwavering devotion. It’s a gesture of appreciation to a person who gave them love, guidance, and respect.

A first-time owner might have a hard time earning this breed’s loyalty. It takes a lot of experience, investment, and good leadership to gain this dog’s trust. He’ll pick you as his favorite person if you can fill the shoes of a good pack leader.

How Much Attention Does a Cane Corso Need?

Your Cane Corso needs a good amount of attention when it comes to getting active. He’s from a breed that needs stimulation to fight boredom and aggression. The need for attention is usually applied to more practical things.

Cane Corsos are not prone to clingy behavior unless one is suffering from anxiety. They’re very loyal and they do pick a favorite person. But they’re not clingy despite needing attention for the less emotional stuff.

Focus on healthy meals, exercise, and other stimulating activities. Those are the things that you should pay attention to. If you’re able to meet those needs, your Cane Corso won’t behave in a needy and attention-seeking way.

Is It Expensive to Own a Cane Corso?

The price of a Cane Corso can range from 1,500 to 4,000 USD. The monthly cost of keeping this dog is 220 to 400 USD. It’s not cheap to have a Cane Corso by your side due to the asking price, food allowance, and medical needs.

Aside from financial capability, your experience and availability as an owner are also crucial factors. When it comes to grooming, Cane Corsos are pretty low maintenance. You’re going to need to make use of available resources to keep this dog happy and healthy.

Though loyal, Cane Corsos are not very clingy or cuddly dogs. But they have a big appetite because of their active nature, so see to it that your Cane Corso is eating well. To combat the risk of weight issues, regular exercise is a must.

Despite your Cane Corso’s popularity in the community of dog lovers, keeping him isn’t cheap. You must take care of his needs to have a harmonious relationship with him. Pay attention to your vet and trainer’s advice to make dog ownership less of a hassle.

Is a Boy or Girl Cane Corso Better?

Female Cane Corsos are recommended for owners who still have little experience with this breed. They are less dominant and more sociable than their male counterparts. But don’t be fooled by a female Cane Corso’s obedience.

Cane Corsos, regardless of gender, are still capable of showing some feistiness. It’s just that females are easier to deal with. Male Cane Corsos are more stubborn and territorial so the owner must know how to deal with them.

Both genders are great companions and workers but dealing with males is a bit more challenging. Females are inclined to show some softness due to their instinct to care for and nurture puppies. They are good for owners with a decent amount of experience but not so much for newbie dog owners.

Even though females are less aggressive than males, having them around can still be challenging. So before getting a Cane Corso, make sure that you’re equipped to keep one. Female Cane Corsos are easier to deal with but making the males cooperate is not impossible.

Is a Cane Corso Right for Me?

A Cane Corso is right for you if you can match this dog’s lifestyle and personality. If you’re experienced enough and very outgoing, this dog could be a good match. A spacious home is a big plus when it comes to accommodating a big dog like the Cane Corso.

Being financially, physically, and mentally stable are also important in keeping this type of dog. A passive, idle, and inexperienced owner will have a hard time dealing with one. If you can check the right boxes, you’re free to keep a Cane Corso by your side.

Before going on a mission of owning a Cane Corso, some advice and guidance from experts will help. Talking to vets, breeders and trainers is a step toward the right path. Cane Corsos need patient and committed owners to live a good life.

Being responsible is not exclusive to specific breeds. The caring nature of an owner is what every dog needs despite the varying needs and personalities. But in the grand scheme of things, a good heart of a prospective dog owner is a basic requirement.

If you are experienced and stable in different aspects of your life, you can keep a Cane Corso dog. This breed is not the idle type, so be sure that your energy level can keep up. Despite having good qualities, Cane Corsos are not ideal for small children and people with allergies.