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What Do I Need to Buy for a Cane Corso (How to Prepare for Your New Dog)?

Entertaining toys and a fitting collar/harness are useful items for a Cane Corso. This breed is known for its size and eagerness to get active. Some clothing items are indispensable when the temperature starts to drop.
What Do I Need to Buy for a Cane Corso

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Every dog has its own set of needs, and they all need nutrition and grooming. Visiting the vet regularly is a must in ensuring a dog’s health and safety. Cane Corsos are no different and buying a few products can improve their daily lives.

Cane Corsos are big and moderately active dogs, and they enjoy the outdoors. You can’t take your Cane Corso out without putting him on a leash. Life indoors can sometimes bore him. You can try giving him toys that’ll keep him busy.

You can try using a collar on him for more relaxing outdoor walks. But if your Cane Corso is more inclined to get physical, using a harness is safer. Though collars are more convenient, they can leave serious damage in the long run.

The advice from a vet can guide you in selecting the right equipment for your dog. You have to remember a Cane Corso’s attributes and temperament before purchasing an item. So you can avoid the painful experience of seeing your hard-earned money go to waste.

What Does a Cane Corso Puppy Need?

A Cane Corso puppy is still in a sensitive state because development is ongoing. Though it would eventually grow into a big and resilient dog, the puppy phase makes it delicate. Adult Cane Corsos have double coats but as little pups, they start with a single coat.

If you have a little Cane Corso, make sure that he’s got a warm and comfortable bed. Don’t worry about buying a bigger bed than his current size. Because he’ll grow into a big dog anyway, so a big bed is a good investment for his adulthood.

During cold seasons, clothing items like sweaters, socks, and boots provide extra warmth. If he’s not comfortable with clothes, wrapping him in a thick blanket will do. Proper nutrition is equally important to ensure healthy growth.

During the growth of his teeth, having chew toys can help him cope. Aside from relieving the discomfort caused by teething, toys can also entertain him. Nutrition, a good place to live in, and toys are important when taking care of a young Cane Corso.

Is a Collar or Harness Better for a Cane Corso?

For a big dog like a Cane Corso, a harness is a safer choice. Though collars can give you better control, a dog can slip out of them sometimes. Aside from that, the risk of getting injured is higher for dogs who use collars.

Cane Corsos are brachycephalic dogs and they’re prone to breathing problems. That’s because of their short muzzles or snub noses. A collar will not help their case because the danger of asphyxiation from a tight collar can present itself.

Using a harness is, at times, challenging because it’s harder to lead a stubborn dog with it. The good thing about a harness is it minimizes or even eliminates the risk of injuries and restricted breathing. But you have to make sure that a harness is attached properly to the body of your Cane Corso.

Cane Corsos are big, snub-nosed dogs that can have difficulties with a collar. Using a harness is a safer choice if you want to lessen and avoid risks. Pick the right harness size so your Cane Corso can comfortably walk with you outdoors.

Are Harnesses Good for Cane Corsos?

Harnesses are more suited for the size and nature of Cane Corsos. Although they can still use collars, the use of harnesses can lessen the risk of getting injured. Improper use of a collar can lead to neck injuries and breathing difficulties.

Cane Corsos are snub-nosed dogs, and using an ill-fitting collar is dangerous for them. You should also pick a right-sized harness to avoid causing discomfort to your dog’s body. Cane Corsos can use both collars and harnesses, but a harness is a safer choice for them.

Because of the size and weight of your Cane Corso, a collar can put too much pressure on his neck. Especially when he’s pulling in a different direction with so much force because it creates tension. A good-fitting harness can lessen the pressure on his neck and minimize the risk of a neck injury.

How to Measure a Cane Corso for a Harness

You should base the size of a harness on your Cane Corso’s size and weight. Get a tape measure ready and wrap it around his chest but don’t wrap it too loosely or tightly. Give some allowance so he can feel comfortable without compromising the fit.

The weight of your Cane Corso is also important in choosing a harness. He’s from a breed that weighs 90 to 120 pounds (40.8 to 54.4 kg) on average so he needs a size-XL harness. Cane Corsos are big dogs so a harness should match their size and they’re going to fit smoothly into XL harnesses.

The best way to get the right harness is to take your Cane Corso to a Pet Store with you. This way, you can try different harnesses for your dog until you find the right fit. Keep your Cane Corso’s behavior in check to avoid an unwanted scenario.

Make sure that your Cane Corso is in good shape and mood so he won’t try to make a scene. Keep him under control so the store personnel that would assist you won’t feel anxious around him. You have to remember that Cane Corsos are big dogs, and pairing them with inexperienced owners is dangerous.

When everything’s okay and under control, you can try different harnesses until you find a good fit. The harness should have enough allowance for comfort but not too loose and not too tight. Your Cane Corso will more or less find a comfortable fit from an Extra Large harness.

What Type of Collar Is Best for a Cane Corso?

A harness is a preferable item that you can attach to your Cane Corso’s leash. A collar is convenient, and if used under certain conditions, it is good if you’re using it properly. Though a harness is recommended, you can still attach a collar to your Cane Corso.

Just like selecting a harness, you must pick the right fit to prevent injuries or respiratory issues. Make sure that the collar is not too tight and not too loose. For Cane Corsos, the best types of collars are flat and smart collars.

Flat collars are good for big and well-trained dogs while smart collars have features that can monitor health. If your Cane Corso is prone to pulling, collars, especially the flat ones, can hurt his neck. You’re better off using a harness instead if he tends to pull a lot when you walk with him outside.

What Size Collar Does a Cane Corso Need?

Because of your Cane Corso’s girthy neck, his collar size is large. It’s important to measure his neck before purchasing a collar to avoid getting an ill-fitting item. Some Cane Corsos might even need the XL size because they are bigger than usual.

The collar should fit just right without compromising his comfort. If a collar is too large, he can slip out of the collar easily, and when the collar is small, this can hurt his neck. Take your Cane Corso with you when you’re about to buy a collar so you can find a comfortable fit for him.

Large to Extra Large are the expected collar sizes for the Cane Corso breed. Let store personnel assist you, and don’t hesitate to provide additional information or ask questions. So that you can find the right equipment for your dog that he can use for a long time.

What Is the Average Neck Size of a Cane Corso?

The average neck size of a Cane Corso is 22 to 30 inches (558.8 to 762 mm). Dogs who have this neck circumference need a large collar. A size too small can cause pain and discomfort, while a size too large can defeat the purpose of using a collar.

When a collar is too large, your Cane Corso can easily slip out of it and run to his heart’s desire. If he’s prone to running and pulling, it’s safer to use a harness. But if you can handle his behavior with commands, he will avoid hurting himself from the tension caused by pulling.

With a neck that is about 22 to 30 inches (558.8 to 762 mm) thick, pick a larger collar. His chest is also big, so if you want to use a harness instead, the bigger ones should be your choice. Ask store personnel to assist and guide your selection so your Cane Corso can find a perfect fit.

Buying a collar/harness online is convenient, but there’s a possibility to get the wrong item. Taking your Cane Corso to the shop is a better route if you want to get the right items for him. Because in a physical shop, you can try out things and find out what fits right away.

Do Cane Corsos Need to Wear Clothes?

A Cane Corso’s coat made up of fur is usually a good layer of protection from the elements. During hot weather, they will be just fine without wearing clothes. Clothes can even make them uncomfortable because clothes can block the air from reaching their bodies.

Clothes are only necessary when the temperature is extremely cold. If you’re about to take your Cane Corso out during the winter season, some layers of clothing might help. Clothes like shirts, sweaters, socks, and boots can protect him from frostbite and hypothermia.

On most days of the year, Cane Corsos don’t need clothes. Wearing clothes in hot weather can make regulating body temperature difficult. When they’re very active outdoors, clothes can sometimes be a nuisance.

Dogs are generally not built or meant to wear clothes as they’re already comfortable with their coats. You don’t have to make your Cane Corso wear clothes the whole year round. Don’t invest too much in dog clothing because your friend will only use it occasionally.

Should Cane Corsos Wear Sweaters?

If you’re living in a place with harsh winters, a sweater can provide warmth for your Cane Corso during that season. Otherwise, a sweater is not a mandatory thing to have. In moderate temperatures, Cane Corsos can cope without the help of thick garments.

Your Cane Corso’s double coat can do a good job of protecting his body in a less freezing climate. He’d even shed some fur from his coat when the weather is warm to ease the process of cooling down. Then he’d grow the undercoat fur back in preparation for winter.

The need for a sweater would depend on your home’s location and climate. For Cane Corsos who live in a cold and snowy place, having a sweater is in a way necessary. But for those who live in areas where snow is not very common, their coats are already good.

Your Cane Corso’s double coat is not as thick as what other double-coated breeds have. That makes him a warm-weather type of dog. Always consider the temperature in your area as a basis for the things that your dog may or may not need.

Do Cane Corsos Need Coats?

During cold seasons, your Cane Corso might need some warmth from a coat. Though his coat provides a good layer of protection because his fur is coarse and water resistant. But due to his fur’s shortness and not-so-thick double coat, using a coat could help regulate his body temperature.

If you’re living in an area where it rains a lot, a waterproof coat is something he can use. So he can avoid getting soaked in the rain during short trips outside. Don’t bother going out when there’s a storm, though, because it makes the outdoors even more dangerous.

Going out during a storm can make you and your Cane Corso sick because of the heavy rainfall and strong winds. It can also cause injuries because of flying debris. Let him use a coat when there’s only moderate rainfall if you have to take him outdoors for a short period.

A coat is also useful during winter so if your Cane Corso is confident and comfortable, let him flaunt it in style. For the most part, Cane Corsos only need clothes when it’s very cold. If he’s not bored with the activities indoors, he won’t have to use a lot of clothing and a blanket or heater will do.

Do Cane Corsos Need Jackets in Winter?

Just like sweaters and coats, jackets can also give warmth and comfort during the winter months. If your Cane Corso is staying in a home with a functioning heater, he may not need it at all. His short winter coat, a warm bed, a blanket, and a heater are also effective sources of warmth indoors.

If your Cane Corso is still restless from the cold, you can make him wear a jacket. A jacket becomes a necessity when you have to take your Cane Corso outside during winter. If it’s extremely cold but you cannot skip an important appointment with your vet, a jacket is very useful.

Jackets, shirts, coats, and sweaters can protect your Cane Corso’s upper body. To protect his feet from the cold, you can make him wear thick socks and water-resistant boots. A jacket is an advantage but an optional item as long as he’s spending most of the winter indoors with some help from a heater, warm bed, and blanket.

What Size Clothes Do Cane Corsos Wear?

Like collars and harnesses, your Cane Corso also needs the right size of clothing to feel comfortable. Based on his breed’s size and weight, the clothes he will need belong to the XL to XXL section. It’s important to familiarize yourself with your dog’s measurements to make the hunt for clothes easier.

With the use of an ever-dependable tape measure, you can check the size of his neck, chest, and waist. Because the fitting of clothes is usually dependent on the size of the parts mentioned. List the measurements on paper or on your phone so you won’t be in the dark when you start shopping.

A clothing company can have a different style and size chart from another. But the differences are only minuscule that you can safely look around for XL to XXL dog clothes. Because dogs that are big like Cane Corsos can nicely and effortlessly fit in clothes with those sizes.

Ask for assistance when the whole process is still confusing you. Specialty shops are happy to give you a helping hand in selecting some stylish clothes for your Cane Corso. Make sure that your Cane Corso is in the mood to cooperate, or you can encourage him to do so by giving him treats.

What Size Shirt Does a Cane Corso Wear?

Your Cane Corso would find a good-fitting shirt in XL to XXL sizes. But you still need to do some measurements before blindly plunging into a sea of dog clothing. Having the awareness and familiarity with your Cane Corso’s size will make shopping a bit of a breeze.

Shirts are also not the same across the board because shirts have different cuts and styles. There’s the roomy fit that is equivalent to an oversized shirt. It’s slightly loose than the shirts that have the regular/classic cut and fit.

Fashion-fit shirts are on the tighter side but won’t constrict your Cane Corso’s body. Think of a slim-fit shirt, and that’s the idea behind the fashion fit. Regular or classic fit is somewhere in between the roomy and fashion/slim fit.

The cut/fit style of a shirt is up to you and your Cane Corso’s comfort and preference. Whatever kind of style you fancy, pick the right shirt size that won’t look or feel awkward. Cane Corsos are among the bigger dog breeds, so their shirts belong to the XL to XXL sections.

What Size Sweater Should I Get My Cane Corso?

Similar to shirts, a sweater that is XL to XXL in size should fit nicely on your Cane Corso. You can choose simple or even wacky sweater designs as long as the size is right. So you and your Cane Corso can walk around in style during the winter season.

Though it’s exciting to hunt for clothes, don’t forget about your dog’s health. Keep in touch with your vet to have an idea of your four-legged friend’s condition. The whole fashion thing is an afterthought because his comfort is still a priority.

If he’s underweight, do your best to help him gain some pounds to achieve the ideal weight. And if he’s on the heavier side, go easy on feeding him too much and don’t skip exercise so he can shed the extra pounds and make his movements easier.

You’re gearing your Cane Corso up for the winter holidays. Measure his body for reference if you’re going to shop for a sweater that he can use. When it comes to sweater size, dogs that are big like him should have no problem wearing XL and XXL clothes.

If a brand/store offers a size chart, use it for reference as well. Take your Cane Corso’s measurements with you and see where he belongs in a chart if available. The best approach is to take your Cane Corso to a shop and try finding a good-fitting sweater.

What Is the Average Chest Size of a Cane Corso?

Since Cane Corsos are deep-chested dogs, their chests are more or less 40 inches (762 mm) in circumference. You can find out your Cane Corso’s exact chest size by using a tape measure. Place one end of the tape measure behind a front leg and wrap it around his chest and back to its starting point.

Your Cane Corso’s big and thick chest gives him a strong and muscular look. Cane Corso’s are indeed very strong creatures from the canine family, or Mastiff family to be more specific. But despite having big chests that can contain powerful barks and growls, Cane Corsos are snub-nosed.

Snub-nosed or brachycephalic dogs are sometimes prone to breathing difficulties. So you should look out for signs of respiratory issues and consult your vet immediately. But as far as chest size is concerned, Cane Corsos have at least 38- to 40-inch (965.2 to 762 mm) chests.

Where to Buy Clothes for Cane Corsos

You can find specialty shops that sell clothes for dogs in malls and online shops. There are also mom-and-pop shops that offer dog equipment and clothes along the road. Though the online route is convenient, it can make the selection of clothing for your Cane Corso tricky. If a dog boutique or shop is far from your home, shopping online might tempt you.

Don’t be afraid to inquire about the size and materials used for a specific item that caught your attention. Provide additional information to the seller about your Cane Corso’s measurements so he/she can guide your shopping. Take pictures if necessary so the shop can assess the details and pick the available sizes of clothing for him.

If there are pet shops near you that do sell clothing, taking your Cane Corso there is ideal. This way, you can avoid the risk of selecting the wrong size or item because he can try things out on the spot. If you’re willing to add a few more bucks to your clothing budget, you can go for tailor-made outfits for him.

Keep your Cane Corso’s behavior under control when store personnel or a tailor is present. Give him treats to enthuse or reward him for cooperating and behaving properly. Let him get used to the presence of people to minimize the risk of anxiety or aggression.

What Kind of Toys Do Cane Corsos Like?

After the teething phase, your Cane Corso can still be a destructive and notorious chewer when he’s bored. To avoid this, make sure that he’s getting enough daily exercise to keep him stimulated. Aside from exercise, you can also add chew toys into the mix of his routines.

Having a chew toy puts both of you in a win-win situation. Because such items can help him fight boredom and keep prized possessions like furniture protected as well. Chew toys are made of different materials and they can come in different sizes and textures.

Some chew toys can also serve as treats because they’re edible. There are bone-shaped toys and some are plushies that resemble animals as if they’re inanimate companions for your dog. Bouncy objects like balls are also good in stimulating your Cane Corso.

Pick toys that are made of safe and quality materials. You should also check the right sizes for him. Because if a toy is too small for your Cane Corso’s mouth, it turns into a choking hazard. Consult your vet and other experts on this so you can ensure his health and keep him entertained simultaneously.