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How to Get Your Cane Corso the Best Sleep (All the Details)

Cane Corsos are instinctively watchful and protective. To give them a good sleep, you must provide a place where they can sleep peacefully. He's not the lazy type, so let him move around during the day.
How to Get Your Cane Corso the Best Sleep

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To give your Cane Corso some quality sleep, you must have a quiet place for rest in your home. Because he’s from a watchful, protective breed, any minor commotions or sounds can distract him. The lack of activity during the day can make sleeping difficult, so take him out for regular exercise.

Cane Corsos are not hyperactive dogs, but they’re not lazy either. Let yours spend that excess energy on playing or tasks during the day so he won’t get bored at night. Boredom and sleeplessness can lead to destructive behavior, so you must watch out.

If you’re living in a place where the hustle and bustle continue at night, white noise can help. White noise and soundproofed walls can lessen and mask the noises outside. Make your Cane Corso busy while it’s daytime and provide a quiet and peaceful spot at night.

Do Cane Corsos Sleep a Lot?

Cane Corsos are active dogs but they can also sleep a lot. Their quality of sleep is dependent on factors like lifestyle and environment. If one has been trained as an active outdoor dog, he’s going to be more active and alert.

Staying outdoors can affect a Cane Corso dog’s sleep because of the different things that can distract him. It would sleep less as a result. The ones who are used to staying indoors, however, sleep longer because of minimal distractions.

You have to keep in mind that this breed is not as lazy as you think. They need a decent amount of stimulation before deciding to rest and get some sleep. When Cane Corsos are bored and frustrated, sleeping is the last thing on their minds. They can resort to destructive behavior if they’re not getting enough exercise.

Cane Corsos can and do sleep a lot when they’re getting their fill of activity and stimulation. So if you’re thinking about lounging around all day, don’t expect your Cane Corso to be fine with it. Give him something to do where he can use his energy so he can get some sleep after a busy day.

Do Cane Corsos Nap a Lot?

Though Cane Corsos can sleep a lot, sleeping or napping is not their favorite thing to do. They’d take some naps here and there, but they’d rather do something else when they’re not tired. Naps are only appealing once they’re done spending their excess energy on other activities.

Other dogs will happily nap when there’s nothing to do but Cane Corsos won’t respond the same way. Their size doesn’t stop them from wanting a more active and stimulating time both indoors and outdoors. Napping is just your Cane Corso’s way of responding to tiredness.

If you leave your Cane Corso without anything that will keep him busy, he can turn to destructive behavior. Cane Corso dogs would nap depending on their energy so an energized but bored Cane Corso won’t nap. If they’re preoccupied with a task and other activities, they’d take a break by napping for a while.

How Many Hours a Day Does a Cane Corso Sleep?

An adult Cane Corso can sleep 6 to 8 hours during the day, and puppies can even sleep longer. If your Cane Corso is living in a more active home, he can sleep less and just take short naps during the day. He’ll make up for it at night by sleeping 10 to 12 hours.

Cane Corsos who are used to an active life outdoors usually sleep less than those who spend more time indoors. Environment and lifestyle are major factors that can affect the length and quality of sleep. A busy environment will compel your Cane Corso to sleep less and get himself involved in whatever is going on.

Make sure that you pick a conducive place for resting in your house if you want to keep your Cane Corso indoors. Just remember that boredom can kick in if you don’t keep him occupied and stimulated during his stay inside your house. Provide a place for playing and exercise so he can still get some naps during the day and sleep soundly at night.

Your Cane Corso’s length of sleep is dependent on how much activity he’s having during the day. The environment can also impact a dog’s sleep. On average and despite a busy schedule, Cane Corsos can sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. Or complete those hours by taking short naps in between activities.

How Long Do Cane Corsos Sleep at Night?

Because nighttime is usually quieter, your Cane Corso can have longer and more revitalizing sleep. He can sleep 10 to 12 hours at night and when it’s really cold, he can even stretch it to 16 hours. Aside from the environment, lifestyle, and temperature, age is also a factor that can influence a dog’s sleep.

Puppies and senior Cane Corsos can sleep longer than those who are in the middle of both age groups. Dogs who just recently reached adulthood would sleep less and focus on things where they can use the excess energy in their tanks. If you live in the metro and the environment is still busy at night, your Cane Corso might have shorter periods of sleep.

Even if he’s accustomed to the sounds of traffic and music outside, those can still distract him once in a while. He’d doze off longer if you’re living in the countryside where the nights are quieter. Despite the calmness of the country, your Cane Corso can still have trouble sleeping if he wasn’t active during the day.

You have to find the perfect balance between activity and rest to fight boredom and sleeplessness. Don’t force a pup or an aging Cane Corso to be more active, though, because longer periods of sleep are more common in their age group. Let your vet check them once in a while to make sure that their health is still in great condition.

At night, Cane Corsos can sleep 10 to 12 and sometimes 16 hours depending on different conditions. The long slumber hours don’t make them lazy. To achieve that length of sleep, they still need to have a fairly busy day before sleeping.

Why Is My Cane Corso Always Tired?

Even though Cane Corsos are not hyperactive dogs, they’re not idle dogs either. If your Cane Corso lacks the energy to move for playtime or exercise, you can’t just wait for the problem to pass. Stress or anxiety are common psychological and emotional reasons for a dog to become lethargic.

Most Cane Corsos would respond to stress or anxiety through destructive behavior. They would resort to destructive habits like chewing or barking when they’re feeling agitated due to stress and anxiety. But when they’re too tired to chew, bark or bite, they’d just lie around and take a nap.

Aside from stress and anxiety, physical pain can also suck out energy from them. Fatigue is another symptom of different health issues. Poor nutrition, dehydration, cancer, and other organ diseases are only a few of the reasons for a dog’s chronic tiredness.

The best way to deal with your Cane Corso’s lack of energy is to consult your vet. Different tests will reveal the root of your furry friend’s reason to disengage from the routines due to tiredness. If it comes to a point where he’s starting to eat less and lose his appetite, consider that an emergency.

For senior dogs, the decrease in activity is normal because of their lower energy level. But just because your Cane Corso is aging, it doesn’t mean that he’s immune to health issues. An aging dog is usually more prone to health problems because of their weaker state so don’t skip the checkups.

Psychological, emotional, and physiological issues are the common reasons for Cane Corso’s tiredness; a poor diet and lifestyle can also contribute. Cane Corsos are usually energetic and willing to move, so tiredness and lack of movement are concerning.

Is It Normal for Cane Corsos to Sleep All Day?

Sleeping up to 10 hours or more daily is normal for Cane Corsos who are used to staying indoors. The ones who have a more active lifestyle would sleep less because of the stimulation they get outdoors. Sleep length is dependent on age, environment, routines, and health conditions.

If your Cane Corso is spending more time indoors, you should still keep him stimulated. Though he can sleep for long hours, he would still need to get busy once he’s awake. Bear in mind that boredom can trigger destructive behavior, so find interesting ways to entertain him at home.

Despite their ability to sleep for long periods, Cane Corsos are not completely idle dogs who are happy to do nothing. If you’re taking care of a puppy or an aging Cane Corso, a longer time for sleeping should not surprise you. However, the alarm bells should start ringing when the sleepiness is accompanied by a loss of appetite and behavior change.

A health issue is usually present when a Cane Corso completely loses interest in other activities aside from sleeping. This is due to the pain or discomfort he’s feeling that prevents him from enjoying the good things around him. When your Cane Corso is starting to display irritability and grumpiness, consult your vet without delay.

It’s normal for healthy Cane Corsos to sleep for long periods but you should always look out for changes. Those who are accustomed to staying indoors would sleep more than their more active and outgoing peers. Puppies and senior dogs can also sleep less. If your Cane Corso’s sleeping habit is accompanied by loss of appetite and irritability, get him checked right away.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Cane Corso Need?

If humans need at least 8 hours of sleep, dogs like Cane Corsos need at least 10 hours a day. They are active enough when they’re awake but Cane Corsos also need long and quality sleep to refill their tanks. Dogs can enter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or deep sleep quicker than humans do.

If they’re in a quiet spot where distractions and other stressors are not present, there’s nothing to worry about. Your Cane Corso can even take some naps in between meals, playtime, and exercise. Living in a busy environment can make him sleep less so make sure that he’s getting enough rest by providing a peaceful spot.

Soundproofing your home is a great way to protect him from anything that can disturb and ruin the quality of sleep. Cane Corsos are protective and watchful dogs so distracting sounds can affect their sleep. Don’t worry if he sleeps up to 12 hours because this is still within normal limits.

You should only start worrying when he’s losing his enthusiasm for food and activities when he’s awake. When he’s still lethargic despite getting a lot of sleep, something is possibly wrong with his health. Contact your vet right away to get any issues addressed and treated.

Cane Corsos need 10 to 12 hours of sleep per day while puppies or seniors need more. But those long hours of sleeping don’t make them lazy because they need to get busy and stimulated when they’re awake. If your Cane Corso is sleeping 10 hours a day and he’s not losing his zest for life, he’s doing very well. Keep your vet updated to make sure that your dog’s in top shape.

How Do I Get My Cane Corso to Settle at Night?

Get your Cane Corso to settle at night by making sure that he’s getting enough exercise during the day. If he’s asleep throughout the day, it’s more likely for him to stay up all night. Encourage him to move around while it’s daytime since Cane Corsos enjoy it anyway.

When it comes to feeding, his dinner meals should be a few hours away before bedtime. This is to avoid frequent bathroom breaks when nighttime comes around. Turkey, fish, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and brown rice are excellent sources of L-tryptophan. It’s an amino acid that helps in regulating sleep and minimizing anxiety.

Find him a calm and comfortable space in your home so he won’t be disturbed or distracted during his sleep. If total silence is not his thing, play some relaxing music or white noise in the background to mask other sounds. Give him a soft and warm bed and blanket for extra comfort and protection from cold nights. You can also put his favorite plush toy beside him.

When the temperature is warm, he’s going to be fine sleeping on the floor as a way of coping with the heat. Turn your fan or air conditioner on to make the heat bearable. A soundproofed room is a plus because it minimizes the volume of noises from the outside if you are in a busy area — an area where traffic and other sounds are going on at night.

If he’s consistently sleepless, seek medical help to find out the cause and get proper treatment. Anxiety and pain are common causes of a dog’s sleeplessness, an expert will treat these issues accordingly. Your vet can also recommend some supplements that will aid your Cane Corso in getting better sleep.

Do Cane Corso Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Cane Corso puppies are more playful than the adults but they can also sleep for longer hours. It’s normal for puppies to sleep a lot since they’re still in their developmental stage. The need for a long sleep helps in strengthening their minds and bodies.

Aside from sleeping, puppies also need a consistent supply of their mother’s milk for sustenance. Their mother has to put up with it during the first few months. When they reach the weaning stage, they can transition from just drinking milk to eating solid foods.

During the first weeks or months after birth, Cane Corso puppies will rely on milk and sleep. As time goes by, they will start to explore and play but the long hours of sleep are still there. Aging Cane Corsos can also sleep for longer periods similar to puppies.

Once your Cane Corso puppy reaches adulthood, he will sleep less. He can focus on different activities for stimulation because a healthy Cane Corso is not lazy. If your Cane Corso is still a puppy, don’t fret about the lengthy slumber because it’s normal.

How Many Hours Should a Cane Corso Puppy Sleep?

Cane Corso puppies are playful balls of energy when they’re awake. But they need to sleep for a long time to recharge, so they would need 18 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Compared to an adult’s 10 to 12 hours daily requirement, there’s a big difference.

Puppies need those extra hours of sleep because they’re not yet fully developed. Their bodies are still busy growing and coping with the environment so sleeping is a way of gaining strength. Aside from sleeping, they also need a steady supply of nutrients to fight malnutrition and sickness.

If one of your Cane Corso puppies refuses to eat, play or sleep, talk to your vet about it. The lack of enthusiasm is possibly caused by pain or discomfort from a sickness. Don’t risk your pup’s life by acting carelessly because puppies are very delicate creatures.

Cane Corso puppies need to sleep for 18 to 20 hours daily due to their sensitive condition. Always check them one by one to see if they’re still moving or breathing normally. Some owners mistake a deceased pup for a sleeping one, and you don’t want that kind of scenario.

Why Does My Cane Corso Puppy Sleep So Much?

Your Cane Corso is sleeping so much because his body is still making room for growth. Puppies are still delicate and they need some time to get stronger and more stable. During development, your Cane Corso will need all the nutrition and rest to become a healthy dog.

Sleeping up to 20 hours a day is common for puppies. Despite their eagerness to move and play during their waking hours, long sleep is still necessary. This is their bodies’ way of protecting them from stunted growth and other health issues.

When a puppy is sleeping soundly, its body is still working on growth. If your Cane Corso’s sleepiness is accompanied by a lack of appetite and low energy levels, that’s the time to call for help. Discuss this issue with your vet to find out the cause and to get the right type of treatment.

How Do I Get My Cane Corso Puppy to Sleep at Night?

To give your Cane Corso a good sleep at night, encourage him to get active during the day. That way, his body is going to long for some rest at night. Entice him to walk and run or you can also give him a toy that will keep him awake and entertained.

Follow a consistent schedule so his body clock can adjust. His dinner should be a few hours before bedtime so pee and poo breaks won’t disturb his sleep. If he’s just a few weeks old, there’s not a lot of effort needed because very young pups do sleep a lot anyway.

Cane Corso puppies who are a couple of months old will have more energy for playtime or exercise. That’s the perfect time to implement the daytime schedule so you won’t have any trouble putting him to sleep at night. There are a few more things that you can add to get him some quality sleep.

Provide a quiet and comfortable place inside your home where distractions and stressors can’t bug him. If he’s still attached to his mother, let the mommy Cane Corso take care of the rest. When he’s done with the weaning stage, however, you should still make his bed comfortable and peaceful.

Play some calming music in the background to mask the other sounds in your area. Soundproofing a room is an advantage if you are living in a busy part of the town or city. You can use a blanket and put a plushy toy beside him for added warmth and comfort.

When Can a Cane Corsos Sleep Through the Night?

Your Cane Corso will sleep through the night if he was active during the day. Spending the excess energy on playing, exercising, and tasks is important to have a good sleep at night. Pent-up energy can lead to boredom and sleeplessness, so encourage him to get more active in the daytime.

Having a calm and comfortable space will give your Cane Corso quality sleep. Don’t forget about a tasty and nutritious meal hours before his bedtime. Let him have his bathroom break before going to bed.

He won’t mind your company as long as you’re not making loud noises around the house. Let him stay where he can have some quiet time for resting. You can play soothing music in the background that will serve as a lullaby to help him doze off.

A Cane Corso can sleep up to 12 hours, and that’s enough time to recharge. Though he’s from an active dog breed, quality sleep at night is still important to him. When exercise, meals, and bathroom breaks had been taken care of, he can sleep through the night.

Where Do Cane Corsos Like to Sleep?

Cane Corsos are large dogs and they need a spacious room to get a comfortable sleep. Most of them are fine sleeping on the floor with a rug or foam in between their bodies and the surface. Their preference will depend on the weather, but a spacious room for bedtime is a must.

On hot and humid days, the cold floor is preferable. But during cold seasons, some layers are needed to protect their bodies. Though Cane Corsos have decent coats, they are not thick enough for protection against very low temperatures.

They’re not very affectionate, but some of them would love to cuddle with their owners. If you allow him to sleep beside you, make sure that he’s clean and there’s enough space; a space that is good enough to accommodate his body so he can’t stifle you with his weight.

Since Cane Corsos are territorial, they would pace around the area to find a good spot and mark their territory. This is their way of establishing the idea that the place belongs to them and their owner. Their surface preference can change depending on the season, but a spacious area for sleeping is always necessary.

Where Should Your Cane Corso Puppy Sleep?

Cane Corso puppies are smaller so they’re fine to sleep in smaller spaces. As an owner, you should invest in a bigger space as preparation for your puppy’s growth. Thinking ahead is an advantage to avoid added expenses and waste of resources.

Cane Corso puppies won’t have a problem sleeping in smaller crates while they’re young. But your pup will outgrow a small crate in no time, and he’ll need a bigger space in the future. Invest in a bigger crate early on so you don’t have to buy another one.

A small and limited room for movement will make him uncomfortable. Always consider his adult size even though he’s still small at the moment. It’s not a bad idea to buy a big bed, crate, or rug that he can use for years to come.

Always make sure that your pup can sleep comfortably wherever you choose to make him stay. During a cold night, the soft and warm surface will help him achieve a good, uninterrupted sleep. When the season is hot, your pup is fine sleeping on the floor with a thin layer of cloth underneath him.

Despite a Cane Corso puppy’s small size, he would still need a decent room for movement. It’s an allowance for his activities and growth so you must prioritize space and comfort. Meals, bathroom breaks, and noise reduction are equally important in getting your pup to sleep soundly.

Do Cane Corsos Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Cane Corsos love the company of their owners. To sleep with the knowledge that their owners are around them helps in getting some peace of mind. They’re fine to sleep on the floor or their beds and not beside their owners all the time.

Cane Corsos are fairly independent and they are not particularly clingy or overly affectionate. Some of them can show clingy or needy behavior if they’ve been spoiled by their owners. Clingy behavior is also possible when a dog is feeling unwell or in pain.

Your Cane Corso will appreciate sleeping beside you without showing too much affection. Balance is important because if you’re too cuddly and lenient, he’s going to behave in a spoiled way. If you’re cold and distant, he can also mirror the treatment that you’re giving to him.

He’s a loyal and protective dog with a sense of independence. It’s nice to cultivate those traits in a proper and balanced way. Your Cane Corso likes your company but you should teach him not to get too dependent on your presence.

Is It Safe to Sleep With a Cane Corso?

It’s safe to sleep beside your Cane Corso if you’re serious about taking care of a few things. First, you have to make sure that he’s properly groomed. Meaning you have to bathe, brush his coat, and clean his teeth regularly.

Regular cleaning is important in fighting off different parasites and infections. Vaccines and checkups are also important in preventing any health issues from happening to both of you. Before allowing your Cane Corso to sleep with you, see to it that you have enough space in your sleeping area.

His behavior is also a determining factor in letting your dog sleep near you. Train him to be more disciplined to keep his behavior in bed under control and prevent him from smothering you. Your personality will also come into play.

If you don’t like getting your face licked, it’s better to let him sleep in the same room but separate bed. And if you are allergic to dogs, you can drop the plan of owning a Cane Corso like a hot potato, let alone making one sleep anywhere near you.

Should I Let My Cane Corso Sleep With Me?

If you are allergic to dogs, your body won’t respond positively to the presence of a Cane Corso. Sleeping beside one is a bad idea in itself because the risk of an adverse reaction is higher. Cane Corsos are not hypoallergenic despite the short strands of fur on their coats.

Now that allergies are out of the way, it’s not advisable to let your Cane Corso sleep with you. If you want to try it, make sure that he’s perfectly healthy, clean, and disciplined. So you can avoid the risk of injuries and infections brought on by parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Let him know that just because you allow him to get near, it doesn’t mean that he can do anything. Boundaries are still important no matter how close you are to your dog. Establish that you’re still the pack leader through and through.

A big space in your bed is necessary to accommodate the body size of your Cane Corso. If the risks are too scary for you, then letting him sleep on another bed is just fine. It’s preferable because such a setting will lessen the chances of encountering injuries and health concerns.

Proper hygiene, checkups, and vaccines are still priorities regardless of the setting you choose. Sleeping with your Cane Corso is only safe when you’re not taking those things for granted. If you’re still unsure, it is best to ask your vet for additional advice.

Should I Let My Cane Corso Puppy Sleep With Me?

Letting a Cane Corso puppy sleep with you is a little risky because puppies are still small so the chance of hurting him is high. It’s better to let him sleep on a crate or a bed near you rather than beside you to avoid crushing him with your body; puppies are more vulnerable than adults.

Keep in mind that little Cane Corso pups would grow into enormous dogs when they reach adulthood. At that point, you’re in the position of the one who can get crushed. Taking care of everyone’s safety is very important.

Cane Corso puppies are small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t carry some health risks to their owners. Hygiene, discipline, and a clean bill of health are very important in avoiding unpleasant consequences. Keep everything and everyone clean to prevent the growth of disease-causing organisms.

Letting your Cane Corso sleep on a different bed or crate is usually preferred because it lessens the health risks and injuries. But if you want this furball beside you, always observe cleanliness and safety. Don’t skip appointments with your vet either.

Don’t even bother with the idea of owning a Cane Corso if you are seriously allergic to dogs. Despite a puppy’s size, its body is already capable of carrying allergens. The advice from an expert is always valuable, so don’t be shy to consult someone before taking major steps.

How Do I Get My Cane Corso to Sleep Alone?

Let your Cane Corso get in touch with his independent side by allowing him to sleep alone. You should train him early so he won’t develop needy and clingy habits later on. Do this by providing a quiet and comfortable space in your home where he can sleep soundly.

You can leave some toys and treats beside him so he won’t get anxious. Play some nice background music that helps in calming him down and aids in getting better sleep. Follow a consistent sleeping schedule so your absence will not confuse him.

When he starts to cry or howl while you are not beside him, familiarize him with the “quiet” command. Don’t throw a fit if you’re upset and frustrated as this will only push him to make more noise. A calm and firm approach is better because it sends a clear signal that you are serious.

You have to prevent spoiled, needy, and attention-seeking behavior early on and make him handle his own business. If your Cane Corso is extremely dependent on you, leaving him alone can trigger behavioral problems. Giving him some time to get more active during the day can make him calm down and settle at night.

Consult a professional trainer for additional tips and methods that you can apply. So you can get more favorable and successful results. Don’t spoil your Cane Corso so he can sleep alone without issues.

Do Cane Corsos Like to Sleep in a Dog Bed?

It’s great news that you have a strong bond with your dog. But letting your Cane Corso sleep in your bed is not recommended. This massive dog is better off sleeping in a dog bed or a mat rather than beside you if you want to avoid getting crushed.

Your Cane Corso will find a lot of comfort by sleeping in a dog bed. Buying one for him is a good call, and it’s very useful during cold seasons. But he’s fine with just sleeping on the floor or a big mat/rug when the temperatures are high.

During the warmer months, you can clean his dog bed thoroughly and set it aside while not in use. Your Cane Corso’s preference will change depending on the weather. It won’t hurt to buy a dog bed for him so he can sleep soundly when the bed is needed.

Cane Corsos would love lying on a soft but firm dog bed when they’re looking for warmth and comfort. If you’re planning to buy one for him, make sure that it’s big enough. He’s from a large dog breed, so buying a small one can have the opposite effect on him.

What Is the Best Bed for a Cane Corso?

Even though your Cane Corso would enjoy sleeping on a soft surface, his bed doesn’t have to be too soft. Given that Cane Corsos are on the heavier side, a firm bed with some softness is better. When a bed is too soft, it’s not firm enough to support a Cane Corso’s body weight.

A decent amount of softness is fine but you should focus more on a dog bed’s firmness. Aside from firmness, size is also a primary thing to consider when selecting a bed for a big dog. Buying a small bed that is too soft will not give your Cane Corso the level of comfort that he’s needing.

Letting your Cane Corso lie in a small bed will only have the opposite effect. Because a cramped space affects the quality and length of sleep. A large bed that’s firm with a little softness is the best type of bed for a Cane Corso. Choose a flatter bed as well because stiff and curved surfaces can only make your dog uncomfortable.

What Size Bed for a Cane Corso?

Cane Corsos are 23 to 27 inches (584 to 686 mm) in height and they weigh about 90 to 120 pounds (41 to 54 kg). Dogs who are that big need XXL beds to sleep comfortably. Double XL dog beds are 42 inches (1066.8 mm) long and 28 inches (711.2 mm) wide.

XXL dog beds can support large dogs who weigh around 90 to 110 pounds (41 to 50 kg). When your Cane Corso exceeds the weight limit, it’s either he’s naturally big or he’s overweight. If you think he’s overweight, consider involving him in more activities to get his dose of exercise.

You can remove a few spoonfuls from his meals to prevent obesity. But if he’s naturally big, you can try getting an XXXL-sized dog bed. A sturdier bed with a few inches more will allow him to get more comfortable and quality sleep.

Can Cane Corsos Sleep Outside?

Since Cane Corsos are protective, that makes them great guard dogs. They can stay and sleep outside unless the weather is really bad. Under normal and safer conditions, your Cane Corso can handle sleeping outdoors.

Before letting your Cane Corso sleep outside, make sure that there’s a comfortable spot for him to sleep on. His health should be great so he can handle staying outdoors. If he’s been raised indoors, it’ll take some reconditioning to make him comfortable staying outside.

Cane Corsos who spend a good amount of time outdoors can doze off easier without getting anxious. Exposure and experience are important in giving your dog the confidence to stay outside. The way you’ve raised your Cane Corso will affect his level of confidence.

If you’ve been treating him like a baby all the time, he can develop needy and clingy habits. Cane Corsos have a sense of independence so you must cultivate that trait. So he won’t have an issue being alone now and then.

For bad weather conditions like thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and extreme heat, it’s better to let your Cane Corso inside. Regardless of his confidence level, bad weather can still shake even the most resilient ones. But if the weather is fine, a well-trained Cane Corso won’t have a problem sleeping outside.

Why Do Cane Corsos Sleep on Their Backs?

When a Cane Corso is lying and sleeping on his back, he’s trying to keep himself cool and comfortable. In this position, his legs make way for the cool air to reach his belly. Sleeping on his back means he’s comfortable, especially when he’s lying on a soft yet firm surface.

Exposing his belly also means he’s expressing that he’s trusting you because dogs don’t expose their bellies to strangers. You can consider it a privilege since he won’t do it anywhere or with anyone. He won’t sleep on his back when he’s aloof and watchful as doing so will put him in a vulnerable and dangerous position.

Your Cane Corso loses the ability to protect you and himself from danger if he’s sleeping on his back. That’s why he’s only sleeping on his back when he’s feeling secure and comfortable. When the season is hot, he’ll do this to cool down because his belly is exposed to let cool air pass through.

Is It Ok for Cane Corsos to Sleep on Their Back?

As long as the surface can provide comfort and support, it’s okay for your Cane Corso to sleep on his back. A quality dog bed will lessen the risk of discomfort. Because a good amount of softness and firmness will allow him to get some relaxing sleep.

Back sleeping allows your Cane Corso to remove pressure and tension on his muscles and joints. Just make sure that he’s doing it on the right kind of surface. Sleeping on his back with a hard surface underneath can have the opposite effect.

The resistance that a hard surface has can hurt your Cane Corso’s back. A surface should at least have some softness and firmness that can support his size and weight. It’s safe to let your Cane Corso sleep on his back as long as he’s doing it on a bed with great quality.

Why Do Cane Corsos Dig Before Sleeping?

When a Cane Corso is digging on his bed before dozing off, it’s because of the instinct to find security and comfort. It’s an instinct that they’ve acquired from their ancestors who lived in the wild. Digging before bedtime is also called denning.

Dogs from centuries past used to live in caves or dens, so they dig for the sake of comfort and protection. Years of evolution didn’t affect or remove the act of digging from dogs’ habits. If your Cane Corso is digging before going to sleep, he’s doing it to make himself secure and comfy.

Digging resembles a ritual that someone does before getting some rest. In other cases, digging is also a sign of boredom and anxiety. But if you are confident that he’s not going through those issues, there’s nothing to worry about.

It is natural for dogs to do some digging now and then. Digging or denning is based on a canine’s instinct to find some security and comfort before sleeping. If the habit becomes excessive, discuss this with your vet to know the cause and get it properly treated.

Why Do Cane Corsos Sleep Under Covers?

Your Cane Corso will hide and try to sleep under the covers when he’s anxious or sick. Loud and anxiety-inducing sounds like thunder can freak your Cane Corso out and make him look for a place to hide. He’ll try to cope with the feeling by hiding underneath a bed sheet, blanket, or pillows.

When your Cane Corso is unwell, he’ll also try to sleep under covers to find some comfort. Cold weather can make him seek additional warmth by hiding beneath the layer of a thick blanket. Though Cane Corsos have double coats, they’re sometimes insufficient against the blistering cold.

Staying in a soundproofed room is an advantage because it minimizes distressing noises from the outside. Let him sleep in a warm, soft yet firm bed when the weather is kind of brutal outside. You can use a heater or air conditioner for cold and hot temperatures respectively.

Your Cane Corso will sleep under the covers when he’s feeling anxious, sick, or cold. Put his bed, blanket, pillow, and plush toy in a spot where he can find comfort and quality sleep. You can also try playing white noise and other soothing sounds in the background to drown out unpleasant noises.