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How to Train a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Are They Smart Dogs)

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi came from a smart dog breed. This energetic dog is easy to train and willing to learn. Make yourself aware of occasional stubbornness because of its herding instinct.
How to Train a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Are They Smart Dogs)

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Pembroke Welsh Corgis are energetic and intelligent dogs. It would be a waste if an owner is not interested in training them. They’ve been helping farmers herd livestock and protect crops for a long time.

There are simple commands that you can teach your Pembroke Corgi. The basics include sit and stay commands. You can teach him the quiet command when he’s getting rowdy and loud.

Agility training is a great activity because of this breed’s enthusiastic nature. Despite having short legs, Pembroke Corgis are pretty athletic. Being idle ain’t so appealing to these little fellows because they have so much energy.

How Smart Are Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

In the list of the world’s smartest dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis got the 11th spot. In a sea of dog breeds, that’s a feat you cannot ignore. They are very intelligent and it makes them responsive to training.

Pembroke Corgis are easy to train especially when guided by a professional trainer. You can teach basic commands by yourself. But consulting a trainer can maximize your dog’s potential.

But due to their intelligence, they’re prone to bossy, stubborn behavior. That’s why if you are a first-time owner, you’re not yet ready for them. For those who are just testing the waters of dog ownership, other breeds are manageable.

But as far as intelligence goes, Pembroke Corgis will not disappoint. The herders within them can deliver despite their short height. Like curious and active kids, learning and being on the move are things they enjoy.

It’s a crying shame to let your Pembroke Corgi’s talents go to waste, so try your hand at teaching him simple tricks or commands.

You can use verbal cues and hand signals but avoid yelling and pointing your finger at him. He might mistake them as signs of anger or provocation. Keep in mind that he’s not dumb so give commands and reprimand him calmly. Ask for a trainer’s help when you feel like teaching is hard to pull off.

Is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Easy or Hard to Train?

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is easy and eager to get trained. Training would be difficult for inexperienced owners, though, so you’d have to earn your stripes. The difficulty level of training is somehow dependent on how equipped the owner is.

This type of dog needs frequent or even constant mental and physical stimulation. The known reason for this is Pembroke Corgis were bred to herd and it’s also innate. Idle, lazy dogs are not fit to handle the duties related to herding.

Your Pembroke Corgi will easily pick up on commands and get used to a routine. The downside is he can also learn a few bad habits along the way if you’re not careful. So pick the commands wisely to avoid encouraging bad behavior.

Avoid spoiling him by giving him treats easily. He must earn those rewards by being cooperative and obedient. Asking for some assistance from a trainer is a lifesaver in correcting bad habits.

Are Pembroke Welsh Corgis Good Guard Dogs?

Pembroke Corgis are good guard/watch dogs. Because of their herding tendency, they are very protective of their owners. And the property they’ve been guarding.

Their lively, playful demeanor is deceiving; they can be fierce when the situation calls for it. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are loyal so they’d do anything to protect you and your place from intruders. They are also loud barkers and with a bite force that exceeds 200 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Pembroke Corgis are medium-sized dogs with enough agility and strength. And these creatures won’t hesitate to show their courage and loyalty. But their size can be a disadvantage in some situations.

But bigger intruders can easily overpower them so add additional protection to be safe. Having another Corgi or a bigger dog to back him up might help. You can also install security cameras or alarms to discourage trespassers from entering.

But you can’t let them handle things on their own all the time. Having an extra layer of protection will prevent your dog from getting hurt. One thing is clear, Pembroke Corgis won’t let anything or anyone enter your space without letting you know.

How High Can a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Jump?

Your Pembroke Welsh Corgi can jump up to 8 to 12 inches (203 to 304 mm) despite his unusual body structure. He’s impressively athletic given that he’s not suffering from any kind of illness or injury. Agility exercises would be enjoyable for your energetic little friend.

He’d jump because of excitement or to get attention. Agility training involves jumping but despite his jumping ability, don’t force those high jumps right away. So that he can avoid getting strained or injured.

You can adjust the jumping obstacle gradually depending on how well adjusted he is. Before introducing him to agility training, see to it that he’s familiar with a few basic commands. Come, sit, stay, and down.

Get some treats ready to acknowledge his successful jump attempts but do not overdo it. As it might encourage him to jump excessively. Balance is important in every aspect of your Corgi’s life.

Before introducing him to physical activities like jumping, meet your vet first. So that you can be sure that your Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not having any health issues. Though he’s an athletic, high jumping dog, you must prioritize his safety.

Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis Like Water?

Pembroke Corgis are not water aficionados by default but can tolerate it. Though some of them do enjoy and like it, the others are not enthusiastic. Exposure and personality can indicate what a Pembroke Corgi’s attitude towards H2O will be.

Those who are accustomed to water would treat baths and swims as opportunities to play. To put it simply, water equals fun. The others would shiver and cringe at the sight of an overflowing amount of the universal solvent.

They understand that they need to drink water to quench their thirst and hydrate. But bathing and swimming are different from just drinking. Familiarize yourself with your Pembroke Corgi’s personality and habits.

If he’s not pleased with water activities, don’t force or shove them down his throat. Introduce him to bathing/swimming gradually to prevent his alarm bells from going off. Be reassuring and supportive throughout the process.

You can ask a trainer for help or sign up for swimming lessons. He might learn to tolerate or even appreciate water in the future. When his aversion gets concerning, schedule a meeting with your vet.

Your vet will try to find the cause of your dog’s anxiety and treat it accordingly. But if you witness your dog splashing around with so much gusto, he’s having a good time. Congratulations! You’ve got a Pembroke Corgi who has an affinity for water.

Personality, experience, and health condition influence a dog’s attitude towards water. Since Pembroke Corgis are energetic, most of them would enjoy being active in the water. Some of them would avoid it but cases differ and there are gray areas you must consider.

Can Pembroke Welsh Corgis Swim?

Like the older relatives from Cardigan county, Pembroke Corgis can swim. With the amount of energy they have, they can keep themselves afloat. They are competent swimmers but because of those stubby legs, they’re not the strongest.

You don’t have to worry though, these little friends have enough stamina for swimming. And if your Pembroke Corgi enjoys being in the water, it’s a great way to exercise. Plus, you can also have fun.

Even though he knows how to swim, you can’t leave him in the water unsupervised. Make him wear a bright-colored life vest to keep him safe and visible. A vest will prevent him from sinking when his legs get tired.

Dogs have a strong survival instinct but an owner should be there for additional support. Make your Pembroke Corgi’s water experience fun and safe by avoiding the deeper parts of the water. If he’s showing signs of fear, don’t force him to swim and get him checked.