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How to Get Your Shiba Inu a Good Night’s Sleep (How, Where, and Why)

As a big fan of catnaps, your Shiba Inu is a natural at finding ways to make themselves comfy for sleep. But sometimes, your buddy may find it hard to get a good night's rest. As their fur parent, you must step in and help them get the quality sleep they deserve.
How to Get Your Shiba Inu a Good Night's Sleep

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Like you, your Shiba Inu also needs to rest for their body to recover. Their daily activities are enough to tire them out to warrant a restful sleep. But in some cases, your Shiba Inu cannot get this.

It can be due to their young age since they are still adjusting to their new home. Or it can be due to a medical issue, making it hard for them to find a comfy position.

There are many other reasons why they can lack sleep, especially at night. This should concern you, as sleep is vital to their bodily functions to keep them healthy.

But what can you do then? Do not worry, this article goes into detail about the common sleep issues they face and what you can do about it.

Do Shiba Inu Love to Sleep?

The Shiba Inu value and love their sleep as much as their food. When they are not having fun, they spend around 25 percent of their day relaxing. This includes taking a nap or even observing whatever is going around them.

But keep in mind that their love for sleep changes as they age.

As young puppies, when they are not nursing, they sleep most of the time. This is a crucial part of their early development. It redirects the body’s energy towards the necessary growth processes a puppy needs.

Even with all that puppy energy, their body cannot keep up with everything they want to do. That is why you will hear stories of Shiba Inu puppies falling asleep during playtime.

But as your Shiba ages into an older puppy or an adult, they would rather get up and play. At this stage, their bodies can handle their energy more, they are in their prime and they will make the most out of it. They take naps throughout the day to replenish their energy for when they wake up and have fun again!

And once your Shiba Inu becomes older, they begin to value their sleep more again. This is part of slowing down as an older dog, even more, if your Shiba already suffers from a medical condition.

Their love for sleep is understandable, as it makes them feel energized once they wake up! Sleep has many benefits for your playful and ever-curious Shiba Inu, such as the following.

Sleep Helps With Managing Their Weight

Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can make your furry friend an even more ferocious eater. This can contribute to significant weight gain, which is the last thing you want for them. Obesity opens many doors for your Shiba Inu to develop several health issues.

When they do not get enough sleep, certain hormones flush their bloodstream rapidly. These are the hormones that make their appetite go up, so they are more likely to overeat.

Other than that, lack of sleep also makes the body produce more insulin after each meal. This overproduction of insulin increases fat storage in the body. And the excess weight your Shiba gets will place tremendous pressure on their joints.

Sleep Improves Their Immune Function

During sleep, the body focuses on producing antibodies that fight off infections. This will help in protecting your Shiba Inu from disease-causing microorganisms as well. If your Shiba Inu loves the great outdoors, this is especially crucial for them.

But if they do not get enough shut-eye, their immune system does not have this opportunity. As a result, it will become less effective in warding off intruders trying to harm your Shiba Inu. It will also take your furry friend longer to recover, should they become sick from these.

Sleep Helps in Curbing Inflammation

When there is inflammation, there is pain. This is especially an issue if your Shiba suffers from joint issues, such as arthritis. But diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues are also affected by inflammation.

So how does sleep help with this? Deep sleep can lower the number of inflammatory proteins in your furry friend’s blood. As a result, this will lessen their pain and any stiffness that they feel.

Sleep Promotes Cell and Tissue Regeneration

Your Shiba Inu may be unconscious during sleep. But under all that fluff, their body is working extra hard to recover and repair.

The body spends most of the night creating healing proteins. These proteins heal any damage to your Shiba cells and tissues during the day. This can happen when they are exercising, especially if they push their bodies to the limit.

A consequence of sleep deprivation is that their body does not have the time to heal. This will exacerbate any joint issues they have. This is because the body cannot provide it with healing proteins.

Sleep Puts Them in a Better Mood

Much like you, your Shiba Inu will get groggy and irritable with a lack of sleep. Much more if your furry friend already suffers from chronic pain and other health issues. But a long, restful sleep will make them feel refreshed so they can live life to the fullest.

Do Shiba Inu Nap a Lot?

Shiba Inu dogs are notorious for their long and frequent nap sessions. They do not have the pressures of maintaining a productive schedule, unlike humans. So whenever they feel that their eyelids are getting heavy, they take off to dreamland for a while.

Long and constant naps are a must for your Shiba Inu, even if they are in their prime. This is because their sleep patterns are irregular, and differ a lot from humans.

The main factor to consider is how long they spend in the REM sleep stage. This is when parts of the brain associated with learning and memories get stimulated.

Everything your Shiba experiences in a day can be a disorganized mess for them. But during sleep, these get organized, packed, and stored in their brains. So everything they learn for the day, they get to keep and remember.

When a human sleeps, about 25 percent of it is in REM sleep. But in your Shiba Inu, they only spend roughly 10 percent in REM sleep. With this, your Shiba Inu needs more sleep to make the most out of the benefits of the REM sleep stage.

But other factors affect your furry friend’s sleeping habits. Knowing these will help you gauge whether your Shiba has been sleeping too much already —

Your Shiba’s Age

As you know, puppies and senior dogs need to sleep longer and more often.

A puppy will spend most of its day sleeping to constantly refuel its energy levels. But once they reach adulthood, they will want to stay active more than sleep. This usually happens once your Shiba Inu reaches 2 years of age.

But this will soon change once they reach the early stages of seniorhood. Their need for sleep will increase, and they will prefer to nap rather than play.

This is natural as an older dog will slow down. They are not as strong and as nimble as they used to be.

Your Shiba’s Health

This breed is generally quite healthy. But they are not immune to developing health issues. Whether this is due to their lifestyle or is an inherited condition.

Of course, when your Shiba Inu suffers from a health issue, they are likely in pain. They will also need to recover, so their activities get limited. Both of these will prompt your Shiba Inu to sleep more.

Your Shiba’s Comfort

This breed may be playful and energetic when awake. But once they feel tired, they will not engage with you and look for a comfy spot to nap in. Once they do find one, they can be one of the laziest dogs you have ever met.

The Shiba Inu is cat-like in several ways. And one of these is their love for sleep. So once they are comfortable where they are, it will be hard to make them get up.

Your Shiba’s Lifestyle

If you stay at home most of the time, you will know what your Shiba Inu does in a day. But if you spend long hours at work, their daily activities are hard to keep track of.

Usually, a Shiba will spend alone time at home sleeping a lot. This is likely because there is nothing more interesting or exciting to do around them. As a result, they live a sedentary lifestyle that involves a lot of downtime.

But if you leave a lot of interesting and stimulating toys for them, they will likely play with them. Even if their dog bed is as cozy as it can get, they will still get up more to play with their toys.

This will be easier to solve if you stay at home a lot. You can always bribe your Shiba Inu to go out and take a nice stroll around the neighborhood.

How Long Do Shiba Inu Sleep?

An adult Shiba Inu sleeps anywhere between 10 to 16 hours a day. Long periods of sleep happen at night, as they often tend to mirror your sleeping habits. Then they get several bursts of sleep throughout the day as well.

Your Shiba will feel drained as they do their daily activities too. Their naps between playtime are their way of replenishing their energy.

Once your Shiba Inu enters old age though, they will begin to sleep longer than they usually do. They get tired much faster, both their minds and bodies. Other than that, older dogs usually suffer from health issues that make them need to sleep more too.

How Long Do Shiba Inu Sleep at Night?

A Shiba Inu who is healthy and has complete control over its bladder can sleep for up to 7 to 8 hours at night. If your Shiba Inu is an adult, they can mirror your sleeping habits without issues. But if they are older, they may not be able to sleep for longer periods at night.

This may be due to a health issue that makes sleeping uncomfortable, such as joint issues. Or it can be because their bladder muscles are weaker, so they need potty breaks throughout the night. If your Shiba is on medication, this may also make them want to pee more at night, cutting their long slumber short.

Unfortunately, these issues mentioned above are all too common in older dogs. This is especially if they have arthritis, a condition that brings them chronic pain. They will twist and turn at night as they cannot seem to find a comfortable enough sleeping position.

As a result, your older Shiba may lose sleep and this can lead to sleep deprivation. But sleep plays an important role in their general health. It is crucial for their immunity, metabolism, and more.

If they cannot get enough sleep, then this may make any pain that they feel worse. It can even exacerbate any health issues that they may have.

With this, consider investing in a high-quality orthopedic bed for your Shiba Inu. These beds will conform to the shape of your Shiba’s body so their weight is equally distributed on the bed. As a result, this removes excess pressure on their joints to relieve their pain.

Is It Normal for Shiba Inu to Sleep a Lot?

One of the cat-like qualities of a Shiba Inu is its long sleeping hours. In general, dogs sleep for up to 14 hours. But it is normal for a Shiba to sleep for two hours more, up to 16 hours a day!

With this, your Shiba Inu may only be awake for 8 to 14 hours in a day. While you may think that their sleeping sessions are too long, this is completely normal for them. As long as their sleep does not exceed 16 hours in a day, then you have nothing to worry about.

Even with their long sleep hours, you should still not get too complacent over their sleep habits. You still need to keep track of their sleep patterns, like how you would with their potty and eating habits. If your Shiba Inu sleeps more or less than usual, this may warrant a trip to the vet.

So when should you become alarmed about their sleep? Here are a few signs to look for that should worry you:

  • A change in sleep pattern
  • Sleeping even when you ask them to have fun
  • Falling asleep in the middle of playtime
  • Difficulty in waking them up in the morning
  • When sleep gets in the way of their drinking or eating
  • Waking up in a state of panic or stress

These may only be a sign that your Shiba Inu is aging or lazy. Still, they can be quite alarming especially if it is your first time seeing these. So take a trip to the vet, it never hurts to ask a professional about anything that concerns your furry friend.

Is It Normal for Shiba Inu to Sleep All Day?

If your Shiba sleeps a lot during the day with exercises between each nap, then this is normal. Their love for sleep matches their love to play, have fun, and get their bodies and minds moving. As long as there is not any change in their sleep patterns, you have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, it may be hard to notice this if you work long hours a day. But it is common for a Shiba Inu to take long naps while waiting for you to come home.

Sleeping all day can be a sign of other issues, though. It can mean that your Shiba has a health issue so they need to nap more for recovery. It can also be a sign of boredom because they have nothing else better to do.

Do not wait to seek professional help if you feel that there is anything unusual with your Shiba Inu. Your main concern is if this is due to an underlying medical condition.

Detecting a medical issue early will allow you to treat their condition right away. If you delay this, it may get worse and their prognosis may not look good. As always, it is better to be on the safe side when it comes to your furry friend’s health.

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a Shiba Inu Need?

An adult Shiba Inu should get 10 to 16 hours of sleep each day, even more, if they are a puppy or a senior dog. A Shiba puppy will need to sleep for around 18 to 20 hours a day in general. While a senior Shiba will need 14 to 16 hours of sleep a day once they hit 12 years of age.

Dogs are smart at regulating their sleep, so your Shiba will get the amount of shut-eye that they need. They will rely on their body clock, so a constant daily routine is crucial for these furry beings.

Other than their age, the amount of sleep your Shiba needs also depends on other factors.

Their personality is one of these factors. If they are playful and energetic, they may try to keep awake more so they can do some fun activities. But if they are calmer dogs, they may want to sleep more and enjoy their alone time.

Your Shiba Inu lifestyle also plays a part in this, because this affects their daily schedule. If they have a set time to go out and do outdoor activities with you, they may not have the time to take a snooze.

Of course, you also have to consider their medical condition and injuries. If they are recovering from an injury, they will need to sleep more to bounce back. Also because they cannot be active since they need strict cage rest.

If they suffer from an illness, then their body should concentrate on healing rather than play. Usually, older dogs will need this as it is common for them to have a medical condition. But a young Shiba Inu in its prime may also suffer from illnesses, which can affect their sleep hours.

How to Get a Shiba Inu to Sleep at Night

One of the ways for you to help your Shiba sleep through the night is to drain their energy. A tired Shiba Inu is a happy dog because it makes them sleepy and it can put them in deep sleep too. But this is not the only way for you to help with their good night’s rest.

There are many other simple ways for you to encourage your furry friend to sleep through the night. It can be tough dealing with this issue because it also prevents you from resting well. So the following is a list of simple yet effective methods to help your Shiba Inu sleep.

Take Your Shiba Inu to the Vet

Like other issues with your Shiba, you first need to rule out medical conditions as a cause. If they are restless at night, they may be in pain due to a health issue. But you cannot help them with this at home, they need a vet to get the treatment and medications that they need.

If you do not do this, your Shiba Inu may not be able to grow out of their sleep issues. Even worse, their condition may become severe if left untreated. And various health issues can lead to restless nights, and some are quite serious.

Along with treating the health issue itself, your Shiba may also get pain medications. This will help in alleviating pain and discomfort, helping them to relax.

Investigate the Problem

Sometimes, your Shiba gets awakened because of external factors. This may be the sun’s rays creeping into their sleeping area, waking them up. Or it can be noises from the outside, driving them into alert mode.

You should also consider these factors, because the issue may not lie with your Shiba Inu. Even if you try to make them comfortable at night, these will still cut their good night’s sleep short.

Once you figure out the issue, try your best to get rid of them.

If it is the sun’s bright rays, try using blackout curtains so the sun cannot hit your Shiba as they sleep. If the issue is noise, consider playing some white noise in the background to help in calming them down.

Follow a Night Routine and Schedule

Keep in mind that your Shiba Inu develops a body clock based on your daily routine. If you follow one, they will know what to expect and what to do at different times of the day. This includes when they need to wind down and prepare for a deep and long sleep at night.

Try to create a list of things you and your Shiba should do before bedtime. This includes their dinner, last-minute potty break, and a final low-impact play session. But you can add more to your routine as well, depending on your furry friend’s preference.

Remember that consistency is key here. Do these every day and at the same time. In time, your Shiba Inu will get the hang of your routine and it will be easier for them to wind down at the end of the day.

Once they are in bed, try to make their environment calming and conducive for sleep. Bring any noise in your home down, dim the lights, and you can also try aromatherapy to calm them down.

You can even try talking to them in a calm and quiet voice to make them fall asleep. Talk to them about your day or read a book, like they are a toddler. This is great to add to your routine as it also strengthens your bond with your Shiba Inu.

Engage Them in More Physical and Mental Activities

This breed may not be the most active dog there is, but they still need at least an hour of exercise a day. If they do not get this, they may still have a lot of pent-up energy at the end of the day. This will make them restless and sleep will not be interesting to them.

Instead, they will look for ways to spend all the extra energy that they have. They will not go to their beds and zoom around the house instead, shedding off their energy bit by bit.

So other than exercising your Shiba Inu during the day, you should also spend time with them at night. You should engage in play with them at least two hours before bedtime.

Walking them outside is an obvious option, and it is a great way to end your day. This will also allow them to do their business outside before going to sleep.

While physical activities will tire them out, mental exercises are more effective. Brain games such as puzzle toys and snuff matts are more draining for them than you think

You should always consider draining them mentally and physically. This is a sure way to make them tired and prepare them to wind down at night.

Plan Their Mealtime and Water Intake

You cannot expect your Shiba Inu to sleep comfortably if their bowel or bladder is full. If they wake you up in the middle of the night to go to the potty, this may be the fix.

To do this, you can either move their mealtime earlier or later during the night. If you choose the former, it will give their bodies a chance to digest the food so they can go to the potty before bed. If you opt for the latter, they can hold the food until tomorrow for their morning potty break.

Whichever you choose, these can help limit their bathroom break at night so you can sleep well. But what about their bladder?

The best thing to do is to make them drink water hours before their bedtime. This prevents their bladder from filling up through the night. If they do need to drink, limit their water intake.

Take a Potty Break Before Bedtime

Even if you plan their mealtime, you might want to make sure that their bladder and bowel are both empty before bed. Try to take a last-minute stroll outside to allow your Shiba to do their business. Your furry friend will appreciate going outdoors for the last time during the day as well.

Set Up a Comfy Sleeping Area for Your Shiba

Like you, your Shiba Inu also wants their sleeping area to be comfy so they can relax before hitting the hay. Each dog has a different idea of what comfiness could be. Some like to sleep in a soft bed, others like to sleep in a crate, while there are dogs who prefer to sleep on the floor.

So to give your Shiba a cozy sleeping spot, you first need to figure out what they prefer. Notice what they like to lie down on the most and where, and you can go from there.

If your Shiba Inu is older, then an orthopedic bed may be the best choice for them to sleep on. This will take off the pressure on their aching joints so they will not have trouble sleeping.

Other than that, you can also add some finishing touches to make their spot extra comfy. Provide them with soft blankets, a shirt that smells like you, their favorite plush toy, and more. These will help your Shiba feel more secure in their spot so they can drift off to slumber land without issues.

Begin Crate Training for Your Shiba

The right-sized crate for your Shiba Inu will feel comfortable to them because it mimics a den. As den animals, it comes naturally for them to unwind in spaces like these. This will come in handy if you are teaching your Shiba Inu where they can sleep at night.

Other than that, this will also prevent them from doing bad habits in the middle of the night. This includes getting up and wandering around the house, waking you up in the process. Putting them in a crate restricts their movement, so you can sleep in peace.

It is crucial to highlight that crate training is not cruel. If you introduce them to the crate right, your Shiba will learn to love it and spend time in it.

The key to this is to make all their interactions with the crate a positive experience. Your Shiba should see their crate as their safe place, but this will not be possible if you use it for punishment.

Make It a Habit to Calm Yourself Down at Night

Your furry friend is excellent at sniffing out how you feel at the moment. If you are tense or stressed, they will know and they will mirror this. Any negative emotions will not calm them down to prepare for bed.

But you can also use this to your advantage. If they see and feel that you are calm, they will likely feel the same way too. Only then can they begin to wind down and go to bed.

Keep in mind though that this does not happen automatically like a switch. You need to give your Shiba Inu at least an hour to adjust for bedtime.

Do Shiba Inu Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Shiba Inu puppies sleep a ton especially when they are younger, and this takes up most of their day. Although they are active, a puppy’s energy tank goes empty much faster than an adult’s. Through sleep, your pup recharges its energy so they have fuel to push through the day.

So your Shiba Inu puppy will need several naps throughout the day. But they will be able to sleep longer through the night. Although they will need to wake up at night to go to the potty because they still have small bladders.

When it comes to a puppy’s sleep habits, the younger they are, the more sleep hours they need. Puppies already sleep a ton but newborn Shiba Inu pups take it to a whole other level.

A newborn puppy is only awake when they are not nursing. Even when they do, their eyes are still shut. This looks like they are sleeping even while they are having their meals.

How Many Hours Should a Shiba Inu Puppy Sleep?

The amount of sleep your Shiba Inu puppy needs will largely depend on its age. But a general rule is that the younger they are, the more hours of sleep they need in a day.

At 2 to 5 months of age, your Shiba Inu puppy will need to sleep for around 18 to 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, an older Shiba Inu puppy at 6 to 12 months of age will sleep around 14 to 16 hours in a day. This will include the catnaps that they take during the day and a long stretch of sleep at night.

If your Shiba Inu is still below 4 months of age, you can expect them to wake you up at night. Since they are young, they need more frequent trips to the potty. This is because they still have a small bladder and they cannot control it well enough yet.

But at around 4 months of age, they begin to get better control over their bladders. This means that your Shiba Inu puppy can sleep for around 6 to 9 hours at night, uninterrupted.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Puppy Sleep So Much?

Your Shiba Inu puppy sleeps a lot because everything they do in a day is draining to them. It takes up a lot of energy to play and interact with various stimuli and people. They also learn a lot of new things during their waking moments, and this also drains their energy a ton.

Their fuel will further get drained because of their energetic and curious nature. The world is their oyster, and they may push their bodies and brains to the limit.

On top of these, your Shiba Inu pup’s body also does a lot of work, even during rest. It is constantly supporting their growth and development. Since puppies undergo rapid development in a year, their bodies are under a lot of pressure.

Thus, your Shiba Inu will need several naps to heal and recover their body throughout the day. To highlight why your Shiba needs a ton of sleep, below is a list of its benefits for a growing pup.

Sleep Allows for Their Optimal Growth

Your Shiba Inu puppy is growing around the clock, no matter what they are doing. Their bones get stronger as growth cells lay on them and they also increase in size each day. All while their soft tissues grow at the same rate for balanced development.

Physical activities like walking or running will help in increasing this growth rate. These also help in improving your puppy’s coordination and balance.

When they put their bodies to work, the central nervous system is also at work. It coordinates every movement that your Shiba Inu puppy makes. The more they do this, the better they have control over their bodies.

So as you can see, even a low-impact activity such as walking is tiring for their body. But sleep is when the brain and body can slow down, focusing on recovery. This is why your puppy feels more energetic and lively after a nap.

Sleep Is When Their Digestion Is Most Efficient

Like humans, your Shiba puppy’s gut health and sleep have a connection. If they have digestive problems, they cannot sleep well. And if they lack sleep, their digestion will become inefficient.

When your Shiba Inu sleeps, its digestive system slows down. This is necessary to make way for several processes during rest.

The digestive tissues repair, rebuild and grow during sleep. As fuel for these processes, their body uses the glucose that they ate during the day.

If your Shiba Inu lacks sleep, their digestive system does not have time to do this. When they are awake, their digestive system does not slow down. And it will focus more on digestion instead of healing.

Without this, their digestive system cannot work efficiently when needed. The same can also happen if you give them a large meal before bedtime.

Sleep Is a Must for Their Mental Development

Your growing puppy is always learning something new during their waking moments. They learn through their interactions with you, their littermates, and other dogs. Sometimes, they will mimic an older dog’s behaviors, so the older one teaches them how to behave.

They will also learn during training and playtime with you. And they learn lessons best with positive reinforcement. Especially if you use treats as a reward because this is a food-motivated breed!

Other than these, your Shiba Inu puppy will also learn through their adventures. The outdoors is when they see and gather new information the most. This is because there are a lot of things outside that are not in the comfort of their home.

As you can see, there is a lot of data that your puppy gathers daily. But these data are not organized yet until they sleep.

During sleep is when this scattered information gets organized in their tiny brains. This is when they keep and store all their learnings, so everything does not go to waste.

Sleep Helps in Building a Strong Immune System

A newborn puppy’s immunity will rely on the antibodies that they get from their mother and her milk. But once they are older and independent from her, your Shiba Inu pup is on their own. The antibodies they got will wear off and they have to produce their antibodies.

This is crucial for them to fight off any microorganisms that can make them sick. And it is through sleep that their immune system remembers how to react and recognize these disease-causing antigens.

How Do I Get My Shiba Inu Puppy to Sleep at Night?

One of the most effective ways to get your Shiba Inu puppy to sleep at night is to crate train them. But to be successful in this, you should make an effort for them to have a positive association with their crate. Only then will they view it as their haven, where they feel most secure so they can relax and drift to sleep.

You may think that keeping your pup in an enclosed area is cruel. But keep in mind that dogs are den animals, so a crate naturally feels comfortable for them.

Of course, you also have to make it more inviting for them so that it is conducive for sleep. Along with this, there are many other ways for you to prepare your pup for bedtime.

It can be tricky to calm an energetic puppy for sleep. So if you need help with this, below are various ways that you can do this.

Shed Off Your Shiba’s Puppy Energy

You need to make sure that your puppy has had enough exercise during the day. Other than that, they also need playtime during the night. By doing these, your puppy will get tired enough to hit the hay.

This is especially crucial a few hours before bedtime to empty their energy take. Keep in mind that you also cannot play any game before bed.

Exciting and intense play such as tug-of-war will pump up your Shiba Inu puppy. The adrenaline that they get from games like these will not calm them down enough for bed.

Instead, go for mental exercises such as brain games or even training them. Putting their brains to work is as draining as physical activities, if not even more tiring for your pup. So make sure to invest in toys such as interactive feeders or puzzle toys and have them play with them before bed.

Get them to play with their toys for at least 10 to 20 minutes before you continue with their wind-down routine.

Make Your Shiba’s Sleeping Area Extra Cozy

There are a variety of ways for you to make your Shiba pup’s sleeping area more enticing. Keep in mind that each puppy will have a preference for its sleeping spot. So you have to take the time to get to know what they find comfy.

Even with this, the most important thing is what your Shiba Inu pup lies down on. A young pup usually prefers soft beddings with lots of fluffy blankets for extra comfort. But some puppies like to sleep on the cold, hard floor.

But while your Shiba is still a puppy, crate confinement is the best for them. Once they can hold their bladder overnight, you can have them sleep elsewhere.

If your Shiba Inu sleeps in a crate, covering it may help them sleep. Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone, also plays a part in your pup’s sleep-wake cycle. The body produces this hormone once it senses that the lights become dimmer.

This will help if the sun sets late or rises early where you live. It can also block lights from electronic devices, such as the TV, from creeping into their crate.

Other than these, keep their sleeping area quiet and dim. You can play soothing music to help them doze off. Putting up blackout curtains will also help if it gets sunny early in the morning.

Keep Your Shiba’s Sleeping Area Nearby

Moving into a new home is a big and scary step for a young puppy. Sleeping alone at night is even scarier because they were so used to sleeping with their litter.

With this, try to keep their sleeping area near you while they are young. This makes them feel that they are not alone, making them feel more at ease. Also, this will let you know when they need to pee at night so you can spring into action right away.

Provide Your Shiba With Familiar Items

For extra comfort, you can also give your Shiba pup a used shirt of yours. The scent from your shirt will calm them down as it is something they are familiar with. If you recently got your puppy, this is one way to help with their transition.

You can also give them a plush toy or two to mimic their littermates. Some have a heating pad in them to further simulate being in a litter. A fluffy security blanket may also do the trick for your Shiba Inu puppy.

Use Soothing Scents for Their Relaxation

Dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) come in a collar or diffuser form. These release a calming pheromone that can calm your Shiba pup down and make them feel secure. This is because DAP imitates the pheromones their mother releases during nursing.

Plan and Respect Your Shiba’s Potty Breaks

This goes hand in hand with limiting their water intake hours before bedtime. If they drink too much water, their bladder will fill up fast in the middle of the night.

Make sure to take them to the potty before you go to bed. Emptying their bladder before bedtime reduces their need to go in the middle of the night.

But since they are still a puppy, you cannot expect them to hold their bladders for 8 hours or more. They will need potty breaks in the middle of the night too. So prepare yourself for some sleep interruptions.

While this may annoy you, do not hold it against them as this is out of their control. There are steps you can do to make this a bit more effortless, though.

One way for this is to line their crate with a pee pad. But dogs do not like to soil their dens, so they will wake you up before they relieve themselves. Especially for a Shiba Inu because they value their cleanliness a lot.

When you do take them out for a midnight potty break, do not make a fuss out of it. The last thing you want is for them to think that it is playtime. So be as boring and neutral as you can.

Take them out, stand in one area, and wait for them to do their business. When they do, give them verbal praise and have them go inside their crate again. After that, walk away and act as if nothing happened.

Part of respecting their potty breaks is also getting up early to let them do their business. This can be tough especially if you are not a morning person. But hang in there, because they will learn to control their bladder in time.

So get up early, take them out, feed them, and your Shiba pup may want to go back to sleep too, like you.

Ignore Their Bad Behaviors

Expect your Shiba Inu puppy to bark, howl, and whine at night because they are not ready to sleep yet. If you give in to them and rush to their side right away, you are rewarding their behavior. They will learn that this is what they have to do to get out of their crate.

You do not want them to learn this as it can mean trouble once they grow older. So gather all your patience and learn to live with the noise while they are young.

But you need to know if they are vocalizing because they need to go to the potty. In this case, you need to take them outside for them to relieve themselves.

Again, make sure to stay boring as you do this. If they do not do their thing, bring them back to their crate again and do not make the process fun.

In time, they will learn that when you rush to them in the middle of the night, it is only for their potty break. It is not for them to play with you or give in to what they want.

When Can a Shiba Inu Sleep Through the Night?

Generally, your Shiba Inu puppy can sleep through the night once they are 4 months of age. But this follows a general rule of thumb to predict how long a puppy can hold its bladder. So this estimate is not set in stone.

Some puppies may take longer than this due to their small bladders or a lack of training. While others can learn at a faster pace and hold their bladder longer.

Remember that puppies do not have full control over their tiny bladders yet. The rule of thumb states that a puppy’s month of age is equal to the number of hours they can hold their pee. So a 2-month-old pup can only hold its bladder for around 2 hours.

But this also means that a 4-month-old puppy can only hold their pee for 4 hours, right? This is not enough for both of you to sleep through the night uninterrupted.

At this age though, most puppies already learn what you expect of them when it comes to their potty habits. It is even easier to potty train a Shiba Inu compared to other breeds. But only if you have been diligent in training your pup.

So a puppy can hold their bladder longer than you think. One is because they are unconscious and not eating or drinking. Another is if you limit their water and food intake a few hours before bedtime.

With this, you can only be sure that your Shiba Inu puppy sleeps through the night once they are around 6 to 7 months of age. Only then can they hold their bladder long enough for continuous sleep.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Puppy Cry at Night?

There are several reasons why your Shiba Inu pup may cry at night. This can be distressing to hear as a fur parent. So the natural thing for you to do is figure out why this is.

When a puppy cries at night, it may be due to the following.

Your Puppy Is Lonely

Before your Shiba pup moved in with you, all they knew was their mother and littermates. They had grown comfortable with sleeping with them, and this is all they knew.

Moving to a new environment is hard enough for your poor pup. Moving alone, without their family, is even tougher on them.

In time, your Shiba Inu puppy will get used to its new home. But while they are still adjusting, they will cry or bark to get your attention. Your presence is enough for them to feel less lonely at night.

To combat this, place their crate near your bed. You can also leave a used t-shirt in their crate so they can smell you during the night. This may not get rid of the crying right away, but this may lessen it.

Your Puppy Hears Strange Noises

A new environment also means that your pup gets to hear new sounds, and this may scare them. At night, it may be very quiet outside. But since their hearing is better than yours, they can pick up on the slightest sounds.

This may be the rustling of the bushes or the sound of rodents crawling around. Or they may cry due to loud city noises, too. And if there is a thunderstorm or firework, this can send your pup into a state of panic.

Your poor pup does not know what these are yet and it can make them afraid. Putting on calming classical music at night may help in putting them at ease. You can also get a white noise machine as well.

Your Puppy Hears Other Dogs

Sometimes, canines partake in group barking. Unfortunately, this may happen at night, when you expect to be resting.

When one dog barks, another nearby will follow suit. This barking may reach your pup, and its primal instincts kick in. They will also begin to bark because this is what it is like to be a member of a pack.

Where Do Shiba Inu Like to Sleep?

There is no exact answer to this as it will depend on your furry friend’s preference. Some like to sleep in their crate, a soft bed, or a blanket on the floor. It will also depend on your Shiba if they want to sleep in the same room as you or not.

Dogs are social animals though, and they love to stay close to their pack. So you may want to start with this first.

Try leaving your bedroom door open at night. Your Shiba may sleep in their crate beside your bed at first. But you will see where they prefer to sleep if you wake up to them sleeping in another room.

Some dogs like to change their sleeping locations throughout the night. If you are okay with leaving your door open, then this may be best for them.

But if you want to keep your door closed, then have them sleep wherever they spend most of their nap time in.

Once you figure out their sleeping location, you now need to figure out what they like to sleep on. It can be either of the following:

  • Your bed
  • Dog bed
  • Crate
  • Other unusual spots

Other than their preference, you should also consider the pros and cons of each of these. Below is a more detailed explanation for these and it is up to you to decide which one to go for.

Sharing Your Bed With Your Shiba

This is option is not for everyone as it can make other fur parents uncomfortable. If your Shiba Inu loves to sleep close to you, then they will absolutely love this. This strengthens your bond with your furry friend, but this is not the only benefit it can bring.

According to research, sleeping with your pooch has a positive impact on your sleep and mental well-being. It can make you relax better so that you enjoy a deeper, peaceful sleep. It also lowers your heart rate and your stress levels.

Your Shiba Inu can also bring you a sense of security at night, making you worry less. Their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs. And because they are protective of their family, your Shiba will be your eyes and ears while you sleep.

But this is not the best option for you if you suffer from allergies. A Shiba sheds a lot, especially during shedding season. They will leave dander floating in the air and even on your sheets, so you need to clean more often.

Other than that, your Shiba will have accidents on your bed if they are not fully potty trained yet. So if your Shiba Inu is still learning, it is best if they have their sleeping area.

Other than that, your Shiba Inu can take up a lot of space in your bed. They will hog the sheets and sleep in unusual positions, pushing you off the bed. They may also snore or move around, making it difficult for you to get enough sleep.

Making Your Shiba Sleep in Their Bed

A dog bed allows your Shiba Inu to stretch their legs throughout the night. Dog beds come in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes, so there is bound to be one for your furry friend. The key here is to figure out what your Shiba Inu prefers.

You may want to go for a round or a dome dog bed. The former mimics the shape of the bed that they crate in the wild through digging. While the latter feels more den-like to your Shiba, so they will take a liking to it much faster.

You should also figure out the best bedding for your furry friend. They may prefer a softer, fluffier bed or a firmer bed. If your Shiba Inu is older, then an orthopedic bed may be best for them.

The good thing about giving them their bed is that your Shiba Inu knows where his sleeping spot is. This can be an advantage if you move houses or travel with your Shiba Inu. The familiarity their bed brings will help them sleep at night in a new environment.

Making Your Shiba Sleep in a Crate

Not only is a crate a useful tool for training your Shiba Inu. But it is also a comfy place for them to sleep in, as long as it is the right size.

A crate will put you at ease at night as you sleep. Your Shiba cannot get out to make a mess or do anything naughty. This will also prevent them from getting into harm’s way, like chewing on electrical wires.

Since a crate mimics a den, your Shiba will do their best to keep it clean. They will not poop or pee in it, because this is their instinct.

You can also keep the crate door open if you trust your Shiba Inu enough to be well-behaved at night. Place some fluffy blankets inside, and some plush toys, and their crate will be as cozy as it can be.

Letting Your Shiba Inu Choose Their Sleeping Spot

You should only do this if your Shiba Inu is fully-trained. But if you trust them to be on their best behavior, they can choose wherever they want to sleep in your home.

Some dogs will want to sleep on the cold, hard floor of the bathroom. Especially if the weather is getting too hot for them. The bathroom tiles will help them feel cooler.

Your Shiba Inu may also want to sleep in the living room. Lay down a nice, fluffy blanket on the floor and they are good to go! If you allow them on the couch, they may opt to sleep on it as well.

This is the best option for your Shiba if they want to switch up sleeping locations throughout the night. As long as they are safe and get enough sleep, then anywhere is fine.

Where Should My Shiba Inu Puppy Sleep?

While your Shiba Inu is still a puppy, the best place for them to sleep in is their crate. Do not make them sleep outside your room too, you should keep their crate close to your bed at night.

The main reason behind this is that your Shiba pup still cannot hold its bladder well. If you have them sleep somewhere else, they will have accidents around your home. This is an even bigger issue if you let them sleep beside you on your bed!

But by keeping them in a crate, they will try their best to keep it clean. As a den animal, your puppy will try not to soil their crate as they value its cleanliness. So if they do want to pee in the middle of the night, they will let you know.

Keeping their crate beside your bed is also crucial for two reasons.

One is that your Shiba Inu pup is still getting used to its new environment. They do not have their mother or littermates anymore, they only have you. You are now their source of comfort and security.

With this, they will want to stay near you all the time. Having them in the same room as you at night will put them at ease.

Another reason is that this will help you get into action right away if they need to pee at night. If you keep them in a separate room, you may not hear them telling you that they need to go to the potty. But keeping their crate beside you will make it easier for you to wake up and take them out to do their business.

Do not worry though, after all the necessary training, you can make them sleep elsewhere. After a few months, gradually let them get used to sleeping somewhere else in your home.

Do this by moving their crate further away from your bed at night. Then you can have them sleep by the door, leaving it open. Soon, you can have them sleep in a different room than you.

But you still need to figure out your furry friend’s preference by then. Do not force them if they do not like sleeping in a separate room. They may be unable to sleep well, which can lead to other issues down the road.

Why Do Shiba Inu Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Your Shiba Inu likes to sleep beside you for protection, security, warmth, and comfort. This is a residual trait from their ancestors that played a crucial role in their survival. Even today, they still have a strong pack mentality; now, you are their pack.

All the benefits of having them sleep beside you go both ways.

When your Shiba Inu is asleep, they are at their most vulnerable because they are unconscious. Should danger present itself, they cannot spring into action right away. But snoozing beside you makes them feel safe and secure because they know you will protect them.

But since you are part of their pack, you are also under your furry friend’s protection. Family is everything to this breed and they often worry about your safety. By being beside you at night, they can alert you whenever they sense anything unusual.

So while you are their source of security, they are also taking the role of your guard dog seriously.

Other than that, your Shiba Inu also sees you as a source of warmth and comfort. Especially on a chilly night, there is nothing better for them than to feel the warmth of your skin. This will help them cozy up in preparation for bedtime.

You may also feel the same way. Many people love having a warm, furry dog to snuggle up to on a cold night. To them, it helps them relax and wind down for a restful sleep.

Is It Safe to Sleep With a Shiba Inu?

It is safe for you to sleep with your Shiba Inu as long as both of you are healthy. The main concern of many is that they may get sick if they let their pooch sleep beside them. But this is a very rare occurrence, especially if you are conscious about their health.

A healthy Shiba Inu should not have any illnesses, fleas, ticks, or other parasites. Their vaccinations should also be up to date to protect them from dangerous diseases. Apart from these, you should also be taking your Shiba Inu to the vet regularly.

Your vet wants to see your furry friend at least once a year to ensure their good health. And they can only do this if they get to see your Shiba Inu from time to time. This will also let you know if they are healthy enough to keep sharing a bed with you!

Other than your Shiba Inu, you should also be healthy as well. If your immune system is down, you are more prone to getting sick. Unfortunately, this may come from the furry being that is hogging your sheets in the middle of the night.

Also, if you suffer from allergies, sharing a bed with your Shiba may not be the best idea. This breed is quite the shedder and this sends a lot of dander into the air, triggering your allergies. Having them twist and turn in your bed will also leave some dander on your sheets as well.

Keep in mind though that even if you and your furry friend are healthy, this may not be completely safe for them. If you like to move around in your sleep, you may hurt your Shiba by accident. You may lie down on them, push them off the bed, and more.

Should I Let My Shiba Inu Sleep With Me?

The decision to let your Shiba Inu is up to you, as long as you and your furry friend are healthy. If you are uncomfortable with this setup, then you do not have to do this. But if you are more open to the idea of sharing your bed with your lovable pooch, there are arguments for and against it.

There are benefits to sleeping with your lovable Shiba Inu, but this is not ideal in some cases. So below is a list of why this is beneficial for you, followed by why you should not share your bed with them.

Why You Would Want to Sleep Beside Your Shiba Inu

It Gives You a Sense of Security

Your Shiba Inu is a protective and loyal dog, and their instinct is to protect you and everyone they love. Knowing that having your furry friend beside you in the dead of the night may make you feel safer. This is especially if you live alone.

It helps that this breed is alert and hyperaware of its surroundings. If they sense that something is amiss, they will let you know right away.

It Lowers Your Stress Levels

Having your lovable pooch around you can lessen your stress and anxiety. This phenomenon is “the pet effect” and many pet owners can attest to this. Around 74 percent of them say that having a pet made their mental health better.

The effects of this are even greater when sleeping with your Shiba Inu. Cuddling with them at night triggers the release of oxytocin. This is one of the happy hormones and is why your Shiba can lift your mood.

This can also reduce your cortisol levels, the stress hormone. All these combined can make you feel calmer before hitting the hay!

It Can Reduce Your Insomnia

Do you suffer from insomnia due to your anxiety? Well, your furry friend may be able to help with that.

According to research, having a dog beside you in bed can relieve insomnia. This occurs by easing anxiety and lessening hypervigilance and hyperarousal. This puts you in a better headspace for sleep, thus fighting off insomnia.

It Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

You may be in bed, but how much time do you actually spend sleeping in it? If it is less, then your sleep is not as efficient as ideal. But according to one study, having your dog with you in bed helps you keep a better sleep routine.

Other than that, sleeping with them promotes the flow of certain hormones. Hormones such as oxytocin encourage theta brainwaves, which take place during REM sleep. This is the deepest sleep stage, where your brain is most active.

All this happens while your heartbeats are in sync. So when you wake up, both you and your Shiba will feel more refreshed than if you were to sleep without each other.

It Can Reduce Your Depressive Symptoms

Your Shiba Inu may not be an emotional support dog, but they can still improve your mental health. Studies show that having your furry friend by your side reduces depressive symptoms. This can also happen even when you are asleep.

Of course, this is not the cure for depression. But if your lovable Shiba can help even a bit, why not let them?

It Makes You Feel Less Lonely

Your Shiba Inu is your companion, sticking with you through thick and thin. If you sleep alone, having your furry friend beside you will combat loneliness. This is all while they keep you warm for extra comfort, helping you sleep.

It Strengthens Your Bond With Your Shiba Inu

Humans sleeping beside their canine companions is not a fad, it has been going on for many centuries. As a pack animal, there is nothing more that your Shiba wants than to feel like they are a part of your pack. By sharing your bed with them, they will know that you accept them as part of your family.

Why You Would Not Want to Sleep Beside Your Shiba Inu

With all the benefits of sleeping with your Shiba Inu, it may seem like a great idea for you to try. But there are certain factors to consider before you do. In some cases, this is not something you should be doing.

Here are those instances where you should not share your bed with your furry friend.

Your Shiba Inu Is Not Potty Trained

This one is a no-brainer, because your Shiba may have accidents in your bed. You would not want to wake up with your mattress soaking wet with urine.

This is why if your Shiba Inu is still a pup, it is best to have them sleep in a crate first. Only once they are potty trained can you even consider sharing a bed with them.

Either You or Your Shiba Has Health Issues

Getting sick because of your dog is rare, but it can still happen. If your Shiba is sick, they may pass it on to you. Some health issues in dogs are also contagious to humans.

If you are sick, then your immune system is weaker. Dogs pick up germs throughout the day and they may bring these to your bed. These microorganisms can worsen your condition.

You Have Severe Allergies

Dog owners who have mild allergies can get away with sharing their beds with their loving dogs. But if you have severe allergies, it is best to make your Shiba sleep elsewhere.

You can have them sleep in a crate or a dog bed. But if they want to be close to you during nighttime, then you can have them in the same room as you. Or, you can even have them close to your bed if they get anxious about sleeping far away from you.

You Are a Light Sleeper

Canines are not the most behaved furry creatures to share a bed with. They will twist and turn, run in their sleep, snore loudly, and more! This is a recipe for disaster if you are a light sleeper and you may lose sleep because of your Shiba Inu.

You Share a Bed With Your Partner

Depending on the size of your bed, you may not have enough space for your Shiba if you sleep beside another person. Chances are, one of you will get pushed down the bed, and this does not make for a restful sleep. But if your bed is big enough for three, then you can have your furry friend sleep with you two.

Should I Let My Shiba Inu Puppy Sleep With Me?

It may be tempting to have a cute and cuddly puppy with you in bed, but you must resist this urge! This will not set your Shiba Inu puppy up for success. Sharing your bed with them can mean potty accidents, make them dependent, and more.

Puppyhood is a crucial period for their social development, not only physical. It is when they learn life lessons so they do not exhibit behavioral issues as they grow. With this, how you handle your pup will make or break them, including where you let them sleep.

But is it that bad if you let your pup sleep beside you at night? Well, below is a list of consequences you may face if you do. It is then up to you to decide if this sleeping arrangement is a great idea for you.

Expect Potty Accidents to Happen

A puppy is still undergoing the process of potty training. Other than that, they still have small bladders and they cannot hold their pee long. This is a bad combination when you let them sleep in your bed for 8 hours or more.

When they sleep in their crate, they will not want to soil it because they see it as their den. They like to keep their den clean and so they will do their best to hold their pee or poop.

But your bed has such a huge space that they will not mind if it gets dirty. Until your pup is older and fully trained, then you should avoid having them sleep in your bed.

Disrupting Each Other’s Sleep

Because of their small bladder, your Shiba pup is not likely to sleep through the night. They may also move around a lot, trying to get comfortable for sleep. This is bad news for you if you are a light sleeper.

But this can also be an issue for them. Every move you make during sleep may also wake them up. Once they do, it will be hard for you to calm them down and put them back to sleep again.

You May Hurt Them in Your Sleep

Your Shiba Inu is still small and fragile as a puppy. It only takes rolling over them once to squish and hurt them in your sleep.

The worst-case scenario is that your puppy will need medical attention. But even if they are not physically harmed, your pup may get traumatized.

Your Bed Space Is Too Big for Their Comfort

How would you feel if you slept in the middle of a big, empty warehouse? Chances are, the space will make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. The same can happen to your Shiba Inu puppy sleeping on your big bed.

This does not make them feel safe, even if they are sleeping beside you. But if they are in their crate, with all four walls close to them, they feel more secure. This will help them settle down and this is a conducive space for sleep.

They Become Dependent and Overly Attached to You

Giving them their personal space teaches builds their confidence more than you think. Their space teaches them that it is okay to spend time alone, and it can be a fun time even without you.

But if you do not give them their haven, they will lose their sense of self. Everything will be about you, and they will want to do everything with you. Your puppy will then feel lost without you by its side.

When you wake up with them in bed, they will wake up with you. And almost immediately, they will get excited about what they will do with you for the day. This creates a puppy that is so co-dependent on you that they become downright needy.

But if they are in their crate, you wake up without having to worry about this. They have to wait for you before you open their crate, giving them time to calm down before going out. The way your pup starts their day can impact them more than many think.

This Increases Their Chances of Developing Separation Anxiety

Because they become so reliant on you, your Shiba will feel anxious when you are not around. They do not know what to do with their time without you, and this puts them in a state of panic.

But you cannot be with your puppy all the time, especially if you have to leave home for work. Leaving them frequently for long periods in this state can lead to separation anxiety. This will amplify the negative emotions they feel and this can lead to other issues.

With separation anxiety, your puppy can develop destructive and excessive behaviors. They may chew on everything in sight, dig holes everywhere, and more. Unfortunately, they do these to the point of self-injury.

They Will Want to Sleep in Your Bed for the Rest of Their Life

Once you give your puppy an opening to sleep in your bed, this setup is forever. They will see it as their sleeping space too and it will be hard to break this. Your bed is what they have known to sleep in at a young age, they do not know anything else other than this.

So if you introduce them to their bed later in life, chances are, they will reject it. No matter how cozy or expensive their new bed is, your pup will come crawling to your bed at the end of the day.

But giving them a separate space to sleep in will let them know where their personal space is. They will grow up gravitating toward the haven that you have provided for them.

Once they understand this setup, your Shiba will know that they do not have to be with you all the time. They feel secure and confident, and become independent. Only then can you make them sleep in your bed and they will not take it against you if you do not.

When Can My Shiba Inu Puppy Sleep With Me?

There are four signs to watch out for that tell you your Shiba pup is ready to share a bed with you. Your lovable pup cannot sleep with you right off the bat, you need to wait a bit for them to mature. It is not necessarily their age that tells you this, but it is the signs listed below.

Your Shiba Can Sleep Uninterrupted by Potty Breaks

This is one of the main considerations you have to look into. If they are potty trained and can hold their bladder through the night, they are ready to sleep with you. This is a reliable way to tell that your pup will not soil your bed at night.

Your Shiba Can Calmly Stay in Their Crate

Crate training your Shiba Inu puppy will teach them how to be independent and confident. Thus, they should feel relaxed, happy, and content staying in their personal space. This signals to you that they are mature enough to be away from you from time to time.

Once you see this, then your Shiba Inu can sleep in bed with you without dependence issues.

But if they still cry for you to let them out, then they are not ready yet. You should not give in to their request, as this will lead to bad behavior. Your pup will figure out that crying is how they can manipulate you to get what they want.

Your Shiba Is Not So Tiny Anymore

A puppy’s small size makes them fragile. One thing you have to worry about this is that you may roll over them in your sleep. This is a safety issue, which is why you have to wait until they are bigger to share a bed with them.

Your Shiba Inu Is Not Too Big for Your Bed

Before letting your Shiba pup sleep on your bed, consider its size as well. If you have a bed too small, there may not be enough space for you two. This can make sleeping difficult for both of you, and one of you may fall off the bed.

But if your bed is big enough for you two, then have your lovable pooch sleep with you! You need to make sure that your Shiba has enough space to move around in. Dogs tend to assume unusual positions in their sleep.

How Do I Get My Shiba Inu to Sleep Alone?

There are a few methods you can try to make your Shiba Inu sleep alone. But these methods will not be effective unless you prepared beforehand.

If you are having trouble with this below is a guide you can follow to help you out.


Choose the Right Bed for Them

The first thing you need to consider is your furry friend’s bed. There is no exact answer to what is best for them as this will depend on their preference.

Test out different bedding firmness for your Shiba Inu. They may like a softer one, or a harder one. Some even prefer sleeping on a blanket on the cold, hard floor.

You should also consider the sleeping positions your Shiba Inu likes. This will help you figure out the best bed shape for them.

If they like to curl up into a ball, then a bed not much bigger than their body is best. Ones with raised and soft side walls are best for trapping your buddy’s body heat. This makes them feel like they are being hugged, thus making them feel more secure.

If your Shiba likes to stretch their body asleep, then pick a flat, large bed. This will give them enough room to sprawl in so they do not feel restricted.

Make Their Sleeping Area Appealing

Placing their bed in a corner of the room makes your Shiba Inu feel more secure. They are vulnerable when asleep, so they may not like being in the middle of the room. This makes them feel like someone will sneak up on them while they are asleep.

Now you can surround your Shiba Inu with other cozy and familiar items. Provide them with a fluffy blanket, plush toys, and other items that they like.

Drain Their Energy Level Through Exercises

Make sure that your Shiba gets enough exercise during the day. And at night, spend some time playing with them to get rid of the remaining energy that they have. A tired Shiba Inu will be more enticed to go to their bed and sleep, without acting out.

Getting Your Shiba Into Their Bed

Crate Training

This is one of the most effective ways to get your Shiba Inu to sleep alone, no matter their age. A crate mimics a den, which dogs sleep in in the wild. Thus, it is instinctual for your buddy to sleep in an enclosed area like this.

But you cannot expect your furry friend to like being in their crate right away. You can only get them to accept their crate if you use positive reinforcement.

So the first step in this is to make them have a positive association with their crate. Gather up their favorite treats and prepare to give them lots of verbal praise.

First, stand near their crate and call your Shiba Inu to come to you. When they do, give them a treat. Keep doing this and each time you do, go closer and closer to their crate.

Once you reach their crate, place some treats inside and ask your Shiba to get them. They will go out each time they get their treat, but let them do this first. Keep repeating this process until your Shiba is comfortable going in their crate.

Now place some treats and toys in the crate and have your Shiba Inu come in to get them. But this time, try closing the door for a bit and see how they react. Open the crate door after a few moments and then let them out.

Practice this, increasing the time you keep the crate door closed each time. Once your Shiba does not make a fuss about this, you can close the door on them and leave the room. Do this for a few minutes first, then come back and open the crate.

Again, keep increasing the time they spend inside their crate again. If your Shiba Inu can spend an hour in their crate, then you can do this at night.

The crate teaches your Shiba Inu that it is okay for them to be alone, even when sleeping at night. The steps above make the process positive for them, so they are more open to this idea.

Command Them to Go to Their Bed

This method also makes use of gradually getting your Shiba comfortable in their bed. But instead of increasing the time like in the previous method, you are focusing on distance here.

If you have not picked a spot for their bed yet, now is the time. Once you have, stand next to the bed and then call your Shiba Inu to you.

Then, say a verbal command like “bed” to get them to go to their bed. Your Shiba may not understand at first. But point to their bed while saying this and they will understand what you are trying to say in time.

Once they do step on their bed, give them a treat and give them plenty of verbal praise. This will help them have positive associations with their bed. With this, they will get encouraged to follow you whenever you say your bed command.

Keep practicing this until your Shiba Inu follows your command without fail. Next, try to inch away from their bed while commanding your Shiba Inu.

Keep on increasing your distance from the bed whenever you make them go there. Remember to give them a reward whenever you do to further encourage them in doing this.

In time, you will reach a point where you can command them to go to their bed, even if you are not in the room. Now you can practice this at night to prepare them for bedtime.

When they listen to you, give them a treat and say good night. Otherwise, keep on sending your Shiba to bed, and make sure you say your command in a loud and clear voice.

Give this a few days, you cannot expect your Shiba to follow right away. But soon, your Shiba will learn that you mean business. And when you say your bed command, that means they need to stay in their bed for nighttime already.

Do Shiba Inu Like to Sleep in a Dog Bed?

Due to their independent nature, your Shiba Inu likes to sleep in their bed. Much more if you made the effort to pick a dog bed according to their preference. This gives them a space to sleep in with privacy and in peace.

After all, this breed likes to take naps like a cat. They love to sleep as much as they love gobbling up their meals. And they may not get quality sleep if they sleep in bed with you or if they sleep on the hard floor.

What Kind of Beds Do Shiba Inu Like?

There is no definite answer to this as each Shiba Inu will like a different kind of dog bed. This will depend on your furry friend’s preference and also their sleeping position. With this, you may need to test out a few dog beds to figure out what your Shiba likes.

There are various dog beds on the market for you to choose from. They come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. But the more important factor to consider here is the bedding of their bed.

It may help you to get some insight into these before going to the pet store to pick out a dog bed for your pooch. With this, below is a list of your options for your furry friend’s bed.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

This may be the best bed for your Shiba Inu, especially if they suffer from joint issues. An orthopedic dog bed distributes its weight throughout the surface. Thus, this relieves pressure on your furry friend’s joints.

There are various types of orthopedic beds and you are bound to find one your Shiba likes. These beds are of the finest quality materials for extra comfort. But it is because of this that orthopedic dog beds are quite expensive.

Still, consider this as an investment for your Shiba Inu. If it means that this will improve their sleep quality, then you may want to consider this.

Soft Dog Beds

This is probably the most popular dog bed that dog owners gravitate toward buying. A soft, fluffy bed is comfortable for humans, so why not get one for your Shiba Inu? While this is a cozy option, there are cons to this bed type.

One is that soft dog beds tend to get too warm for your Shiba Inu, especially during the summer. If the hotter season comes in, your furry friend may prefer to nap on the cold, hard bathroom floor.

Other than that, these trap in scents easily. This breed may be clean, but they may still have that dog scent and this can stick to their bed. Because it absorbs scents, a soft dog bed may also encourage your Shiba to mark their bed.

Unfortunately, soft dog beds are also hard to clean. So this is not the most practical dog bed to choose, no matter how cozy it is.

Soft dog beds also feel like stuffed toys, and your Shiba Inu may think that it is one. With this, there is a chance that your Shiba will attack their soft bed. They will chew on it, dig it, and destroy their bed in the process.

Cooling Dog Beds

If you notice that your Shiba likes sleeping on the cold floor, then you may want to consider cooling beds. These are especially helpful if you live in a hotter climate, or if summers can get too warm where you live.

High temperatures can make it hard for your Shiba to settle in and sleep. But it can also lead to heatstroke, which is a serious medical emergency.

There are two types of dog beds, water beds, and gel beds. Both are great at keeping your Shiba Inu cool. They also have added cushioning for your Shiba to lie down on.

But these dog beds also have their downsides.

One is that your Shiba Inu is not used to the sensation of stepping on these beds. It feels weird, because it may move around more. So you need to take the time to train them to like their new bed.

Other than that, your Shiba Inu may chew on their bed or dig in it. This will render the cooling bed useless, depending on the damage it took.

Another thing to consider is that the moisture of the bed may attract molds. While this is not an issue if you clean their bed regularly, this is still a point of concern. It may also not be the most practical dog bed out there.

Heating Dog Beds

The opposite of cooling beds, heating beds keep your Shiba warm during chilly seasons. If you experience unbearable cold nights where you live, this may be a great option for your Shiba.

While it is nice to keep your furry friend warm, heating dog beds have weaknesses too.

One is that most of them need a power source. This can limit where you can place your furry friend’s bed.

And because these have a power cord, it can be hazardous to your Shiba. They may end up chewing the cord, harming them in the process.

What Is the Best Dog Bed Material for a Shiba Inu?

Dog beds come in a variety of materials, but the best one for your Shiba Inu is a plastic one. These are durable and easy to clean, so plastic dog beds are a practical option for you. They are also less prone to parasite infestations, such as fleas and ticks.

But plastic dog beds are not the most comfortable for your Shiba Inu to sleep in. So you need to pick comfy beddings for their plastic dog bed. Make it extra cozy by adding fluffy blankets for them to snuggle up to.

Avoid getting your Shiba Inu leather, fabric, or wicker dog beds. Your furry friend may chew on their bed from time to time. These materials break easily, and your Shiba may ingest broken pieces, causing obstructions.

What Size Dog Bed for a Shiba Inu?

A standard-sized, adult Shiba Inu will need a medium dog bed that is 25 by 35 inches (635 by 889 mm). But if your Shiba Inu is smaller or larger, this may not be the best dog bed size for them. To get the ideal-sized bed for them, you need to measure your Shiba Inu.

To do this, grab a soft tape measure and measure your Shiba from the tip of their nose to the base of the tail. Keep in mind that your Shiba should be standing up as you measure them.

Then add 15 to 30 centimeters to those measurements. This is necessary so that your Shiba has enough room to move around in their dog bed. Now with the added-up measurements, you can find the right dog bed size for them!

Can Shiba Inu Sleep Outside?

While your Shiba Inu can sleep outside, this is not the best sleeping setup for them. This breed is extremely loyal to its owners, and they want to protect them all the time. But your Shiba Inu cannot do this if they sleep so far away from you.

Other than that, your Shiba Inu has a strong pack mentality. If they spend most of their time outside and away from you, it will take a toll on their well-being. To them, you are the most important thing in their life so it is best to make them sleep indoors.

Having your Shiba Inu sleep outside is also a question of their safety. One is that it may get too cold or too hot for them. Although they have a double coat for insulation, this may not be enough for harsh weather.

Your Shiba Inu is also quite the curious dog. They may eat snow, dirt, and everything else that catches their attention. This will harm them as they do not know if the stuff they put in their mouth is safe for them.

This breed is also notorious for being an escape artist, and they are pretty good at it. You may pay them a visit one day only to find that they are gone! This is dangerous as they may get into an accident, get lost, and other scary situations.

With this, it is best to keep your furry friend indoors. It is not only the safest for them, but it is also the best for their well-being.

Why Do Shiba Inu Sleep on Their Backs?

Your Shiba Inu sleeping on their back can mean several things, such as them trying to cool off. Dogs assume some odd sleeping positions, and each of them means something. But sleeping on their back is one of the best ones you can witness for good reasons.

Your Shiba Inu Is Cooling Down

On a hot day, your furry friend will try to find ways to cool down. There are two reasons why lying down on their backs can help with this. One is that the fur on their tummy is thinner and another is to expose their paws to the air.

The sparser fur on their tummy works in combination with the dilation of the blood vessels. When this happens, the blood flow goes to their skin, where it is cooler. This brings heat away from their body, dissipating in the air instead.

Other than that, your Shiba Inu only sweats through their paws. Putting them up in the air allows for cooling by evaporating the sweat.

So if you see your Shiba Inu lying down like this on a hot day, you may want to help them cool down. Bring a fan near them to allow for more breeze to come their way. Or, you can turn on the air conditioning for their comfort.

Your Shiba Inu Feels Safe and Secure

You will never find your furry friend laying on their back in a place they do not feel safe. This position leaves them vulnerable as it exposes their vital organs. Other than that, it also does not allow them to jump into action when they perceive a threat.

So if you see your Shiba like this, it means that they are a hundred percent relaxed. Consider this as a compliment, as you have created a safe home environment for them to do so.

Your Shiba Inu Is Showing Affection

Since this is a vulnerable position, your Shiba Inu is showing you that they trust you when they sleep like this. Gaining their trust takes time and the fact that they feel safe around you is a testament to their love for you.

Your Shiba Inu Feels Comfortable

This sleeping position allows their muscles to completely relax. It removes tension from their joints and muscles, so this feels good for them.

Your Shiba Inu Is Submitting to You

This behavior comes from their ancestors, where there is always an alpha in the pack. If one dog shows their belly to another, it means that they are showing submission. They are letting the other know that they are the boss.

So when your Shiba Inu does this, they are letting you know that you are their alpha. It is also them telling you that they are harmless and they mean well.

You may also notice this behavior whenever they do something naughty. They are trying to appease you, asking for your mercy by showing you their tummy.

Your Shiba Inu Is Asking for Attention

This smart breed will learn what it needs to do to drive your focus toward them. If you always give them belly rubs when they flop onto their back, then they will take note of this. This is because you are reinforcing their behavior by giving them attention.

Now, this may not be the most annoying way of catching your attention. So it is up to you whether you want to train them out of this or not.

Is It Ok for Shiba Inu to Sleep on Their Back?

Letting your Shiba Inu sleep on their back is not something to worry about. They like to sleep in various positions, and this may be one of the most comfortable ones for them.

But if your Shiba Inu suffers from arthritis, you may want to help them get more comfortable. They may be doing this to feel some relief in their joints.

To get them more comfortable, provide them with an orthopedic dog bed. Lying down on one will help relieve tension from their aching joints. These may be expensive beds, but it is a wise investment for the comfort of your loving pooch.

Why Do Shiba Inu Dig in Bed?

Bed digging is a way for your Shiba Inu to make their bed more comfortable. Like how you would fluff your pillow, they also dig their bed to their liking to prepare for a nap. But this behavior can also mean several other things, which are all listed below.

Digging Is an Ancestral Instinct

Your furry friend’s ancestors did not have the luxury of sleeping in a cozy dog bed. They had to look for shelter and make their beds so they could get a restful sleep.

Digging is their way of making the ground comfier for them to lie down on. They dig away any rock, stick, or other objects that are painful to lie down on. Other than that, this also unearths predators, like snakes, that are hiding underneath.

While your Shiba Inu does not have to do this anymore, sometimes, they follow their instincts. Especially since they are a basal breed and more connected to their ancestors.

Digging Helps in Regulating Their Body Temperature

Your Shiba Inu digs whenever they feel too hot or too cold. This way, they unearth a cooler or warmer surface for them to sleep on. So whenever temperatures get too extreme, you may want to help them stay warm or cool.

Digging Is a Way to Mark Their Bed

The bottom of your buddy’s feet has scent glands that secrete their unique pheromones. By digging on their bed, they are spreading this scent to mark their territory. This is their way to tell other dogs in your home to back off from their bed because it is their territory.

Digging Is a Way to Relieve Their Pain

Does your Shiba Inu suffer from musculoskeletal problems? If so, digging is their way to look for a pain-free position to sleep in.

Arthritis is common in older dogs, and those who suffer from this have chronic pain. Your Shiba Inu may have this condition, so make sure to take them to the vet. Other than that, this breed is also prone to other musculoskeletal issues. This includes hip dysplasia, and this is a common hereditary condition in the breed.

Your Shiba Inu does not have to be old to have issues with their joints. So make sure to take them to the vet if you suspect that they suffer from one.

Digging Helps Them Hide

When your Shiba feels like hiding, they will dig a den in their bed. This may not be useful now, since they live in the comfort of your home. But this is another survival tactic in the wild that remains today.

Digging Helps Them Find Hidden Treasure

Your Shiba Inu is quite the curious dog. When they sense something hiding under their bed, they will investigate it. One way they do this is by digging to unearth their treasure!

They may find hidden toys, food leftovers, bones, and more hiding under their blanket or bed. But once they find their treasure, the digging should stop.

Digging May Be a Sign of Anxiety

Dogs tend to exhibit excessive and compulsive behaviors when anxious. One of them is digging or pawing at anything that they want to. This is your furry friend’s attempt to calm themselves down.

They may get anxious at the moment. The sound of fireworks may put them in a panicked state. But if this happens without a clear reason, then you should take your Shiba Inu to the vet.

Why Do Shiba Inu Sleep Under Covers?

Like digging this is another instinctual behavior for your Shiba to feel warm and safe. This is what their ancestors did in the wild, and staying under the sheets makes them feel like they are in a den.

While your Shiba does not need to burrow in your home, you may catch them doing this from time to time. As a pet, they may do this more for warmth rather than security.

Other than this, the pressure the blanket puts on them makes them feel comfy. It hugs their body, making them feel like they are being swaddled.

This also ties into your furry friend’s pack mentality. In the wild, dogs sleep together in a pack. When you are under the sheets, your Shiba may follow suit to huddle up to you, their pack leader.

But there is one worrying reason why your Shiba may burrow under your sheets. Your buddy may also do this out of fear, this is their way of hiding from a scary situation.

The most common reason for this is a loud and unsettling sound. Your Shiba may hear fireworks or thunderstorms that can drive them to cower away.

So take the time to assess your environment. Once you find the trigger, it is time to remove your Shiba Inu from the situation.