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Everything You Need to Know About French Bulldog Sleep (All the Details)

Many Frenchie owners worry about their companion's sleeping habits. This is understandable, they nap their way throughout the day. Since sleep is crucial to their health, you should know what habits are odd for your furry companion.
Everything You Need to Know About French Bulldog Sleep

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French Bulldogs are big sleepy heads. They have personalities that shine even in their weird sleeping positions. But their long sleep hours can concern even dog lovers. Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about.

What is more worrying is that even in their sleep, they want to be beside you. There are many things with your Frenchie’s sleeping habits that you should know about. So to help them get the quality sleep they need, read on.

Do French Bulldogs Love to Sleep?

When they say that a tired Frenchie is a happy Frenchie, it is because they can sleep comfortably. Their love for sleep is what makes them perfect apartment dogs. They are content with lounging and napping the day away until you come home.

But keep in mind, your Frenchie’s sleeping habits depend on a few factors. Knowing these factors will let you know what is normal for your Frenchie’s naps.


Depending on their age, Frenchies will sleep more or less. Puppies tend to sleep more than adults. And once your Frenchie becomes a senior, they will go back to sleeping more


Frenchies who are more active may need to nap more to recharge their energy level. Those who have a more sedentary lifestyle may not nap as much. This can lead to unwanted behaviors if they get bored while awake.

Environmental Changes

Frenchies may sleep less in response to changes in the household. Moving houses, a new family member, and death are a few things that can stress them out. Also, Frenchies who have separation anxiety may sleep much less.


Certain health issues can change your Frenchie’s sleeping habits. Older Frenchies are more susceptible to developing these, so they sleep more. The following are a few health issues that can cause excessive sleepiness:

  • Canine Depression
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Sleep Apnea Due to Obesity

There are a lot more other illnesses that can make your Frenchie sleep more than usual. This is why observing your Frenchie’s sleeping habits is important to their health.

Do French Bulldogs Nap a Lot?

Many people regard Frenchies as a lazy breed, but that is because they love napping a lot. And it may surprise you that when they are awake, they can get pretty hyper.

They make the most out of their energy while awake, so they will play and run around when they can. But since they are a low-energy breed, this energy can wear out fast. That is why they need constant naps throughout the day to recharge.

It is alarming if your Frenchie is wide awake for 10 hours or more in a day. This is not a normal sleeping habit for them since they have to nap a lot.

When a Frenchie is sleep-deprived, their immune system becomes weak. This makes them prone to getting sick and developing serious health issues. So if you notice that your Frenchie is not napping as much anymore, take them to the vet for a check-up.

How Many Hours a Day Should a French Bulldog Sleep?

Adult Frenchies sleep anywhere between 10 to 14 hours a day. While older Frenchies need to sleep at around 15 to 18 hours a day since they easily get tired.

Your Frenchie’s energy levels will go down once they reach seniorhood. This is why older Frenchies go back to sleeping like puppies.

Another reason is that Frenchies become prone to health issues as they age. Their bodies are working so much, so it needs to recover with sleep. Both short-term and long-term illnesses have this effect on Frenchies.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Sleep at Night?

Frenchies can sleep 7 hours at night uninterrupted, but this can vary. While some can sleep as long as you do during the night, others cannot.

The most common reason for this is that they have slept enough during the day. So when it is bedtime, they do not feel tired enough.

This is why you should provide your Frenchie with means to keep themselves active during the day. If you cannot play with them because you are at work, interactive toys will do. And if your Frenchie has other furry companions, they will keep each other active while you are away.

Older Frenchies may find it hard to sleep through the night. They cannot hold their bladders as well as they used to. So they may take frequent trips to the bathroom at night.

This can also be true for younger or adult Frenchies. Stress, health issues, and medications can make them pee more than usual.

Why Does My French Bulldog Sleep So Much?

You may think that your Frenchie is sleeping too much, but it is normal for them to spend most of the day sleeping. They are only awake for about 30 percent of the day.

For a breed that can sleep as much as 20 hours a day, it is not unusual to ask yourself if there is something wrong with them. But do not expect them to sleep as long as you do, as they have different sleeping patterns.

Frenchies only get about 10 percent of REM sleep whenever they are snoozing. While humans get 25 percent of REM sleep to compare.

This means that they can nap whenever they feel like it and wake up completely alert. But that would mean that they need to sleep more to make up for the incomplete REM sleep that they had.

As long as your Frenchie sleeps within the normal range (10-14 hours per day), you should not worry. If they are sleeping more than usual, it can be due to stress or underlying health problems. To pinpoint the cause, you should visit your Frenchie’s vet.

Is It Normal for French Bulldogs to Sleep All Day?

Frenchies spend half of their day sleeping because they need a lot of rest. It is because of their love for sleep that many regard Frenchies as a lazy breed. If your Frenchie naps a lot throughout the day, this is their normal sleeping habit so you should not worry.

You should only worry when your Frenchie presents abnormal sleeping habits. This includes the following:

  • Constant and Quick Breathing While Sleeping
  • Difficulty Waking Them up After Ample Sleep
  • Convulsions
  • Persistent Eye-Rolling
  • Being Wide Awake for More Than 10 Hours
  • Abnormal Sleep Cycles

How Many Hours of Sleep Does a French Bulldog Need?

Frenchies can regulate their sleep times on their own, relying on their body clock. As long as they are healthy, they should get the right amount of sleep themselves.

For adult Frenchies, this would be around 10 to 14 hours per day. While puppies and older Frenchies need more, at around 15 to 19 hours a day. Some can even sleep as much as 20 hours per day.

Of course, this will also depend on factors other than age. Especially if your Frenchie has a health issue. If your Frenchie does have one, it is best to talk to your vet about this.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Settle at Night?

The key to a good night’s rest for your Frenchie is to tire them out. If your Frenchie is not tired before bedtime, they will not sleep and you may not be able to as well.

So play with them right before your bedtime! This releases all the energy that they have accumulated with naps throughout the day. It does not even have to be a long playtime, 10 to 20 minutes will do for their low energy.

Other than that, there are other ways that you can help your Frenchie to sleep through the night. Below are a few of them.

Crate Training

To your Frenchie, their crates are like their own rooms. This is where they are most comfortable and where they feel protected. Having their safe space to go to is one of their canine instincts.

The first step in this is to make their crates appealing to them. A quiet and cozy place of their own will help them to sleep at night.

Comfortable Dog Bed

You should not underestimate the magic that a cozy dog bed can do. If you want a soft bed for yourself, your Frenchie also wants one.

Figuring out the perfect dog bed that fits your Frenchie’s preference can take time. But cotton-filled beds are the best to start with.

If your Frenchie is older, you may want to invest in orthopedic dog beds. Especially if they have arthritis or joint pains. This will make sleeping more comfortable for them as it eases their pain, even a bit.


Setting up a night routine and schedule can help regulate your Frenchie’s body clock. With a routine, they will know exactly what is going to happen and when. And with an intelligent breed like Frenchies, they will quickly learn this.

So schedule their bedtime and figure out what you can do before going to bed. You can insert playtime as part of your night rituals, which is effective in tiring them out.

Comfort Toys

As a clingy breed, Frenchies can get attached to anything that brings them comfort, even if it is a stuffed toy. Having their comfort toy beside them as they sleep will help to ease their anxiety. This can help you and your Frenchie to sleep uninterrupted at night.

Sleep Beside Them

This is especially helpful for Frenchies with anxiety. As their fur parent, you are their greatest source of comfort. Being able to feel your warmth and cuddle with you at night should bring them ease.

Do French Bulldog Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Frenchie puppies sleep way more than adults. Having more energy means that they are spending more time playing. This leads to more and longer naps throughout the day for them to recharge.

Puppies can sleep for hours and hours and this is necessary for their growth and immune system. So you should not worry about their sleeping habits. Relish the moment while they are asleep because it will get rowdy when they wake up.

How Many Hours Should a French Bulldog Puppy Sleep?

As puppies, it is normal for Frenchies to sleep around 18 to 19 hours per day. This unusual sleeping behavior is necessary for a rapidly growing pup.

Other than that, puppies have too much energy for their bodies to handle. So they may be playing with their toys one minute, then sleep without you noticing it.

Why Does My French Bulldog Puppy Sleep So Much?

Since your puppy’s body is going through a lot with its rapid development, it needs to rest and recover. When your Frenchie pup is awake, they take up a lot of energy too.

Other than playing, they also use energy to explore the world. Constantly analyzing new sounds, smells, and sights take a toll on them.

If you are trying to socialize your puppy, all the information they take in can be overwhelming for them. And at this young age is when most of the training should happen. They have to learn from you, all the behaviors you want and do not want.

With all that they go through during their waking hours, they need to sleep. Not only to recharge but also to process all that has happened during the day. This is when they can store all that they have learned in their brains.

So if you think your Frenchie puppy is sleeping too much, they are probably not. You will know if they sleep too much when they have no energy after waking up from a nap. They should be happy and playful after snoozing.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog Puppy to Sleep at Night?

You need to wear down your Frenchie pup before bedtime since they have weird sleep cycles. Puppies find it hard to sleep through the night, but you can train them to.

As they grow older, their sleep will sync with yours. Until then, here are ways you can help your puppy to get a good night’s sleep.

Play Before Bedtime

Spend some time playing with your Frenchie throughout the evening. At least 10 minutes will do to for their short attention spans.

For dinner, you can use a puzzle feeder or a slow feeder bowl. Making it tricky for them to eat their meals will get them to work their brains. But make sure that this is not too difficult as they may give up trying.

You can also play with your Frenchie right before bedtime. One last release of excess energy will make them want to snooze right away.

Give Them a Comfort Blanket

Puppies used to sleep with their litter and mothers. So this may be the reason why your Frenchie cannot sleep at night. You can give your pup a fluffy blanket to mimic the sensation of sleeping beside them.

Cover Their Crate

A dog’s sleep cycle is also influenced by melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Their bodies release melatonin when it’s dark, which starts at night.

Lights in your home, even from your phone, can affect the release of this hormone. So having a crave cover for your Frenchie can prevent this from happening.

Potty Break Before Bed

Frenchie pups have small bladders, so they may need to go on frequent trips to the toilet. To help prevent this, take them for a potty break before you sleep.

Calming Bedtime Ritual

Canine behaviors like sniffing, chewing, and licking are all soothing to your Frenchie. You can use this to your advantage and calm them down before bedtime.

Freezing their meals will make your Frenchie lick their food more. But you can also use a licking mat and their favorite treat for this. You can get creative and see what works!

Use White Noise

There are many playlists online made to lull your Frenchie to sleep. This can also help to distract them from other noises in the house, some of which may scare them. Figuring out your puppy’s preference will take time, but it is worth a try.

When Do French Bulldog Puppies Start Sleeping Through the Night?

Frenchie puppies will start to sleep uninterrupted at night at around 4 months old. This will depend on your Frenchie. But you can speed up the process if you start training them at an early age.

Where Do French Bulldogs Like to Sleep?

There are areas that your Frenchie may nap in more than others, like your sofa. As a breed who loves to sleep, Frenchies have certain places in your home that they love to snooze on, but why?

Below are common places that Frenchies go for a nap and why they like them.

On Soft Surfaces

Frenchies love to lie down in soft places as humans do. So they will hop on your bed or sofa to get a good nap.

Close to the Heater or Aircon

As a brachycephalic breed, Frenchies cannot regulate their body temperature well. So during the winter, you will find them nestled near the heater for warmth. And during hotter seasons, they will nap near the aircon or fan to cool down.

Where Should My French Bulldog Puppy Sleep?

Frenchie puppies should have a soft and cozy place to sleep in a quiet place. You can even have sleep beside you if you want them to.

No matter where your Frenchie sleeps, it should be in a cozy and quiet place to make them comfortable. They should have a soft and cuddly bed to lie down on too that is slightly elevated. If your puppy has a crate, you should keep these in mind

It will also help if you leave them comfort toys and a piece of your used clothing. This will make them feel at ease since they can smell you while they are off to dreamland.

But a lot of puppies will also want to sleep beside you. They are still getting used to sleeping away from their mothers and littermates. Having you, their fur parent, beside them will ease their distress.

Why Do French Bulldogs Like to Sleep With Their Owners?

Since Frenchies are companion dogs, it is natural for them to desire to sleep beside you. They are very affectionate so they will want to cuddle with you and feel your warmth while sleeping. And if you have been showing them lots of love, they will want to sleep beside you even more.

Another reason is that they see you as the leader of their pack. Their instinct is to seek protection as sleeping is when they are vulnerable. They know that you are their protector, so they will snuggle up to you for this.

Is It Safe to Sleep With a French Bulldog?

According to experts, you can let your Frenchie sleep beside you if you want to. It is a great way to bond with your Frenchie and it can have a positive impact on your mental health. As long as you do not run over them while you are sleeping, they can sleep in your bed without problems.

Should I Let My French Bulldog Sleep With Me?

Having your Frenchie sleep in bed with you is a matter of preference. You can if you want to and having them sleep beside you is comforting. Especially if you have issues with your mental health or sleep disorders.

But of course, it is not that simple. To help you decide, here are the factors that you should consider.

They Snore A Lot

Your Frenchie’s snores can be adorable until it wakes you up in the middle of the night. But they cannot help it, their deformed face shape restricts their airflow. If you are a light sleeper, this may not be a good idea.

They Fart A Lot

Frenchies are prone to flatulence. This can be due to their sensitive stomachs or it can be due to the way they eat. Chances are, you will wake up because of their stinky farts.

They Invade Your Space

It may surprise you that they take up much of your bed space even if they are not that big. Frenchies love to stretch when they are asleep, leaving you less bed space.

Another thing to consider is your personal space. They will push themselves into your face whether you like it or not. This can be an issue if you sleep with your partner.

They Can Trigger Allergies

If you are an allergy sufferer, keep in mind that Frenchies are not hypoallergenic. They shed quite a bit, leaving dander all over your bed. And even if you are not allergic to dogs, their fur can trap pollen, dirt, or dust that can trigger your allergies.

They Can Get Hot

While this is great for winter, sleeping with your Frenchie in the summertime is a nightmare. They can get very warm, which can disrupt your sleep.

They Can Get Harmed

Both you and your Frenchie move around when asleep, so they can get physically hurt if you share a bed with them. You can roll over them at night without you noticing. Or they can get caught in the sheets when they roll around, injuring themselves.

They Get Too Attached

Once your Frenchie gets so used to sleeping with you, they may get separation problems. An over-attachment to you can lead to separation anxiety. And this is the cause of many unwanted behaviors in Frenchies, including aggression.

Should I Let My French Bulldog Puppy Sleep With Me?

It is not the best idea to let your Frenchie puppy sleep with you. As tempting as it is, this does not help in teaching them to be independent. If your puppy gets used to sleeping with you, it will be hard to get them to sleep in their dog bed as adults.

Also, they will grow up to struggle whenever you are away. Like adults, this can lead to separation anxiety, which can be crippling for your Frenchie.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Sleep Alone?

Making your Frenchie sleep in their beds needs a lot of your effort and time. It can be hard, but with consistency, your affectionate companion will get there. Below are the necessary steps to take to teach them how to sleep alone.

Use The Right Bed

Make your Frenchie’s bed more inviting to them! Get a dog bed that is right for their size and is soft to tempt them to get in. Throw in some stuffed toys and a fluffy blanket for comfort and this will make their bed more appealing.

Pick the Best Sleeping Spot

You should place their dog bed near yours, so they feel at ease sleeping alone. Once you have chosen a spot, do not move it anymore. Their own space makes them feel secure and relaxed, so moving it will make them feel insecure.

Prepare for Sleep

Timing is everything, so make sure they had enough time to digest their dinner before going to sleep. This way, you can take them for a potty break before they sleep. A routine like this will help them know what to expect, so they are more open to your commands.

Use Verbal Commands

Tell your Frenchie to go to their beds before bedtime every night. Make sure to reward them if they listen so they will have a positive association with their beds. Do this at around the same time at night for them to learn their night routine.

Give Them Your Used Shirt

Your smell brings your Frenchie comfort and reduces their anxiety. This will help if your Frenchie is afraid of sleeping in their beds alone.

Do French Bulldogs Like to Sleep in a Dog Bed?

While they would prefer to sleep beside you, Frenchies can learn to like sleeping in their beds. This requires consistent and repetitive training. As long as you know what your Frenchie’s bed preferences are, that is a good start.

What Is the Best Bed for a French Bulldog?

There is no cut-and-dry answer to this. The best dog bed for your Frenchie will depend on their needs and their likes. It is up to you and your companion to figure out what works best.

But not any dog bed will do. Since this you have to tailor it to your Frenchie, here are factors you should consider:

  • Your Frenchie’s Size: The dog bed should be big enough for your Frenchie to move around in. Frenchies like to stretch and change positions, so this is important.
  • Your Frenchie’s Health: Older Frenchies may have joint problems like arthritis. For them, the best dog bed is an orthopedic bed which eases their joint pains.
  • The Bed’s Durability: Frenchies are huge chewers and their beds cannot get away from this. Make sure their bed can withstand their bites.
  • Cleaning The Bed: For messy Frenchies, their beds can easily get dirty. There are beds with removable covers to help cut down your cleaning time.
  • Bed Style: You can opt for dog beds that are covered if your Frenchie likes enclosed spaces.

What Size Bed for a French Bulldog?

For a standard-sized French Bulldog, a medium bed size will work. But some Frenchies may be smaller or larger, so it is best to know your Frenchie’s measurements. Keep in mind that male Frenchies are larger than females, so you may need to size up or down depending on their sex.

Can French Bulldogs Sleep Outside?

Frenchies are indoor dogs so they should not sleep outside under any circumstances. Even keeping them outside for a long time is not a good idea.

The main concern is that they cannot handle hot or cold weather well. They have short furs that do not provide them enough insulation for the cold. And they have restricted airways that will not help them cool down efficiently when it is hot.

Another concern is that this companion breed will get depressed when left outdoors a lot. They thrive on human interactions so depriving your Frenchie is cruel.

Why Does My French Bulldog Sleep on His Back?

Frenchies will sleep on their backs when it is hot so they can cool down. You will see them do this more often during the summer when it gets too warm.

The only sweat glands dogs have are in their paws. Also, the fur on their bellies is thinner and sparser. So by lying down on their backs, they expose their paws and bellies to the air. This maximizes their way of cooling down.

Any dog breed will do this, but this is especially important for Frenchies. A consequence of being a brachycephalic breed is that they cannot cool down properly. Other dogs do this better by breathing, but Frenchies have inefficient airflow.

Also, Frenchies are prone to obesity. Dogs with excess weight have trouble cooling off since they have too much fluff in the way.

Another reason for this position is that they feel safe in their surroundings. Leaving their internal organs exposed is dangerous if they are in an unsafe place. They cannot get up quick enough to protect themselves.

But they will do this in a safe environment with people and other furry companions that they trust. So if you see your Frenchie exposing their belly to you, take it as a compliment.

Is It Bad for French Bulldogs to Sleep on Their Backs?

Lying down on their backs is a good way for your Frenchie to regulate their body temperature. Most dogs do this without risks.

The only issue is if they sleep on their backs in an unfamiliar place. They will not be able to spring into action when there is some threat. But they are smart enough not to do this, so you should not worry about this.

Why Do French Bulldogs Dig the Bed?

Digging beds is a presleep ritual that dogs do to make their bed more comfortable. There are various reasons behind this behavior including the following:

Regulating Their Body Temperature

Depending on the weather, your Frenchie will look for a cooler or warmer spot to rest. If you live in a place with an extreme climate, consider getting a heater or a fan near your Frenchie’s bed.


It is in your Frenchie’s canine instinct to build a den where they can hide. Their ancestors did this in the wild to protect themselves from other animals. While your Frenchie does not need to do this, their instincts are still strong.

Marking Their Territory

Your Frenchie’s paws have a unique odor to them. So when they are pawing at their bed, they are trying to spread this to claim their spot. This reason is likely for households with many dogs.


If your Frenchie is pregnant, they are trying to prepare for their babies. They create a nest using their bed and blanket so that their puppies have a comfortable place to sleep in.

Fluffing Their Bed

Frenchies will also try to fluff their beds as humans do with their pillows. Once they have the arrangement that they like, they will circle around and then lie down to snooze.

Why Do French Bulldogs Like to Sleep Under the Covers?

Frenchies will burrow themselves under the covers for protection. This is because sleeping is when your Frenchie is most vulnerable. It can also be because it is chilly and they are trying to keep themselves warm.

If your Frenchie is sleeping under your covers, it is because they feel safe with you. You are the leader of their pack, after all, so they seek protection whilst asleep beside you.


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