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What Are French Bulldogs Like as Pets (The Pros and the Cons)?

French Bulldogs capture many people's hearts because of their adorable faces and charm. But getting to know this breed is crucial to see if they fit your personality and lifestyle.
What Are French Bulldogs Like as Pets?

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French Bulldogs, or Frenchies, make a great choice of companion for almost everyone. With a compact and muscular body, they grab attention wherever they go.

Known for being a breed that loves being around their owners, it’s not hard to see why you’d want to get a French Bulldog. Although they are lovable, Frenchies can be stubborn, possessive, and territorial.

Now, find out below if the charming Frenchie is the right breed for you.

What Are French Bulldogs’ Temperament?

One of the first things you’ll notice about French Bulldogs is how friendly they are. They love to be the center of attention and enjoy being around people.

Also, they are even-tempered, which means they don’t get annoyed easily. Because of these, French Bulldogs get along with almost everyone. They make great companions for families and even children.

Frenchies make excellent watchdogs because of their alert nature. You won’t hear them bark as often as other dogs do, which makes them a great companion to have if you’re living in the city.

Socialization and proper training are important for French Bulldogs to avoid behavioral problems. They are a territorial breed that can get overprotective of both their belongings and people. This is especially when you have other dogs around.

But because they are an intelligent breed, French Bulldogs can be easily trained. You just have to make training sessions fun for them.

Which Has Better Temperament – Male or Female French Bulldogs?

If you are looking for a more active companion, a male Frenchie would suit you more. If you’re looking for a more relaxed and snuggly Frenchie, then go for a female one. This all depends on what you are looking for. Generally speaking, there’s no “better” gender here.

Male French Bulldogs are more energetic, playful, confident, and independent. Because of this, they are more likely to be territorial compared to females. They much prefer playtime over cuddling. Male Frenchies are also more stubborn than females and take more time to mature.

Female French Bulldogs are more docile, relaxed, and affectionate. They prefer snuggling up to you over playtime. Yet, they are more prone to mood swings and may nip if pushed to aggression. Keep in mind not to tease a female Frenchie especially in their earlier years.

But, it’s important to take these with a grain of salt. Keep in mind that dogs are a product of not only their nature but also their environment. Training them while young is the key to correcting issues that you may encounter.

The difference in personality between a male and female Frenchie’s behavior may also be close to none once you have them neutered and spayed.

Are French Bulldogs Friendly?

The French Bulldog is a friendly and easygoing breed when trained properly. They also have a comical personality that makes them fun to have around.

Frenchies are willing to please you. So they are more than happy to play with you if you’d like. But because they’re not an active breed, they are most content with sitting on your lap while you do your own thing.

Why Is My French Bulldog Not Friendly?

Frenchies that were not well-socialized as a puppy may become hostile towards strangers. Socialization will help your puppy get ready for experiences they may have in the future.

Exposing them to a wide variety of people, areas, and experiences by carrying them around is a good start. You can even have them meet a variety of other animals if you’re going to welcome more pets into your home.

These experiences will help your Frenchie become more friendly toward strangers.

Are French Bulldogs Loyal?

This breed is loyal and isn’t afraid to show it. Frenchies will do whatever they can to protect their home and their family in the face of threat.

This is what makes them such dependable companions. They will follow you around the house to stay by your side.

Their loyalty toward their owners may be borderline clingy. And if you suspect that your Frenchie is clingy, you need to train them to tone it down.

Clingy Frenchies are prone to developing separation anxiety. This can be life-threatening if not addressed right away.

Are French Bulldogs Protective Dogs?

It’s in their nature to be protective of their belongings and everyone they love. They are also alert and will pick up and respond to sounds or smells that aren’t familiar to them.

Frenchies aren’t a talkative breed but they will bark and alert you if they sense any threat. You can count on them to be your eyes and ears.

They can even be protective of babies, depending on how you raise them. They won’t leave their baby’s side and if a stranger goes near their sibling, they will bark or grunt to alert you.

Are French Bulldogs Territorial?

Because they are loyal and protective, Frenchies tend to be territorial. This may lead them to display aggressive behaviors.

The most common cause for this is because your Frenchie feels threatened or jealous.

You may find your Frenchie growling in the presence of other pets. Especially if you’re playing with them or petting them.

This behavior needs correcting once you notice it. Socialization with other pets as a puppy is the key to avoiding this.

Are Female French Bulldogs Territorial?

Although female Frenchies are calmer, they aren’t as territorial as males. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be.

While young, female Frenchies don’t display territorial tendencies as much as males do. But keep in mind that when they grow older, this may increase.

Their territorial nature may even exceed a male Frenchie’s as they age.

Are Male French Bulldogs Territorial?

Both male and female Frenchies can get territorial. But male Frenchies are more prone to this.

Male French Bulldogs have dominant tendencies. They see other dogs as a threat to their dominance, so they may retaliate.

They will get territorial over their belongings and even their people. And male Frenchies will not hesitate to let you know that.

Territorial Frenchies will growl or snarl at those who they perceive as a threat. This may even happen to you when you go near their food bowl.

Are French Bulldogs Clingy?

They may become clingy towards their owners and follow you around the house. This is what earned them the nickname “velcro dog”.

Looking at the Frenchie’s history, they have always been man’s loyal companion. It’s not surprising that they are prone to being clingy toward the people they love.

Frenchies are an emotional breed, too. Because of this, if you are often away from home, this breed may not be the right fit for you.

Being left alone for too long may cause them to develop separation anxiety. This can be a life-threatening issue if not treated.

But Velcro Dog Syndrome isn’t the same as Separation Anxiety. They may look similar, but there are differences.

Velcro Dog Syndrome Symptoms:

  • Following you wherever you go
  • Always having you in their sight
  • Anticipating for you to leave the room or house
  • Needing to be close to you all the time

Separation Anxiety Symptoms:

  • Destructive Behavior
  • Pacing Around
  • Barking
  • Escaping
  • Anxiety
  • Pooping or Peeing Anywhere

How Can I Prevent My French Bulldog From Being Clingy?

The best way to deal with a clingy Frenchie is to teach them to spend time alone. There are many things you can do to help your Frenchie with this.

One way is crate training. With crate training, your Frenchie will have a spot where they can feel relaxed and safe. Their crate can be an x-pen, baby gate, or even a dog bed.

Another way is to keep your Frenchie occupied while you’re away with toys. Interactive toys and chewing toys work well. That’ll help them stay occupied, release their energy, and make them tired enough to doze off.

Are French Bulldogs Affectionate?

Frenchies are an affectionate breed that enjoys giving love to their human companions as much as they enjoy receiving them. After all, they love their owners more than anything in this world.

How Do French Bulldogs Show Affection?

They get excited when you come home: Frenchies are emotional and get lonely easily. When you come home to an overly excited dog, that means that they are glad to see you back.

  • Jumping With Joy: Frenchies sometimes show their excitement by jumping. They’ll try to get closer to your face to show you affection.
  • Face Licking: It’s a clear indicator that your Frenchie loves you when they lick your face. They don’t do this to just anyone, too. They only lick the faces of their owners and those with whom they’re familiar.
  • Tail Wagging: A wagging tail signals excitement and contentment. This is one of the ways your Frenchie lets you know that they love being around you.
  • Following You: Your Frenchie will follow you around wherever you go because they feel safe around you. This is a sign that your Frenchie trusts you and sees you as their protector, so they wouldn’t want to leave your side.
  • Cuddling up to You: Your Frenchie will snuggle up to you to feel your warmth because this makes them feel protected. This also helps them to mellow down when they feel stressed or sad.
  • Getting Possessive: Frenchies want to have your full, undivided attention. With proper training, they will be able to control this. But sometimes you’ll find that they’ll still push people out of your way so they can have you for themselves.

Do French Bulldogs Like to Be Petted?

Frenchies indeed love to receive affection from you and they sometimes demand it. Petting may even be a better reward for your Frenchie compared to vocal praises when they’ve done well.

Petting not only helps your Frenchie feel less anxious. It may also be more effective in stopping their rude behavior rather than scolding.

This also makes them more comfortable and familiar with you. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Behavioral Sciences. That same study also showed that dogs didn’t feel satiated no matter how much you pet them. So pet away!

Where Do French Bulldogs Like to Be Petted?

There are prime petting spots for Frenchies that you might want to take note of:

  • The Cheeks: Frenchies have sensitive cheeks. Stroking their soft cheeks feels good not only for them but also for you!
  • Sides of the Head: If your buddy is feeling a bit anxious, lightly massaging this area will help them to calm down.
  • The Back: Petting their backs not only calms them down but also makes them sleepy when they’re feeling tired.
  • Hind Legs: Not all Frenchies may like this, but it’s worth giving this a try. Those who like to receive pets in this area usually are quick runners.
  • The Stomach: Sometimes you’ll see your Frenchie lying down on its back and exposing its tummy. This is an invitation for you to rub their bellies.

Do French Bulldogs Puppies Like to Cuddle?

Because of their affectionate nature and low energy, Frenchie puppies love to cuddle. But this breed is generally known to be cuddly, no matter their age.

They see their owners as their protectors. Being close to you and feeling your warmth makes them feel safe and secure.

Cuddling with your Frenchie fulfills their emotional needs. So, it’s best to allow time for cuddle sessions to keep your Frenchie happy and healthy.

How Do You Let Your French Bulldogs Know You Love Them?

It’s time to find out how you can return the favor to your loving Frenchie. Here’s how you can show them affection:

  • Feed Your Frenchie by Hand: Doing this increases your intimacy with your companion. But keep in mind that as your Frenchie ages, this need will lessen. You can still do this during training to show your Frenchie that you still care.
  • Talk to Them: Your Frenchie may not understand human words, but they understand the tone of your voice. So you can express how much you love them through words and they will understand.
  • Understand Their Body Language: No two dogs are the same. So it’s worth learning your Frenchie’s body language to learn their rules, their do’s and dont’s. This’ll improve their trust in you.
  • Playing and Training: As mentioned above, Frenchies are easily trained as long as you make it fun. By doing this, they’ll learn how to behave while building a loving relationship with you. The more you reward them, the more they are happy and motivated.

Are French Bulldogs Known for Being Aggressive?

French Bulldogs are a laid-back and affectionate breed. But if they aren’t trained properly, they can be aggressive.

They may show aggressive behavior in the following ways:

  • Biting
  • Growling
  • Snarling
  • Snapping

If your Frenchie is showing these behaviors while they are still young, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are aggressive. These are common behaviors in young Frenchies.

But if they continue to do this as they age, then you may have an aggressive Frenchie in your hands.

Are Male or Female French Bulldogs More Aggressive?

Female Frenchies can be more aggressive compared to males, even if they are more relaxed. They can be moody and snap at you when you tease them too much.

This is why you must know your buddy’s body language. You’ll be able to pick up on their aggression better and correct them early.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive Towards Strangers?

Frenchies who are not used to meeting strangers can become aggressive towards them. Your Frenchie is very protective of you and he may perceive new faces as a threat to you and themselves.

To avoid this, you should have your Frenchie meet and interact with as many people as they can when they are young. This should signal to your Frenchie that strangers aren’t a threat, they just want to be friends with him. By doing that, you’ll get a calmer reaction the next time a stranger meets your Frenchie.

Why Is My French Bulldog Aggressive to Other Dogs?

Aggression is how your Frenchie reacts to threat. When your Frenchie is aggressive towards other dogs, he might view the other as a threat to their dominance.

This is especially for male Frenchies, who like to assert their dominance.

You may observe this behavior if they growl, pace, or snarl whenever you play with or pet other dogs.

If you notice this behavior, you should put a stop to it right away and start training your Frenchie.

Remember, an aggressive Frenchie doesn’t mean that they’re bad. All they need is patience and training to correct these behaviors.

Why Is My French Bulldog Suddenly Aggressive?

If your Frenchie hasn’t displayed any signs of aggression in the past and is suddenly hostile, they may have some serious medical condition. The first thing to do is to rule this out and take your Frenchie to a veterinarian.

The vet will examine your Frenchie to see if they are experiencing discomfort. This may be because of an illness or injury. If this is the case, your dog will get proper medication and treatment and the aggression should go away.

If your Frenchie’s aggression isn’t because of a medical condition, the first thing to do is to figure out what triggered them. Keep a record of the events that took place before your buddy became hostile.

Here are a few reasons why your Frenchie is showing aggression:

  • Fear: Their natural reaction to fear is to protect themselves. Common fears include thunder, strangers, being alone, etc.
  • Possessiveness: Your Frenchie may be possessive of you and their belongings. They may snarl when they feel that someone tries to take these away from them.
  • Dominance: Your Frenchie usually displays dominance through aggression. They will growl, snap, or bite if they feel something is threatening their superiority.
  • Frustration: Sometimes, their annoyance will build up and push them to hostility. Especially when they want to get an object but can’t.

Once you’ve figured out what causes your Frenchie to snap, it’s important to talk to a vet or an expert. They will help you figure out the best course of action for your buddy.

Why Is My Female French Bulldog Aggressive?

Female Frenchies are calmer than male ones but they are more prone to mood swings.

This is why you should avoid teasing female Frenchies too much as you may push them to aggression. Especially when they are still young.

Another reason that your female French bulldog may be aggressive is that they are in fear. Generally, they respond to fear with hostility.

It’s important to keep track of what triggers your female Frenchie as their mood changes in a snap.

Why Is My Male French Bulldog So Aggressive?

Male Frenchies are the more dominant ones. Because of that, they tend to keep their alpha dog status. They will feel backed into a corner when something threatens their status.

This may be because of another dog or even another person to whom you’re giving attention.

Like female Frenchies, they may also respond to fear with aggression. This is a common reason why Frenchies can become aggressive.

Why Is My French Bulldog Puppy So Aggressive?

When your Frenchie puppy displays behaviors like biting or growling, that doesn’t make them an aggressive dog right away. These behaviors are common in young Frenchies as this is part of their teething stage. They also do this when they are playing. Keep in mind that they will grow out of this. But when they display these behaviors as adults, then your Frenchie may be aggressive.

Why Do French Bulldogs Fight With Each Other?

This rarely happens, but Frenchies fight each other when threatened, provoked, or jealous.

Usually, they will only growl or bark. It’s hard to get them to be physical with each other or with other dogs.

You can avoid this by socializing your Frenchie with other dogs while young. If you’re planning to have multiple dogs, it’s best to get them acquainted as puppies.

Sometimes it looks like Frenchies are fighting, but they are playing. This is one of the ways Frenchies create a bond with one another and is nothing to worry about.

How Can I Make My French Bulldog Less Aggressive?

Your Frenchie’s aggression may likely be due to fear if you’ve ruled out medical conditions as a cause.

It is always best to consult with your vet before taking action. There are many ways to curb your Frenchie’s aggressive behavior. One of them is the Constructional Aggression Treatment (CAT) Method.

With the CAT method, you remove your dog from their comfort zone and get them used to what is causing them to be afraid. This way, your Frenchie will realize that what is threatening him isn’t so bad after all. Repeating this treatment will make your dog realize that a calm reaction, not a hostile one, will get him what he wants. Once your Frenchie reacts properly, you can remove the object that they fear.

Are French Bulldogs Dangerous?

Frenchies aren’t known to be a dangerous breed. Instead, they are a friendly breed that usually gets along with everyone.

But like any other dog, they can become dangerous when aggravated. They have a strong jaw that they can use for getting physical.

Although they can bite with power, their bite pressure isn’t as strong as other dogs. Still, it’s better to be careful not to provoke a Frenchie too much.

Female Frenchies in particular can be quite moody and may snap at you or other dogs at any given moment.

Why Are French Bulldogs Vicious?

If provoked too much, Frenchies will not hesitate to protect themselves. They also won’t have second thoughts about getting physical if it means protecting you.

Frenchies normally snarl or bark when it’s in fear. But if something forces them into a corner, they may use physical means for their safety.

You may find them getting violent with your shoes or furniture. This doesn’t automatically make your Frenchie a vicious dog.

It’s important to pay attention to this behavior as they may need some help.

Why Is My French Bulldog So Destructive?

There are many reasons why your Frenchie is destructive. It may be one of the following:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Poor Socialization
  • Teething Process

Separation Anxiety

Frenchies are clingy, loyal, and have a sensitive nature. This is why they get lonely quickly and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone at home for too long.

They will express their anxiety by chewing on rugs, shoes, and furniture. They may even have a behavior change.


They are also a hyper breed, especially when they’re still young. Keeping your Frenchie mentally stimulated is important to keep them from getting bored.

When you’re at home, you can help them unleash their energy by playing with them or taking them out on short walks.

But if you’re at work, you can keep them entertained with interactive toys to keep them busy while you’re away. These toys will also raise your dog’s intelligence.

Poor socialization

Some adopted or rescued Frenchies may be destructive. This may be because they lacked the socialization they needed as puppies. Because of this, they become aggressive and destructive.

After adopting your Frenchie, you should spend a lot of time with them.

Teething Process

If you have a Frenchie pup, they will soon reach the teething process and will always look for something to chew on. Chewing will help them deal with the discomfort of this teething stage.

During this time, it’s important to give them teething toys or cooling pain relief. This should help with their destructive tendencies.

Are French Bulldogs Crazy?

French Bulldogs can be crazy in a delightful way. They are playful, mischievous, and entertaining. Sometimes these qualities can make them a handful.

Despite being a dog with low energy, Frenchies can have bursts of energy throughout the day. This is especially evident when they are young and full of life. Because of this, they can get bored at home when left alone for too long.

When they experience boredom, they can get destructive. You’ll find them chewing on furniture, shoes, or whatever they can get their paws on.

They can also get needy and will do everything in their power to get your attention. Even if this means following you from room to room.

Frenchies may even escape from your home to look for you, but this rarely happens.

This hyperactivity will calm down as your Frenchie matures.

But one thing’s for sure: your Frenchie will be crazy about you for as long as they live.


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