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The Complete Guide to French Bulldog Peeing and Pooping (and How to Potty Train Your Dog)

Pooping and peeing is a normal routine on your Frenchie's day. It helps give you an insight into their health, so you should know what to expect
The Complete Guide to French Bulldog Peeing and Poohing

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Frenchies are a food-loving breed. This goes hand in hand with their body waste and their farts, which they are notorious for!

As a responsible fur parent, you should watch out for any changes in their potty routine, pee, and poop. With this, you can spot anything unusual and get them the help they need right away.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Need to Go Out?

Adult Frenchies need to go out at least thrice a day to do their business. Typically, this would be mornings, after lunch, and before bedtime. They must go out at the same time so they know what to expect.

Their potty habits depend on their age, energy level, appetite, and diet.

Frenchies who are active burn more energy, resulting in a faster metabolism. Because of this, the food that they eat passes through their digestive tract faster.

All the more if your Frenchie also has a great appetite. The more they eat, the more stool they produce. And if your Frenchie’s diet has a lot of fiber in their diet, this will help aid their digestion too.

How Often Should You Take a French Bulldog Puppy Out to Pee?

Frenchie puppies poop more than adults, at around four to five times daily. This is because puppies have a faster metabolism and they need to eat more often in a day.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Need to Pee?

Healthy adult Frenchies pee around 3 to 6 times daily. This is a general guide as the interval will depend on multiple factors.

Your full-grown Frenchie may pee more often if they are active. Since they use up more of their energy, they need to drink more water. Other than that, you can also consider their metabolism as well. A faster one, like with puppies, means that they need to pee more often.

How Long Can French Bulldogs Pee at Night?

A fully-grown Frenchie can sleep through the night without having to pee. But you should not rely solely on their bladder control for this. You need to potty train your Frenchie at a young age so that their peeing schedule is consistent.

How Often Do French Bulldog Puppies Pee?

In general, Frenchie puppies can hold their pee for about 4 hours. But their bladder control quickly improves as they age. So below is a guide to give you a more accurate idea of how often they pee.

  • 8 Weeks Old: Every 2 hours
  • 12 Weeks Old: Every 3 to 4 hours
  • 16 Weeks Old: Every 4 to 5 hours
  • 20 Weeks Old: Every 5 to 6 hours
  • 6 Months Old: Every 6 to 8 hours
  • 7 Months Old: Every 12 hours

As you can see, Frenchie puppies pee a lot. At 8 weeks of age, they need to pee about 12 times each day. So they may have a lot of accidents, but think of this as more opportunities to potty train them!

How Often Do French Bulldog Puppies Pee at Night?

This will depend on the age of your Frenchie pup, the younger they are, the more they need to pee at night. In general, Frenchie puppies need to pe about 3 to 6 times at night. But use this as a guide since this varies from one pup to another.

How Long Can a French Bulldog Hold Its Bladder?

A healthy adult Frenchie can hold their bladder for about 8 to 10 hours. But this does not mean that you should make them pee at long intervals. If they hold their pee too long, this may lead to health issues.

Your Frenchie may develop urinary tract infections and bladder stones to name a few. Other than that, this can make them incontinent. So they can have more peeing accidents around the house even if they are potty trained.

How Long Can French Bulldogs Hold Their Pee at Night?

A potty-trained adult Frenchie can hold their pee throughout the night since they can hold their bladder for about 8 hours or more. With this, both of you can sleep comfortably at night without interruptions.

How Long Can French Bulldog Puppies Hold Their Pee?

An adult Frenchie can hold their pee overnight since they can hold their bladder for about 8 hours or more. As long as they are potty trained, you two can sleep comfortably at night uninterrupted.

Even with this, it is always best to keep a pee pad indoors at night. Your Frenchie may want to go at night and they may not have access to the outdoors. Just because they can hold their pee overnight, this does not mean that they have to.

Why Does My French Bulldog Pee So Much?

There is a wide range of causes of your Frenchie’s frequent urination. It can be as simple as them drinking more water due to their high activity. Or it can be due to many health problems, which are harder to treat.

A visit to your vet should help you pinpoint the cause. But to help you prepare for the checkup, below is a list of the possible reasons.

Your Frenchie Drinks A Lot

If they take in too much water, naturally, this will make them pee more often. So the next question is, why are they drinking more? This can be due to the following:

  • High Activity Level
  • Hot Weather
  • Eating Dry Food
  • Easting Salty Food
  • Health Issues

Your Frenchie’s Diet

If their diet is mostly wet food, your Frenchie will pee more due to the high water content. Wet food has up to 75 percent moisture, while dry food only has between 6 to 10 percent. You may think that dry food will make them pee less often, but not all.

Some dry foods have high salt content. The more salt your Frenchie eats, the more they drink water. As a result, they will pee more as well.

Your Frenchie Is Adjusting

Any change at home can stress out your Frenchie. The death of a furry companion, a family member moving away, and more. Even redecorating or rearranging furniture can put them off.

Although these may seem unrelated, the stress can affect their toilet habits. This can be hard on your Frenchie and they need time to adjust to these changes. Help cheer them up by giving them extra love and attention.

Your Frenchie Is Showing Submission

Frenchies may pee due to fear or anxiety to show you that they are not a threat. Submissive urination occurs more in dogs who are shy or anxious. It can also manifest in those who have a history of getting punished for potty accidents.

Your Frenchie Has Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can cause a lot of unwanted behaviors. One of these is having potty accidents around the house when left alone.

Your Frenchie Has Hormone Problems

Low estrogen levels can make your Frenchie incontinent. This decrease makes them lose muscle in their bladders, which is why they cannot hold their pee for long. This is common in Frenchies who are already spayed and neutered.

Your Frenchie Is Getting Old

It is no secret that older Frenchies are prone to many health issues. They may develop diseases that affect their bladder control or how often they pee.

Your Frenchie Has Health Issues

There is a long list of health problems that affect your Frenchie’s bladder. Some of them are the following:

  • Bladder Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Kidney Infections

If you suspect that your Frenchie has a health issue, visit your vet right away. With tests, they will help you figure out the cause and how to treat it.

Why Is My French Bulldog Not Peeing?

There are many possible reasons why your Frenchie has trouble peeing. But do not think of bladder issues right away.

Before diving into the health issues, assess your Frenchie’s situation. Is your Frenchie stressed? Or is your Frenchie not drinking enough water?

If your answer is yes to one of these, the reason may not be health-related. To help you figure this out, below is a list of possible causes, starting with the less serious ones.

Your Frenchie Is Nervous

Their mental state can manifest in their health, and in this case, their peeing habits. A nervous Frenchie will find it hard to pee, not doing it as often as they would normally.

One reason why your Frenchie may feel nervous is moving homes. Or it could be that you moved their pee pads, which disrupts their routine. And if you have a multidog household, another dog in their pee area can make them feel nervous too.

Your Frenchie Is Not Drinking Enough

Staying hydrated is important for all dogs. Without drinking water, nothing will come out for them to relieve themselves. Make sure your Frenchie always has access to clean drinking water to prevent this issue.

Your Frenchie Has Bladder Obstructions

Anything blocking your Frenchie’s urethra or bladder can make peeing difficult for them. These obstructions come in many forms, such as the following:

  • Bladder Stones
  • Scar Tissues
  • Lesions
  • Urethral Plugs
  • Blood Clots
  • Stricture
  • Cancerous Tumors

Your Frenchie Has a Urinary Tract Infection

UTIs can be very uncomfortable for dogs. Other than having problems peeing, they may also show the following symptoms:

  • Cloudy Urine
  • Straining to Urinate
  • Dribbling Urine
  • Whimpering While Peeing
  • Frequent Accidents

Your Frenchie Has Urinary Tract Cancer

This can be cancer of their bladder, urethra, or ureter. These cancers spread easily to other body parts, the most common ones are their lymph nodes and lungs.

So if you think your Frenchie has health-related problems with their pee, see a vet as soon as you can. Cancers of the urinary tract are uncommon, but they still occur and it is best to be safe.

Why Is My French Bulldog Peeing in the House?

Frenchies who get accidents at home are either marking their territory or they cannot control their urine. Solving their peeing problems depends on what is causing them.

Before treating this problem as a territorial issue, rule out other causes first. Seek your vet’s help first to see if the cause is an underlying health issue. Low estrogen levels, diabetes, and bladder disease are some to watch out for.

But if your Frenchie has a clean bill of health, assess your home environment. Any changes like moving homes, a new baby, or the loss of a furry friend can cause potty accidents due to stress.

Also, check if your Frenchie has separation anxiety. Frenchies are prone to this because they are people dogs. Being left alone for too long can cause them to pee everywhere in your home.

If you do not think that any of these are causing their odd peeing habits, it may be a territorial issue. To help you understand why this is happening, below are the reasons why this occurs.

Your Frenchie Is Not Spayed or Neutered

Male Frenchies tend to be territorial. So they will mark your home with urine to claim their territory. While this is common in males, female Frenchies will also do this.

Spaying or neutering your Frenchie may not fix the issue. While some Frenchie owners claim this worked, others still have this problem.

Your Frenchie Is New to Your Home

Have you moved into a new home? If yes, your Frenchie may be marking the new place with their pee. This is an odd way to settle in, but if this is the reason, this problem should end soon.

Your Frenchie Found Strange Objects or Smells

Any new object or smells in your home may trigger their territorial tendencies. It can be a carpet, couch, or even the items your visitors bring in.

Your Frenchie Smells Other Dogs

Sometimes, some objects in your home may smell like other dogs. Especially if you have a visitor who has a dog of their own. To assert their dominance, they will pee on the item.

It may not even have to be in your home. When your Frenchie sees another dog from your window, they may also pee.

Your Frenchie Got Stressed From the Vet

After an uncomfortable visit with the vet, your Frenchie may pee out of stress. This is understandable as trips to the vet usually mean that they get injected.

Your Frenchie Wants to Be the Alpha

Frenchies who think they are dominant over their owners will show unwanted behaviors. Along with territorial peeing, they will nip and growl as well.

Your Frenchie Has a New Family Member

Whether it is another dog, a cat, or a new human, Frenchies may assert their dominance over them. This odd peeing habit can be due to stress as well. Hang in there, as your Frenchie gets used to this, the issue will go away.

Why Do French Bulldogs Pee When Excited?

Submissive urination happens when Frenchies cannot control their emotions. When they get excited, they wag their tails and sometimes leave a puddle of pee. It may be weird, but this is a natural physical response that is more common in younger Frenchies.

Sometimes, submissive urination does not happen due to excitement. It can also occur when your Frenchie gets scared, shy, or anxious.

How Do I Stop My French Bulldog From Peeing in the House?

Accidents in your home can be frustrating, but there are many ways to put a stop to this. Keep in mind, never punish your Frenchie for this. This will scare them, which can worsen the problem with submissive urination.

And before you try to fix the issue at home, make sure to talk to your vet first. This will rule out any causes that are health-related that you cannot control. Trying the methods below may not work if your Frenchie needs medical intervention.

So now, here are some methods you can try out to stop your Frenchie’s odd peeing habits.

Clean Up Their Pee Right Away

By removing their scent, you can avoid repeated marking on that area. But you cannot remove this with only soap and water. You will need a cleaner designed for breaking down your Frenchie’s urine.

Do Not Make Them Go to the Marked Area

Once you have cleaned their pee, prevent them from coming back to it. Your Frenchie will want to go to that area again to pee.

Do the same for other areas where your Frenchie likes to pee on as well. You can use a baby gate, or block it with furniture.

Repurpose the Marked Area

For extra measures, do this step as well. Place some items in the area so that your Frenchie will not want to pee on it again. It can be their toys, so they will use the area for playing instead.

Keep Other Animals Out of Sight

Your Frenchie’s accidents may be due to seeing other animals from the window. If this is the case, keep them away from windows. Move your furniture around, or block their way towards one.

Give Your Frenchie Extra Love

If there is a new addition in the family, your Frenchie may feel threatened. So give your Frenchie reassurance, spend more time with them and give them lots of cuddles.

Let Them Know You Are the Leader

Frenchies who try to assert dominance over their owners will also mark their homes with pee. This can get out of hand, so you should establish that you are the boss of the household.

The basic commands like sit, stay, and come, are a great start. Remember not to use aversive methods. This will scare your Frenchie or make them more aggressive, which worsens the problem.

Only use positive reinforcement to train your furry friend. They will learn better and become more confident, which helps with submissive urination.

Use Doggy Diapers

This is a short-term solution for some Frenchies who cannot control their bladders. Usually, there is a medical reason behind this that you have no control over. While your Frenchie is getting treatment or medication, diapers will help you.

How Often Do French Bulldogs Puppies Poop?

Frenchie puppies poop about 3 to 5 times a day, usually on the higher end of this. There is no definite answer to this and your Frenchie may poop more or less than this.

The frequency of their poop will vary depending on these factors:

  • Their Diet
  • Their Activity Level
  • How Often They Eat
  • How Much Fiber They Get
  • How Much Water They Drink
  • If They Have Medications
  • If They Have Health Issues

How Long Can a French Bulldog Go Without Pooping?

Healthy adult Frenchies can go about 12 to 48 hours without pooping. For puppies, there is no definite answer as they need to poop a few times a day.

If your Frenchie has not pooped for 48 hours, you need to see your vet right away. Your Frenchie may be constipated, which can be dangerous when left untreated.

Why Does My French Bulldog Poop So Much?

If your Frenchie poops a lot, it can be due to their appetite, diet, or age. Frenchies also have sensitive stomachs that can act out from time to time. To help you understand how these affect their stool, below are explanations of these factors.

Puppies Need to Poop More Often

This is because puppies also need to eat more and are generally more active. Once they get older, they mellow down and eat less often. This will make their pooping schedule more predictable.

Your Frenchie Has a Big Appetite

Some Frenchies do not grow out of their puppy appetite and still eat a lot. This works the same way, they need to poop more often to clear their bowels.

Your Frenchie Eats a Lot of Fiber

Fiber is important in your Frenchie’s diet. It aids their bowel movement and water absorption and is a source of energy. But too much fiber can make your Frenchie poop more than normal.

Your Frenchie Has a Change in Diet

Have you switched your Frenchie’s food? If you made the switch too quickly, this can upset their stomach. It will take about 5 to 7 days for them to adjust, so transition them gradually.

Your Frenchie Is Eating the Wrong Food

It is easy to upset a Frenchie’s stomach, given how sensitive it is. The wrong food choice can make them poop more. Sometimes, your food-loving Frenchie may steal food off your table too.

Why Does My French Bulldog Fart So Much?

Frenchies fart more than other breeds because they take in more air when they eat. While this is the main issue, there are other reasons for this. Below, you will find the common reasons why Frenchies are notorious farters.

They Have Flat Faces

Unfortunately, Frenchies tend to “inhale” their food when they eat. And what comes in must come out. This is one of the many consequences of being a brachycephalic breed.

If your Frenchie is a fast eater, this can worsen their farting issues. You may want to get them a slow feeder bowl to manage their eating pace.

They Eat Too Many Carbs

Some commercial dog foods have too many carbohydrates in them. This can upset your Frenchie’s stomach, making them fart a lot. It is crucial to pick the best food for your Frenchie, not only for their health but also for your nose.

Their Diet Has Too Much Fat or Fiber

In the same way as carbs, too much fat and fiber is also a factor. Fat is hard for your Frenchie to digest. So it ferments and produces gas in their stomach.

While fiber cannot be digested by your Frenchie’s stomach. Too much of it can upset their stomach, also making them poop more.

Both are essential in their diet, but moderation is needed. Otherwise, your Frenchie will turn into a farting machine!

They Are Lactose Intolerant

A lot of Frenchies are lactose intolerant. The problem is, cheese and yogurt are popular treats for them. You can indulge them once in a while, but prepare yourself for the farts.

They Eat Fermentable Foods

Broccoli and cauliflower are some foods that are great to add to your Frenchie’s diet. But, beware, these can ferment in their stomach and make them gassy.

They Have Trouble Digesting Certain Foods

Something in your Frenchie’s diet may upset their stomach. Dairy is one, but chicken can also trigger this. This is unfortunate, as it is a common source of protein for Frenchies.

Figuring out what food causes their gassiness takes trial and error. Try switching out one ingredient at a time to pinpoint this.

Some foods that are common culprits for their farts are:

  • Soy
  • Dairy Products
  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Peas
  • Cauliflower
  • Corn
  • Starch

They Are Inactive or Obese

Frenchies who have extra weight are much more prone to chronic farts, as silly as it sounds. So keep your Frenchie at a healthy weight with constant exercise. Even daily walks will help you with this.

Why Does My French Bulldog Roll in Poop?

When Frenchies roll in their poop, it can be their canine instincts, or they just like doing it. Not surprising since dogs like gross stuff and Frenchies are no exception.

If you want to understand this odd behavior more, here are some explanations that may help you.

They Like How It Smells

Unlike humans, Frenchies have a different idea of what a perfume should smell like. So they will roll in poop, whether it is theirs or others, to make them smell “nice”.

They Are Masking Their Scent

This is a canine instinct that wild dogs use to hunt prey. By hiding their scent with poop, their prey cannot detect them and run away. Although your Frenchie does not need to hunt, this instinct is still passed down today.

They Are Leaving Their Scent

A dog’s feces contains its unique scent, which another dog can smell. To mark their territory, they may rub their scent on it to override the smell. This can be a warning or a signal that your Frenchie was there.

They Are Telling You Where They Have Been

This is also another canine instinct where a dog brings home the scents of places they have been to. By letting the pack smell them, the others will know where the returning dog was.

Your Frenchie considers you as part of their pack. And because of this, they may want to let you know where they went.

How Do I Get My French Bulldog to Poop?

If your Frenchie has a hard time pooping, there are a couple of ways you can help them. You can try out the tips below. But if your Frenchie does not improve the next day, you should visit your vet.

Never give your Frenchie an enema or laxative. You should only do so if your vet recommends you to.

Try Foods Rich in Fiber

As you know, fiber helps with your Frenchie’s bowel movement. So you can add more fiber into their food to make them poop!

You can feed them pumpkin, pears, apples, or any food rich in fiber. Add this to their meals, and see if there are any improvements.

Make sure not to feed them too many fruits, though. While they may help, fruits are high in sugar.

Make Them Drink More Water

Sometimes, the solution may be as simple as increasing their water intake. Dehydration can make your Frenchie constipated. This is because their body will suck the moisture from their feces. With this, your Frenchie’s stool becomes harder. And that makes it difficult for your Frenchie to poop.

Try Giving Them Milk

Milk is a great laxative for humans as well as dogs. But remember, some dogs are allergic or intolerant to milk. So you should only do this if you are sure that your Frenchie does not suffer from these.

Make Them Exercise More

The more active your Frenchie is, the better their metabolism. Their bowel movement will also see the benefits of exercise. Even a quick stroll with your Frenchie will help stimulate the movement of their poop.

Keep a Regular Feeding Schedule

Keeping a feeding routine will help in regulating your Frenchie’s poop schedule. This will also help your Frenchie know what to expect since they like routines!

Why Are French Bulldogs Hard to Potty Train?

Frenchies are notorious for being a stubborn breed, which is why it is challenging to train them. But they are also an intelligent breed, which makes it easy for them to understand your commands.

When their stubbornness kicks in though, they may not want to listen to you. So you have to keep these in mind. Do not worry though, you just have to be consistent with training and do a lot of repetition.

Make potty training fun too, as Frenchies learn best with this. Reward them for their good behaviors, but do not punish them when they make mistakes.

Making your Frenchie fear you will do more harm than good, especially when potty training. Fear and anxiety can increase the likelihood of them making accidents.

Are Male or Female French Bulldogs Easier to Potty Train?

It is generally thought that female Frenchies are easier to train than males. The difference is in their personality and temperament.

Male Frenchies are independent, mischievous, and energetic. They tend to have an alpha-dog mentality and may try to assert their dominance over you.

This is a problem when potty training them. They will try to fight for that alpha spot, even with you. So male Frenchies may need more patience when you train them.

Female Frenchies are docile, shy, and calm. This is why many consider them as easier to train.

But you must take these with a grain of salt as these are only general observations. Frenchies have varying personalities within the same sex, so use these as a guide.

At What Age Should a French Bulldog Be Potty Trained?

You can start potty training your Frenchie as young as 8 weeks of age. Starting this early will be easier and may give you better results.

Training an older Frenchie can be harder since they are set in their ways already. Other than that, you need to consider that it will take a lot of time for them to be completely potty trained. So the earlier you do this, the earlier they can complete this.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a French Bulldog?

It may take you 8 to 10 months to fully potty train your Frenchie. But this depends on how consistent you are in training them. Some Frenchies may take longer than this, while others will learn earlier.

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a French Bulldog Puppy?

Some claim that it will take about 1 to 4 months to potty train a Frenchie pup. While others say that it will take up to 8 to 10 months. There is no cut and dry answer to this, so be consistent and patient as your Frenchie learns.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

Before potty training your Frenchie, you need to prepare some items first. Make sure you have a potty pad, treats for rewards, and a dog leash.

Now, prepare yourself and gather all your patience. This can be a frustrating journey but you will get there. Below are some steps you can follow to successfully potty train your Frenchie.

Step 1: Set a Schedule

You need to be consistent in your timing so that your Frenchie learns when they should do their business. Take them out first thing in the morning, after their lunch, and after dinner.

It is also a good idea to take them out after playing or drinking water. That way, you give them more opportunities to poop or pee.

Step 2: Know Their Body Language

Eventually, you will be able to tell if your Frenchie needs to potty with some signs. This can be pacing around, whining, barking, and staring at you in the eye.

Knowing these will be helpful so you know when to take them out outside of their schedule. This will help them avoid accidents as well.

Step 3: Bring Them to Their Potty Area

When you see the signs, spring into action right away and make them go. This can be your garden or a designated potty place for them in your home. Even if they have outdoor access, it is best to train them with potty pads as well.

During the nighttime, they cannot go out by themselves. So a potty pad will come in handy when they want to relieve themselves while you are asleep.

Step 4: Use a Command Word

The moment they start to relieve themselves, say a command. “Go potty” is an example, but you can use something different. Make sure that it is simple enough for your Frenchie to understand.

Saying a command when they go potty will help them associate it with the action. So do not forget to do this, soon, they will understand the meaning.

Step 5: Give Them a Reward

Once your Frenchie is through, reward them with treats! This will help them to associate the command and action with something good. And this makes them more likely to repeat this good deed in the future.

Now, repeat all the steps until they learn. Remember, be consistent with the timing, command, and treats.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog Puppy

Potty training a Frenchie puppy pretty much follows the steps above, with some tweaks. This time though, you may also need a crate to train them.

Keep in mind that Frenchie pups do not have full control over their bladders. This happens when they are at least 4 months of age. So expect some accidents here and there.

So here is how you should potty train your Frenchie pup:

Step 1: Follow a Potty Schedule

Whatever their age, your Frenchie needs to go at the same time each day. This should be first thing in the morning, after dinner, and some potty breaks throughout the day. Since Frenchie pups need to pee more, take them to their potty area after they play and drink water too.

Step 2: Keep Them in a Crate

This is important if your pup still does not have complete control over its bladder. Other than a crate, you can also block off a section in your home and keep them there.

Puppies need constant supervision, or they will pee all over your home. By keeping them in one area, you will limit their accidents.

Step 3: Watch Out for the Warning Signs

Certain signs tell you that your puppy needs to go potty. Like in the previous section, this includes pacing, circling, barking, and staring.

Step 4: Take Them to the Potty Area

Your Frenchie’s potty area can be outside or indoors with a potty pad. Keep in mind to make them go potty in the same area all the time. In time, they will learn that this is the only area you allow them to relieve themselves.

Step 5: Say Your Command

Tell them to “go potty” or whatever command you choose once they do their business. That way they will associate the words with pooping or peeing.

Step 6: Reward Your Pup

As always, do not forget to reward your Frenchie. This positive association with the training will set you up for success. They will be more inclined to do the good deed again, which can speed up the training process.

How to Potty Train an Older French Bulldog

For an older Frenchie, potty training may look different. It can be harder to train them since they are set in their ways. But it can also be easier since they have complete control over their bladder.

They are still trainable, though. You can potty train your older Frenchie with these steps below.

Step 1: Create a Confinement Area

Block off an area in your house where you can keep your Frenchie. Place them here when you cannot supervise them or between potty breaks.

Step 2: Set Up a Potty Space

Your Frenchie must go potty in the same area every time, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Use a potty pad and place it in an area where you allow them to do their business.

Step 3: Make Them Go Potty

Do this at least once an hour, making them stand in their potty space. You should act like nothing is happening so that you do not distract them.

Wait for about five minutes and check if they try to relieve themselves. If they do, give them a treat as a reward.

Otherwise, take them back to their confinement area. After 10 to 15 minutes, take them to their potty area again. Keep doing this until they potty.

Step 4: Give Them Supervised Playtime

Once your Frenchie finishes, make them play indoors while you watch for about 15 minutes. After this, you can take them back to their confined space.

This is a crucial step. It prevents them from associating potty time with getting confined afterward. They may not like this and your Frenchie may think you are punishing them.

Keep repeating steps 1 to 4 throughout the day and be strict in following this routine. The more you do this, the faster they learn. And always remember, give them praise and treats!

Step 5: Track Their Potty Habits

It is not practical to do this routine until your Frenchie is fully potty trained. So keep track of when they are most likely to go potty. This will also help to prevent any accidents since you can expect them when they need to go do their business.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog in the Winter

If your Frenchie likes to go outside to potty, this can be tricky during the winter season. But making them go potty outside is still possible. Below is how you can do this.

Step 1: Create a Snow-Free Potty Area

A balcony or porch will do but if you do not have one, you can still create a space for them. You can shovel a spot where your Frenchie can go potty. This will be the spot where you allow them to do their business.

Step 2: Get Them Used to the Snow

You can make your Frenchie play in the snow when it is not too cold for them. Make sure you are protecting their paws with socks and keep them warm with a coat.

Although they are sensitive to the cold, they enjoy frolicking around in the snow too. By playing with them in the snow, you are teaching them that this white stuff is not something to be afraid of.

Step 3: Watch Out for the Signs

The more you spend time with them, the better you will understand their body language. Whenever you Frenchie paces, whines, barks, or stares at you, they may need to go potty.

Step 4: Take Them to Their Outdoor Potty Area

Once you see the signs, take them out so they can relieve themselves. They may hesitate to do this in the cold, but keep on encouraging them to go out.

If they will not budge, it may be too cold for them. With this, you can make them potty indoors instead.

Step 5: Give Them Moral Support

Frenchies are sensitive to the cold and going out in the winter can make them uncomfortable. Stay with them while they go potty so that they feel more at ease. This will make them feel that it is safe to go potty during the winter as well.

Step 6: Use Your Command

The moment they start to poop or pee, use your “go potty” command. This way, they will learn that those words mean that they should relieve themselves.

Step 7: Give Them Treats

When they are successful in pooping or peeing in the right place, give them a treat as a reward. This will make the experience even more positive for them. With this, you may speed up the training process.


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