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Will my French Bulldog Get Along With Other Animals (The Complete Companion Guide)?

Frenchies are outgoing and full of life! It’s no wonder they get along with anyone almost immediately. But this may not be true for other animals.
Will my French Bulldog Get Along With Other Animals?

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If you’re a French Bulldog owner who wants to surround yourself with many pets, you’re in luck. Frenchies are a kind and laidback breed that generally get along with other animals.

But of course, this doesn’t come easy. Your Frenchie should be well-socialized in the first place. Socialized Frenchies are familiar with other animals, which can help a lot.

They will welcome any playmate who can reciprocate their energy. It’s only a matter of how well you introduce them.

Read on for tips on how to grow your furry family.

Are French Bulldogs Friendly With Other Dogs?

French Bulldogs generally get along well with other dogs! But this is if they are properly socialized from a young age.

Proper socialization is the key for your Frenchie to get along with other animals. So you should expose your Frenchie to many experiences, humans, and animals as a puppy. This way, they won’t be fearful of unfamiliar dogs in the future. French Bulldogs may react aggressively out of fear, which is avoidable.

Frenchies have a friendly and playful nature, though. You’ll find your well-socialized Frenchie eager to make friends with other dogs. So you can expect a lot of playtimes if your Frenchie meets other dogs.

Do Male and Female French Bulldogs Get Along?

Because they balance out each other’s personalities, male and female Frenchies get along well. Male Frenchies often display an alpha attitude. This is something that the laidback female Frenchies don’t mind.

If you want to get two Frenchies, you have to consider their personalities. This is a good indicator if two Frenchies will get along. But take the French Bulldog personality guides with a grain of salt. There may be variations on this since not all Frenchies are the same, regardless of gender.

So before getting two Frenchies, make sure to have them meet in a neutral area. You’ll be able to check their compatibility this way.

Are Two Female French Bulldogs Good Together?

Having two female French Bulldogs is a risk. But it’s not impossible if they’re introduced as puppies. Although they are more relaxed than males, their personalities may clash.

Also, they may not be as territorial as males. But this is only when they are young. As adults, the territorial nature of female Frenchies can surpass a male’s. When conflicts arise between the two, they are not afraid to show their power. In extreme cases, this leads to injuries or even bloodshed.

If you want to get two female Frenchies, here are some factors to consider:

  • Age: Female Frenchies who have a similar age will fight over their resources. And if their ages are far apart, the younger Frenchie will dominate over the older one. This is because they view your older Frenchie as weaker than them.
  • Heat Cycles: Changes in their hormones will make them more aggressive.
  • Fighting for Affection: Since Frenchies easily get jealous, this may happen. Especially for the affectionate females. And this often leads to them getting hurt.
  • Breeding Competition: The risk is even higher if you have a male Frenchie and two female Frenchies. These two will compete over the male to breed, and it can get ugly.

Do Male French Bulldogs Get Along?

Having two male French Bulldogs is possible, but it will need a lot of work. The main reason for this is that male Frenchies are very dominant. So, the two may fight for the top dog spot.

Their alpha dog attitude may not even go away after neutering. Frenchies are territorial dogs. This is their instinct to protect their pack: you and your family.

With two male Frenchies, you must let them know that you are the pack leader. Regardless if you get two at the same time or if you already have a male Frenchie and are going to get another. Letting them know that you are the boss will help discourage any dominance issues.

In any case, proper socialization for each Frenchie as puppies should help them get along. And there are ways to introduce two Frenchies properly to avoid issues.

What Dog Goes Well With a French Bulldog?

Frenchies will get along with other breeds that are friendly, regardless of size! Many breeds are compatible with French Bulldogs based on personality.

If you want to add another dog to your family, here are the best picks for your Frenchie:

“Boston Terrier, Beagle, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, English Sheepdog, English Springer Spaniel, Boxer, Greyhound, Cockapoo, Irish Setter, Pug, Saluki”

Take note that there is no complete certainty that you Frenchie will get along with these breeds. Every dog is different and so, this list should only be a guide.

One thing you can do before deciding to get a new dog is to take your Frenchie to a local park to meet other dogs. Take note of which dogs they do well with, and which ones don’t.

This will help you determine which breeds to look into.

Should French Bulldogs Be in Pairs?

Two Frenchies are better than one, for you and especially for them. They would be much happier as a duo since they will keep each other company. Frenchies are social dogs, after all.

This would make them feel less lonely, decreasing the likelihood of separation anxiety. And this would mean that you can leave them alone for longer periods.

Other than that, this duo can help each other keep in shape through playtime. Keeping your Frenchie at an ideal weight can help to prevent many health issues that come with obesity.

Keep in mind though, it’ll be harder for same-sex Frenchies to get along with each other. They may get along, but it only takes one trigger for them to fight.

Another thing to consider is that Frenchies can get jealous. If you’re paying more attention to one, the other may act out.

Again, the same-sex issue and jealousy are avoidable. As long as you give them a proper introduction, socialization, and training.

If you’re willing to put up the time and effort in two Frenchies, then go for it! It’ll be beneficial for them.

Should I Get Two French Bulldogs at the Same Time?

A benefit of this is you will save a lot of time training and socializing two Frenchies from the same litter. They’ve already spent time together before you bought them, so they already get along.

Also, it’ll be better for your Frenchies. Adjusting to a new home is stressful for them. And to have another Frenchie that they’re already familiar with makes it easier for them.

The downside of getting two Frenchies at once is the cost. You’ll be doubling the vet costs, food, toys, to name a few. This is why some people choose to get one Frenchie at a time.

If you want to add another Frenchie later, there are also pros and cons to consider. What’s good is that you’ll be more prepared financially.

Not only are Frenchies expensive to buy, but their maintenance is also expensive. Especially with vet costs.

You’ll get a better feel for your budget with one Frenchie first. And you can consider getting another Frenchie if you feel that you can commit to the finances. A disadvantage is that you will have to redo training for both of your Frenchies to adjust.

Your existing Frenchie will have to get used to having another pet. While the new Frenchie will have to do this while adjusting to a new environment. The introduction process will need a lot of your time, effort, and patience.

Whether you want to get two at the same time or add another Frenchie in the future, it’s up to you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. But both would need you to commit to your Frenchies.

Why Does My French Bulldog Not Like Other Dogs?

The main reason for this is that your French Bulldog was not socialized at a young age. Introducing your Frenchie puppy will get rid of the fear of meeting new dogs, among others.

You must start the socialization process early, within the first 12 weeks of your Frenchie’s life. This period is crucial for your Frenchie’s development. It’s where most of their learning and training should be.

If you don’t do this, your Frenchie will be fearful of many things, including other dogs. And a fearful Frenchie may act aggressively, which isn’t a good thing.

Socializing your Frenchie isn’t a tough process. Here are a few simple ways that you can do this:

  • Meet a Variety of People: Have your Frenchie meet people of different sexes, ages, ethnicities, and more. The more types of people they meet, the more sociable they will be.
  • Doggy Playdates: Let your Frenchie interact with other dogs as well. You can arrange dates with your friend’s dogs, or you can take them to a park to meet other dogs.
  • Take Them Around: Bring them with you for errands, take them to shopping centers, and more. This will help your Frenchie get used to various sounds in their environment.
  • Go for Car Rides: This is a good way for them to see more of the world without feeling too overwhelmed.

It’s important to remember not to force your Frenchie into trying out new things. This will only create a negative association with new things. Let them take in everything at their own pace, increasing their exposure gradually.

A successful socialization process will make for a friendlier and safer Frenchie. Especially when meeting other dogs.

How Do You Introduce a New French Bulldog?

The first thing to do is to get them familiar with each other during the initial introduction. It’s best to have them meet at a neutral zone to avoid territorial or dominance issues. Taking them out on a walk is a good start.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Have them on a leash when they first meet
  • Take them on a walk but in one line
  • Keep them walking to distract them
  • Give the both of them constant praises
  • Allow them to sniff each other during the walk. This is an important step.
  • If one of them poops or pees, have the other Frenchie sniff it
  • If you’ve done this a few times without a problem, you can move on to walking them side by side.

After that, you can have them meet at home with leashes on. If they don’t react negatively, you can take the leashes off.

There are other steps you can do during the introduction process. Make sure to do the following:

  • Watch Them: Supervise every interaction they have during the introduction process. Discourage any negative behavior, especially aggressive ones.
  • Give Them Equal Attention: Frenchies will get jealous of one another. So it’s important to let them know that you love them both equally.
  • Give Them Separate Food Bowls: This will teach them to respect each other’s boundaries. They might try to eat each other’s food which will lead to a fight.
  • Know When to Separate Them: If you have a young and old Frenchie duo, the older one might want to stop playtime early. If your younger Frenchie still wants to play, the older one might get annoyed.

How to Introduce a French Bulldog Puppy to an Older One

When introducing your old Frenchie to a new puppy, make sure to take it slow and follow their pace. Also, let your older Frenchie know that a new pup is not competition!

First, let them meet at a neutral spot. This can be outside your house, or at a park. Do not let them meet inside your house since your older Frenchie might get territorial.

Then, with your new pup in a carrier, put them down near your older Frenchie. Have your existing Frenchie sniff your new one so they get used to the newcomer’s smell.

After that, you can let your new Frenchie out of the carrier. Only do this if your older Frenchie doesn’t display unwanted behavior. Make sure both of them have leashes to control their behavior.

Make sure to watch their progress and have them interact under your supervision.

Take note that their energy levels won’t match. Your younger Frenchie may want to play a lot more than the older one. This can annoy your older Frenchie and may start a conflict.

Do French Bulldogs Get Along With Cats?

A French Bulldog and a cat can live together in harmony. The main reason for their compatibility lies within a French Bulldog’s personality. They are a laidback and friendly breed that’ll welcome anyone if they’re socialized.

An issue with the cat and dog relationship is that a lot of dog breeds will run after cats. And cats do not appreciate being chased around. This is an issue for hunting dogs, though.

Frenchies are companion dogs with low energy levels. Most of the time, they’d rather lounge around. Because of that, a Frenchie and a cat’s personalities usually mesh together. Frenchies would much rather have a cat companion than to be alone.

How to Introduce a Kitten to a French Bulldog

The best way to introduce the two is for them to get used to each other slowly. This needs a gradual introduction and may take time. If your French Bulldog is well-socialized, this process may be easier.

Remember to take the French Bulldog’s personality traits with a grain of salt. These are generalizations, and your Frenchie may not fit into them.

And before anything, you must manage your expectations. No matter how friendly and outgoing your Frenchie is, the two might not click right away.

To introduce a kitten to your French Bulldog, you can use this guide below:

  • Sniff Test: Take one of your cat’s items and give it to your Frenchie to sniff and vice versa. This will help the two get used to each other’s scent for a few days.
  • Choose a Safe Place: An initial introduction needs to be somewhere they both feel safe.
  • Use a Crate or Barrier: When they finally meet, keep your cat in a crate or behind a barrier. This will allow them to finally sniff each other.
  • Make Use of Treats: Give both of them treats if they display a friendly attitude towards each other.
  • Release the Kitten: With your Frenchie on a leash, you can get rid of the crate or barrier. Only do this if there is no aggressive behavior from both sides.
  • Supervised Interactions: Increase their interaction time gradually. This must be under your watchful eye since they are still adjusting to each other.

With these steps, you’ll be able to introduce your cat and Frenchie! But it doesn’t stop there. Making sure that they get along for the long run needs constant work.

Here are steps to make sure that they maintain a good relationship, follow these:

  • Give Both Equal Attention: You wouldn’t want jealousy to brew. Especially on your territorial Frenchie’s part. Make sure they know that you love them both.
  • Separate Their Eating Areas: Both can feel threatened with their supply of food and water. This can lead to unwanted behaviors.
  • Play With Both of Them: This shows them that they can have fun together, creating a stronger bond.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Small Animals?

French Bulldogs can do well with small animals, but they need to undergo training. It’s your Frenchie’s instinct to “hunt” animals that are smaller than them.

Most of the time, this chasing isn’t from a place of malice. Frenchies aren’t known for being aggressive. But sometimes, this can get out of hand and they can even kill smaller animals.

The best scenario for a friendship like this is if they grew up together. A Frenchie puppy is easier to train around smaller animals and will come to accept them growing up. But even if this is the case, be wary. There’s no telling how your Frenchie will behave around them.

It’s best to never leave them alone unsupervised. Even if they seem to get along well, you can’t be certain of your Frenchie’s actions.

How Do You Introduce a French Bulldog to a Rabbit?

Introducing French Bulldogs and rabbits is also a slow process. This needs a series of cage introductions and a lot of repetition.

Below is an overview of how you should introduce them:

  • Cage Introduction: Like with cats, put your rabbit in a cage and put them near your dog. This time, your Frenchie must be on a leash right away. Have your Frenchie sniff the rabbit.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Train your Frenchie to be good to the rabbit. Give them treats whenever they stay calm towards the rabbit.
  • Stop Aggressive Behavior: If your Frenchie swipes at the cage, don’t scold them. Instead, distract them and lightly push them away from the cage.
  • Repeat the Process: Do this for 10 minutes a day until your Frenchie gets used to the rabbit.
  • Release the Rabbit: After several repetitions, introduce them both with the rabbit in your arms. Your Frenchie should still be on a leash with someone else holding them.
  • Repeat the Process (Again): Do this for a few days until your Frenchie gets bored with the process. This means that your Frenchie is already used to the rabbit.
  • Supervised Interactions: Let both of them interact with each other. Only do this if you’re sure that your Frenchie is okay with your rabbit. Never do this without monitoring them.

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