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How Much Are French Bulldog Puppies (and How Do I Choose One)?

Frenchies make for a lovable and delightful companion and their cuteness is a big bonus! But if you're planning on getting a French Bulldog, it comes with a price tag.
How Much Are French Bulldog Puppies?

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French Bulldogs are a delight to have and it’s in their breed to be man’s companion. There are many reasons why people would want a Frenchie. And if you’re one of those people, you should know that they are expensive.

Frenchies are expensive mainly because they do not undergo natural birth. Breeding them is expensive and this shows in their price tag. You also have to consider postnatal and prenatal care.

But if you’re willing to overlook the costs and plan on getting one, you’ll have a wonderful companion.

Are French Bulldogs Expensive?

Not only are Frenchies costly to get, but they are also expensive to have. They are prone to many health issues and the vet costs can stack up too.

They have a genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia, BAS, and IVDD to name a few. So regular visits to the vet can help you catch these become they get too severe.

The good news is that there are many ways to keep them healthy. This includes buying from a reputable and licensed French Bulldog breeder. But this comes with a hefty cost.

Why Do French Bulldogs Cost So Much?

The hefty price tag of French Bulldogs is because of how expensive it is to breed them. Frenchies don’t reproduce and give birth naturally. It would cost a breeder an average of $7000 to do this.

It’s hard for Frenchies to reproduce because of their narrow hips and triangular body. To breed them, they have to undergo artificial insemination.

And it’s also because of that physical hindrance that Frenchies find it hard to give birth. Most of the time, they need a c-section to give birth. Over 80% of Frenchies are born through c-section.

To top it off, a Female Frenchie will only give birth 1 to 2 times a year to 1 to 2 puppies. So each Frenchie can only produce 2 to 4 puppies in a year – much lower compared to most breeds.

Frenchie breeders also take the parents into account. Reputable breeders should give you a history of your Frenchie’s bloodline. They will run tests for certain health conditions that Frenchies are prone to. This health check will also incur fees for the breeder.

Another reason why a Frenchie can be so expensive is purely aesthetic: their color. For a rarer color, the prices can go up for a Frenchie.

The common colors for Frenchies are fawn, cream, white, and brindle. Rarer colors are blue or piebald. You can expect that the latter two would cost you much more to get.

How Much Are French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs are expensive and prices can vary. The cost of buying a Frenchie is between $1,500 to $10,000. It depends on the location and reputation of the breeder you buy from.

On average, they cost around $2,400. But if you’re eyeing to buy from a breeder with a great reputation, the prices can range from $5,500 to $10,000.

It’s important to note that buying a Frenchie puppy is also more expensive compared to an adult.

The prices above are for buying purebred French Bulldogs. If you plan to adopt or get a mixed Frenchie, the prices are lower. It would cost you around $250 to $900.

How Much Does a Male French Bulldog Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000 for a male French Bulldog. The price can go up depending on your breeder’s reputation and the puppy’s bloodline.

There may be a price difference between male and female Frenchies. But the cost mainly depends on the breeder and their location.

Take note that a study in 2018 showed that male Frenchies are more prone to health issues than females. Medical treatments are expensive and maintenance medicine costs can stack up. So you should consider this when buying a male Frenchie.

How Much Does a Female French Bulldog Cost?

The cost of a female French Bulldog ranges from $1500 to $3000. But they are generally more expensive than male Frenchies because you can breed them.

Breeding French Bulldogs comes with a high price, though. You’d need to pay for artificial insemination, c-section, nutritional demands, and post-pregnancy care.

Frenchies will find natural birth hard because of their narrow hips. Most Frenchies are born through c-section, which is costly.

Apart from that, a pregnant Frenchie will need a diet that is rich in protein. This is to ensure that they produce enough milk to feed their puppies.

To top it off, she will need to heal after giving birth. This will need medication for the pain and to avoid infections as well.

So if you plan to get a female Frenchie with the intention of breeding her, buying her will cost more than males.

How Much Is a Full Breed French Bulldog?

A full-breed Frenchie will cost around $2,400 on average. Prices can go up based on the breeder’s reputation and the Frenchie’s bloodline. Age is also a factor, adult Frenchies are cheaper than puppies.

Adopting a full-breed French Bulldog is also cheaper and would cost you between $250 to $990. And this would still depend on the age of the Frenchie.

Some breeders will sell their Frenchies below the average range. Beware of these breeders as you can’t ensure that you’ll get a healthy Frenchie. Risking your Frenchie’s health isn’t worth it.

These breeders will only sell Frenchies for the money and they may not do health checks. Reputable and licensed breeders will go for quality over quantity.  Trusted breeders will also make sure to maintain an excellent health history.

Can You Adopt a French Bulldog?

Adopting a French Bulldog is always an option you can consider as you can help in saving a life. Unfortunately, many Frenchies find themselves in animal shelters due to their expenses. And in these shelters, many animals get euthanized.

By adopting instead of buying, you’re saving two lives, not only one. You get to rescue a dog from the shelter while freeing up space for another animal who needs it.

Also, rescuing a Frenchie from a shelter gives them a second chance to feel loved and cared for. This is especially true for shelters where it’s rare for an animal to get a second chance.

While adopting a French Bulldog is cheaper, it may not be for everyone. There are some things you should know about adopting, including:

  • Vaccinations: Frenchies from animal shelters have already been vaccinated. The cost of this is already included in the adoption fee.
  • Already Neutered or Spayed: Along with vaccinations, they are already neutered or spayed. This is also included in the adoption fee. So if you’re planning to breed Frenchies, adoption may not be for you.
  • Poor Socialization: You won’t have a complete history of your Frenchie if you adopt them. Rescue dogs usually have poor socialization and may act aggressively. If you don’t have experience in this, adopting isn’t recommended for you.
  • Triggering Separation Anxiety: Frenchies are loyal and attached to their owners. And getting surrendered in a rescue shelter was very tough on them. This can trigger separation anxiety that is treatable in mild cases.

Where Can I Adopt a French Bulldog?

You can adopt a French Bulldog from animal shelters. But the best place to adopt is from rescue shelters that specialize in French Bulldogs.

Specialized shelters strive to rehabilitate and rehome Frenchies. Their efforts are to protect Frenchies from abuse and neglect wherever they can. Adopting from them will support their mission.

Shelters will interview you and will take the following into account:

  • Your Home Environment
  • Your Lifestyle
  • What You Want in a Frenchie

Since they know what works best for Frenchies, they can help them find a home that works best for them. Not only that, these experts will find a Frenchie that is best for your lifestyle.

Some shelters will even take extra measures for surrendered French Bulldogs. They will ask people to fill out a form with a detailed history of the Frenchie. This’ll help an adopter to get a better overview of the dog before adopting.

How Much Is It to Adopt a French Bulldog?

Fees for each dog will vary, but adopting French Bulldogs from shelters usually starts at $250. And the cost can go up to $900. This price varies on your location, knowledge of the dog’s history, and the Frenchie’s age.

Adopting French Bulldog puppies is more expensive at around $700. Adult Frenchies can cost approximately $500, while senior Frenchies can cost you about $350.

Knowledge of a Frenchie’s history may come at an extra cost too. Knowing a Frenchie’s bloodline and parents will help you in the future. It’ll give you an idea of what health issues may come up as they age.

Take note, adoption prices may already have inclusions. It’s common for adoption prices to include vaccine and spaying or neutering costs.

How Much Is a Rescue French Bulldog?

A Rescue French Bulldog is anywhere between $250 to $900. Costs will vary on your rescue shelter’s location and the age of the Frenchie you want to get. Prices will also go lower if you get a mixed Frenchie instead of a purebred one.

And if you adopt a Frenchie from a shelter that isn’t near you, you have to pick them up yourself. Shelters usually don’t allow you to ship a Frenchie to avoid stressing them out. This is also an added cost that you need to consider.

How Do I Choose a French Bulldog?

Before getting a French Bulldog, you must first consider if they fit your lifestyle. They are a breed that needs lots of attention and shouldn’t be alone for too long. If you are away from home a lot, they are not for you.

Also, if you want a dog to get active with you, they are not the best pick. They are not an active breed and are prone to heat strokes. If you take them outside they need to be under a shade.

If they fit your lifestyle and you’re keen on getting a Frenchie, here’s a guide on how to pick the best one for you.

Know the Standard Features

There are physical qualities that are standard in a French Bulldog. Pay attention to their head, legs, ears, and back. They should be thick-boned while being small and compact.

Their heads should be square and large in proportion to their body, with legs that are short and stocky. Their backs should also be short.

Other than that, their ears should look “bat-like”. This may not be as evident in puppies, but it will show up as they age.

Consider Their Gender

Regardless of their gender, Frenchies are a friendly, affectionate, and loyal breed. There may be slight differences between a male and female Frenchie, though.

Male Frenchies are more active and love playtime. They are lively and playful, perfect for people who want a more active Frenchie. But they are more territorial and stubborn than female Frenchies.

While female Frenchies are more calm, affectionate, and prefer cuddle time, they are perfect as lap dogs. But they get more mood swings that lead them to aggression. This is only when your teasing gets too much for them.

Color Variants

French Bulldogs come in black, white, cream, brindle, fawn, chocolate, blue, and piebald. A rarer color like Blue and Piebald will make a Frenchie more expensive

Color can also affect their health. Brindle Frenchies may be the healthiest. While pure white Frenchies are prone to health issues.

If you’re planning to register your Frenchie to the FCI and AKC, you may have a hard time if they are blue or chocolate. If you have a common color like Fawn, this should be no problem.

Stay Away From Extremely Low Prices

This may be a sign that the breeder churns out many Frenchies as fast as they can. As a consequence, the puppies that they produce are not healthy.

Pay the Puppy and Their Parents a Visit

Meeting the puppies is a great way to select one. Spend time with them and have them interact with you. With this, you’ll know how well they are with human contact.

Meeting the parents will give you a glimpse into what the puppy’s personality may be. It’ll also help you to inspect the parents’ health and get a good medical history of your Frenchie.

How Do I Choose a French Bulldog Breeder?

A reputable breeder should give you a complete medical history of your Frenchie. Also, they will ensure that your Frenchie has had a health check before giving them to you.

Meeting with a French Bulldog breeder is important for you to choose a Frenchie as well. It’ll help you know their intentions and how they care for their dogs. You’ll also find out what the environmental conditions their Frenchies are in.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a breeder:

The Parents’ Health

Your breeder should be transparent and upfront about this. They should disclose any health issues the parents may have. This includes red-eye, hip dysplasia, and hip problems to name a few.

It’s also good to ask how many litters the Frenchie mom has had. Frenchies who’ve had more than 1 litter in a year are a sign of over-breeding. This usually means that her puppies have existing health issues.

Also, make sure to ask about the mother’s age. It’s preferred to have a mother that is over 3 years of age. If she is younger than that, genetic health issues may not have been shown yet.

The Puppies’ Socialization

It’s important to know the Frenchies’ environmental conditions. If they live in a secluded place, like a basement, they are not used to human contact.

A reputable breeder should make sure to socialize their puppies. This should also mean that they handle their puppies often. Getting used to humans will make sure that the puppies are easy to train.

The Necessary Health Checks

A knowledgeable breeder should have their Frenchie puppies see a vet. They should get a health check for certain genetic health issues that Frenchies are prone to.

And especially for white Frenchies, they should get a hearing test. White Frenchies are susceptible to deafness which can come at birth.

Where to Buy French Bulldogs

You can buy a French Bulldog from any reputable and licensed breeder. Buying from them comes with a cost. But they make sure that to breed healthy Frenchies in great environmental conditions.

Apart from that, they make sure that the mother gets the proper prenatal and postnatal care. Along with the artificial insemination and c-section needed for birthing, buying gets expensive.

While a trusted breeder may charge more, it’s because they had to shell out more. This is to ensure that your Frenchie, including their parents, are healthy and cared for.

But there is also the option to adopt a Frenchie, which would cost you lower. This option may not be for everyone, especially if you’re inexperienced with handling rescue dogs.

Should I Buy a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are excellent companions to have. Not only are they an adorable breed, but they are also playful and very affectionate. Their friendly nature makes it easy for them to get along with anyone and other pets.

Compared to other small breeds, they don’t bark as much. Which is great for people who live in cities.

If you are someone who doesn’t stay home a lot or is looking for an active pet companion, the Frenchie may not be for you.

Getting a Frenchie is expensive, and having them is also expensive. They aren’t the healthiest of dogs and need regular vet visits. If you can’t have this financial commitment, they are not for you.

But if you can give them time and attention, and the proper medical attention when they need it, then buy a Frenchie. They may be high maintenance, but they will repay your love tenfold.


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